An ode to my BFF

I think a person is lucky in life if they are to find another soul who gets them in and out in everyway, a person who knows your flaws and loves you for them. I know people have searched their whole life for such a connection. I am thankful that I was able to find that other person so early on in life. BFF and I met working in retail of all things, we were friendly and nice but it wasn’t an “instant” connection per say. We got along had fun working together and gradually started hanging out. Our actual can’t live without this person in my life came in the time that BFF was pregnant and had her first child. For a year I was driving every weekend to hang out with her, her husband, and her beautiful baby girl.

Here is something that I knew before we became attached at the hip I knew that she and I were too much alike NOT to become close friends. Our husband’s (at the time we met boyfriend/fiancĂ©) birthdays were the same day, our backgrounds extremely similar (small towns), similar life experiences. I knew that too many things fit just right that I prayed that we would become great friends, I am glad to say that pray was answered.

We had a falling out; it was the longest year of my life as well as the loneliest. Thanks to her being braver than me we reconciled and the past is just that, the past. We have learned from it and damn if I ever let that happen again.

She is my guinea pig on all of my projects; she has always gotten hand made items from me. She is my biggest cheerleader in everyway. I know that if I am unsure of myself she will be in my corner cheering me on. She believes in me in a way a parent does for their own child, effortlessly and whole heartedly. She is an inspiration to me. She is an amazing mother and I look to her for advice and a shoulder on those hardest of days as a mom. She enjoys the same things as me and we could spend an entire day antiquing. We just get each other.

We live a decent distance away from each other but we always make time to see each other. Right now it is about once a month whether she comes down to visit or we go up to her home. I am not much a phone person but when we do get a chance of some sort of silence (hard with three kids between us) we do chat and laugh on the phone. Emails and cards are sent. I keep in better contact with her than anyone in my family but it makes sense because she is my family. You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your BFF, and they become family if you are lucky.

Now I just hope she is still my BFF after I have posted these goofy photos of her! (She said she has no shame, I just want to see if that is true! *smile*)

**If you cant tell these photos were taken after a little too many drinks were drunk. That girl sure knows how to throw a party!**

Homemade Holiday

I took the pledge, I have started to plan, time to create the list so I can keep myself on track. For those friends and family who read my blog I am not going to list who each item is for but I am just going to list all of the items I am planning to make.

3 different set of dishtowels, using Shim & Sons as inspiration
3 different set of pot holders, using Japanese craft book as inspiration
1 apron
1 linen scarf
4 table runners using this pattern
2 note takers using this pattern
1 log cabin pillow
2 softie cats using this pattern
1 softie doll using this pattern
1 softie robot using this pattern
1 softie elephant using this book
1 set of felt food
1 dress (child)
1 shirt (child)
1 skirt (child)
1 quilt, using this site as inspiration (ordering the Bento Box pattern)
1 softie dump truck, using a vintage craft book as inspiration
1 hat w/ ear flaps

Holy crap I have a lot of sewing to do!!!! Time to look at my fabric stash and determine what fabric I need (some colors I JUST don’t have like purple, weird I know).

Dog Toy?


This year I vowed that all of the toys Leila will receive for Christmas this year will be either made by me or by other independent artists. I am hoping to get her a few wooden toys but here is my problem. My dog loves to EAT wooden toys. She has already destroyed one wooden puzzle and a handful of wooden blocks. I know the problem could easily solved by just making sure that the dog cant get at the toys however when you have 18 month old who is basically a walking tornado it is hard to keep track of all of the toys, also the dog will take the toy from Leila and run off with it at the first chance she gets! My dog is not your typical dog, she is a rescue dog from multiple homes all of which we think she may have been abused at. She is a Beagle and doesn’t take commands easily. She knows when she is bad and gives the biggest sad puppy eyes but then goes and does the same dang thing. I seriously think she has short term memory loss but that is just what I tell myself to not blame myself for not getting her to obedience training when we first got her. She is now probably 5 years old (just a rough estimate) and I don’t know if ANY training will save her from her destroying issues. Oh and we have tried so many toys on her that are “dog friendly” none are good enough she much prefers a pen, a power cord or a wooden block.

But with a face like hers I cant stay mad for long and just sigh and hide all the toys from her the best I can!

Christmas Decorating

I have a lot of ideas this year for decorating for Christmas. My husband is a scrooge always has been it is hilarious we are the complete opposite when it comes to holidays. He would rather I didnt even THINK about christmas trees let alone put one up so, instead of going traditional I bought a white tree. Its not up yet (since I dont know where I want it to go) but it is in the back of my mind. I think I will go decorative wild next weekend I should at least wait until it is ACTUALLY December. So in the mean time I am prepping and cruising the internet for great diy ideas so here we go a whole bunch of links. Hope you enjoy!!!

Love this card wreath idea.
This wreath (the first one) SCREAMS crafter
A great way to use paper to create an ornament
Another paper ornament
I love these softie trees
Oh and this button tree
And one more wreath with buttons this time
Finally this post just made me crave a bright not so traditional decorative scheme

So how are you going to decorate your home? Traditional, DIY, in the middle?



I missed two days of posting. What is a girl to do when she is out in the middle of the country with no working computer, a warm fireplace, hot coffee and the company of family? She doesn’t worry about posting and just enjoys life. This posting everyday was rather stressful for me and came at the worst time possible. I will probably post everyday in February like I did last year. I know it is a cop out since it is the shortest month, ask me if I care (I don’t). A wise friend of mine was in the same situation and took it in the best stride possible. Blogging for me is sharing my life and my journeys. But if I am worried about blogging I am not living and that pretty much defeats the WHOLE purpose of this blog. So no more I no longer will feel guilty if I miss a day or two of posting. (Or a week if that is what my life calls for)

This weekend I watched a lot of movies, visited with family and friends, helped out my grandma (who is now dubbed the bionic woman with her knee replaced), and did a little bit of crafting. I am currently working on my ornaments for the holiday swap and I am really happy with how they are turning out.

I am happy to say that the store update also went off without a hitch (though it took up all of my Sunday, which meant no cleaning oh well) and now I am off to start Christmas gifts and decorating!



I am thankful that I get to share my days with amazing people around the world. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat lots of yummy food and enjoy those you spend this great holiday with.

Posting just to post

Gosh this whole post all month is wearing me out! It was once again a bleak dreary day. Seriously we are covered in a dark grey blanketed sky with mist and fog. Ick. It is starting to get to me mentally. Good thing there is only a three day work week otherwise I would have to take a mental health day!

So once again a boring post I have a feeling that is how the rest of the week will be. Plus just to forewarn anyone who is still reading this (there are a few of you still out there right?) I will be at my parents this weekend and they live so far in the country that dial up is all they can get so very brief no picture posts will be made on Friday and Saturday most likely.

I feel drained, and it's only Tuesday!

Bleak day


Today has been foggy, bleak and dreary. So no photos of product (boo) so I am thinking I won’t be able to do an actual update for my store until after the holiday. I am thinking the update will be on what is dubbed the biggest shopping online day which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. So as of right now the tentative update day will be Monday November 26th.

So enough about business on to the photo of my funky trees.
I am bit by the holiday bug but these weren’t actually made for that reason. These were made after 24 hours of no sleep and wanting to have something holiday-ish for my table at the trunk show. They didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned in my crazy brain but they turned out pretty cool for me. Granted they look like a five year old did them but hey, I like that. I am going to try one more time later on in December to create another set so that I can pull them out year after year. What will happen to these proto-types? I think they will go to my work desk, they cheer me up even on the bleakest of days.

Craft Show Recap

Friday night I did pull an all nighter. I did take a small nap from 10-12 Friday night but otherwise I worked through the night and all day Saturday. So was it worth it? Yes and no, I only sold one item, but it was better than my last show (sad I know!) but I did get to meet awesome crafters/artists from around the area. I also met someone who in my sleep happy state at 9 pm Saturday night I claimed was my kindred soul! (Hi Rose!) so for me the lack of sales made up for the great time I had.

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures for you all of at least SOMETHING sleeping until 3pm on Saturday really gives you crap sunlight and my battery is dying so I am basically saying the odds are against me!

This whole craft business is a learning experience but I am not giving up by a long shot. Many people gave me wonderful comments, petted the fabric on the purses (that is always a good sign) and took business cards. Purses are a hard item to sell at a craft show I think but I just have to find the right show and go for it!

Because of my large stock I will be having a HUGE update on my shop later this week or right after Thanksgiving depending on when I can get photos so I will keep you all posted when I know.

This isnt a pitty post, or rather don't take it that way. I had a great time and wouldn't of had it any other way! You win some you loss some and I am ok with that.

I survived


And now I am going to bed. I will recap tomorrow when real sentences can actually form in my head.



Here concludes color week.
We have hit the home stretch for the trunk show.
Here is to a night of warmth, coffee, and a WHOLE lot of sewing!



Sorry about the lackluster photos for this week. I recently changed my work schedule and there is NO light when I get home. While my co-workers already think I am a little kooky, taking random pictures in the parking lot would push me over the edge to down right crazy!



I decdided to join along in a week of color for some simple posts for this week considering my work load.

In a nut shell


Sew, press seams, repeat

Yep, that sums it up.

Hopefully everyone had as a productive day as I did.

Lets recap the week shall we?


This photo sums it up.
:: I got sick ::
:: Leila got sick ::
:: Ken hurt his back ::

:: I have five days before the trunk show and I dont have one completed purse ::
:: Next week will be me crying in the picture ::

Sewing Room Friday


Monkey see monkey do? This was not staged she did it all on her own. While I was grabbing her pjs one night she showed me her newest trick. Love the last photo, she and I like to make faces at each other and this is a common one I make at her. ( I just realizedit looks like she is naked, she is not just wearing a diaper)

Thrifty Thursday

I go to the thrift store weekly, if I could I would go daily but I have learned if you go there everyday there seems to be less great "finds". I have a disease I know but I am ok with it (its a cheap one at that!) Here are a few of my latest favorites.

I have been wanting a butter dish for awhile but I didnt want your run of the mill, in enters a straight out of the 70's butter dish (yea!)

Not sure what this dish's original purpose was but now it has become a sugar dish. Isnt it pretty?

I love this watercolor print. I am creating a little sitting corner in our kitchen and this pulls everything together. Love it!

And finally the one thing I didnt think I would find, which just proves the more you wish for something you will get it. I bought this doll for Leila. I had been looking for an older doll for her that at least looked Asian. Also I was looking for a doll that was plastic but LOOKED like porcelain. In enters this oh so sad looking doll. She needs her lips repainted and maybe some new hair but her clothes look handmade (not vintage though) and I cant wait to make a whole new wardrobe for her. Leila already totes her around everywhere so I am thrilled.



Still sick.

Have a wonderful husband who after a long day of work comes home and makes me an entire pot of chicken (and cauliflower) soup to make me feel better. No matter how many "off" days we may have I know I have true love.

Yep true love is soup.

Swaps Galore

I recently signed up to join in the fun of this swap I love all things fall so I knew this would be a great swap. My swap buddy was Karen Beth of Zazazu. I am glad to say that not only did I get to participate in a fun swap, I made a great online friend from it as well. Karen Beth and I seem to have a lot in common so I went out on the swap making things that I would be thrilled to receive.

I have recently become obsessed with patchwork scarves. I got to use some of my favorite vintage fabrics as well as my vintage inspired fabrics.

I saw these leaf coasters in a Japanese craft book. I thought they would be perfect for this theme of fall.

And finally, Karen Beth has been wanting to learn how to sew so I created a pincushion especially for her and her love of anything with an Eiffel Tower on it. *smile* Hopefully it is the push she needs.

Finally I sent along a super wonderful smelly candle from a local shop in town that is all soy based. The women makes everything in her shop so it was also handmade, just not by me!

Sick day


I had a little TOO much fun at a friends party last night. So not a lot of words, I cant think over the pounding of my head.


Rashida tagged me so here we go!


Job's I've had:

Customer Service Rep. (at multiple different places, I was really a mall rat for a few years after moving away from home)

Accounts Receivable (most current job)


Momma! (and will always have)

Places I've Lived:

Manitowoc, WI


Thats it (Madison, different places but still in the city)

Foods I Love:

Egg Custard Tarts

Pumpkin Pie


Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Websites I Visit:


Sew Mama Sew



Places I'd Rather Be:


Portland, OR



Movies I Love:

Sabrina (the one with Audrey Hepburn)

Sweet Home Alabama

Second Hand Lions

Office Space

TV Shows I Watch:

Greys Anatomy

The Big Bang Theory

Pushing Daisies

Private Practice

People I Tag:


Sewing Room Friday


Here is just a snipit of my "sewing room". You dont want to see the whole area trust me, mostly because it is all over the house lately. I have a pile in the corner of my bedroom, a huge mess in the are that is SUPPOSE to be my craft area, and the dining room table, but if you have been reading my blog for awhile that shouldnt be a surprise.

I have never had a felt wall before. And I am stupid for it. Seriously it is like magic to me (I still am amazes that the fabric sticks up there with nothing, its genius!) right now it is on the wall right across from my bed so I wake up and look at it and go, yep I have a lot of work to do until my trunk show. I already feel the crunch because every weekend until then I have plans so I am trying to do small chunks each day. It is going ok but I am not going as fast as I would like. Plus I am starting to get bored with my fabric. I have a ton of fabric and I wish I loved it all equally but honestly there are some I just am so over using. I have learned though to buy smaller quantities unless it is fabric that I believe is earth shattering and then I will buy a full yard (ha!)

So is anyone else doing NaBloPoMo? I am new to this phenomina I wasnt posting much when this went on last year. It will be a struggle, and there may be just photo days, but it will be fun to see what happens.

Momma's Witch


Leila didnt go trick or treating, she is too young and I dont need to eat the candy. That didnt stop me from dressing her up though. We went from smiles, giggles, and peekaboo. To stirring up a witch's brew, sucking her thumb and screaming at me to read a book. It was an interesting afternoon. Leila has recently been going through a screaming phase. Most days I can handle it rather well, these last couple of days though I am about to jump from our second story window. I love her but my god the blood curdling lungs she has on her have to be from her father! (I am sure my parents would say otherwise)

Note, I did not make this outfit, it was a gift from a friend.


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