Happy Friday


Yay! We made it through the week. I think finally just maybe the clouds are starting to part and it might start shining around these parts again. Kenson is feeling better. I am pretty sure he has weaned himself and while that has given me mixed emotions it also was not something I control even if I wanted to. Time to move on go. So on to the picture today. Leila is still using one of our digital cameras pretty regularly to take photos herself. Last week she learned how to use the self timer! She now thinks about the pose she is about to do and waits for the camera to take picture. It cracks me up and thrills me. She is one creative 3 year old and I really think no matter what she does in life she will create her own path.

Happy Friday everyone, and I am glad to say it really is a happy Friday!



So on top of everything around me falling apart, Kenson my laid back easy going baby is on a nursing strike. Of all the things going on this is the toughest one for me. I am a huge hormonal wreck (which at the moment is the worst time for me, crying in front of my boss is not something I typically want to do but cant seem to stop lately!). I am hoping to rule out a few reasons soon but we are going on day three. On top of the nursing strike he is not being soothed as easily at night and in the early morning. So bed time has been a heartbreaking activity to the point where I just want to give up. And it also means we are waking up at 3am for a morning "snack" of things like cheerios since he would normally be nursing at this time. Any momma's out there with some words of support/advice. This is a new thing for me, Leila self weaned at 9 months. Kenson a super nurser until 3 days ago...

When it rains it pours I tell you!



We are trying new things around here. Less TV a lot more make believe. In the last 24 hours giants, princesses, and dinosaurs have visited. My daughter has been a doctor, princess and party planner. I have magically turned into momma horse too many times to count.

Life in general has been anything but easy. I wont complain I have had it easy for so long it is my turn to rid someone else of the tough time burdens. It is amazing that what is meant to be will be either the easy or the hard way you dont have any other choices. I am glad I have my faith and know that I am in good hands. Doesnt mean I am not praying, we have daily, sometimes it seems hourly conversations!

Oh and if Leila asks, you dont know how to fix an unplugged "broken TV" (wish me luck I am a background noise kinda girl so no TV for me is gonna be hard!!!)

When life give you lemons...


eat a cheeseburger! Ok I know that isnt how the saying goes but it is how my life goes. I have had a rough week. Partly due to some imbalances (hopefully addressed and taken care of) and mostly due to everything going wrong around me. When it gets like this I get quiet. I want to keep my blog happy most days so I tend to just not write when tough days get tougher. I have felt inadequate lately, not crafty enough, not a good enough artist, not a good enough mom, not a good enough sister/friend/neighbor, the list could go on for days. Today though I finally am forcing myself to snap out of it. Life sucks some days but if you focus on only that you will miss all the good stuff worth living for.

So there you have it all, rough patch has come and gone. Cant wait to get back to normal and hopefully posting more about my crazy kids and my crafts gone wrong!

1 year ago today


An amazing little, insanely chilled out little boy came into our lives.

A drool monster, cuddler, and relaxed soul, you melt even the coldest of hearts.

This year has flown by, thank you for making it so easy. I was worried how things would go as a momma of two but you little man have made it easier than I ever expected. You are just happy almost all of the time and so easy going, we are blessed to have you around. Plus it is all new to me to have a child who is attached to me your sister has always been pretty independent, I wont lie I love having a "momma's boy".

I hope you get your fill of cake and you like the gift your sister picks out for you. I hope you get everything you dream of in the years to come little man!

We love you so Kenson!

Knitting bug


So turns out I am not sick, just have a knitting bug! OK well that isnt completely true but I have been itching to knit A LOT lately and finally this weekend I stole a few minutes and whipped up this cute bow I have had in my brain all week last week. It was originally for Leila but since she doesnt like anything in hair again lately (who knew?) my Blythe doll was happy to oblige. I have a feeling I may be up in my ears with knitted bows soon but I really cant help it besides, super fast super quick there is no better project!

This is super easy but if someone would like me to make a tutorial let me know!

an ick kinda day


I am sick of being sick! Anyone else out there dealing with this? The only good thing is whatever I have the kids dont. Leila does have a case of the "mondays" though so lord help us!!!

Hoping sleep will help, fun stuff later this week so stop by again soon!!

(oh and the image? I finally started to scan some of my old knitting mags, more info can be found on my flickr page)


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