Happy Friday

We have a full on giggler in our house now. Hope you all have a great weekend!

A day at the Zoo

For Leila’s birthday we decided to take her and two of her friends (who happen to be my BFF’s kids) to the Zoo. They had a great time and while not all the animals were still out for the day (we went later in the afternoon) they did get to see a decent amount. Favorites were, the bears, the alligators, and the tiger.

Ken has a method of taking pictures that he refers to as spray and pray. And it never fails he gets a few really good ones.

My favorites though were the outtakes. Those are always the best!

Quilt Along


So enough crabbing that I don’t have time to be creative anymore. And all it took was the chance to win a sewing machine. Have you heard about Dana’s quilt along? Besides the grand prize of a brand spanking new sewing machine (!!) she is also giving away prizes each week of the giveaway. It isn’t too late to join! And if you win the sewing machine remember me!

Time flies


I am now the momma of a beautiful ( and equally sassy) three year old. How the heck did it already start to fly by so fast!!!

Happy Friday

I hope you enjoy the long weekend with friends and family. And take the time to remember (for those American friends) those that have served so that you may have those freedoms we may take for granted. (My sister and mom are going to kill me for posting this picture I bet!)

This has been the state of our house lately. Leila and I both have the painting bug. I think I might be infatuated. The great thing about the projects I am doing is that they have to go in steps since I need drying time between each step. It forces me to slow down. I am normally a "do the craft as fast as you can to get results" type of crafter. No more and I must say I really am liking this slowed down pace.


1. bubble gum pink quilt #1, 2. Pink Cabinet - Drawers, 3. all pink all the time, 4. Pink Sweet Hearts, 5. Pink Squares, 6. ~maive~, 7. Nikon Film, 8. vintage tea set with cupcake, 9. Pawnee Pink Sherbert Sunset, 10. Rose shabby chic cupcake, 11. Dutch Delight, 12. La Vie en rose, 13. ~Eyes~, 14. pink gadgets, 15. Spot the pinks, 16. My Pink flowers, 17. Pink for the Cure, 18. eMPeRoR, We HaVe JoDa, He HiDeS HiMSeLF iN a PiNK BuNNY CoSTuMe, 19. 3 different pink eyechips, 20. Vintage Pink Bottle Brush Christmas Tree ~ Shabby, 21. This Heart is Pink!, 22. New pink wellies for green wellies!, 23. pink Christmas, 24. my favourite pink doll shoes, 25. Pink Easter twig, 26. Passionately Pink for the Cure, 27. Pink Tulip Field, 28. Pink and green, 29. Pomegranate in pink, 30. whisper baby pink, 31. Pink Cadillac, 32. shake it up {pink style}, 33. Crafting 365, day 173 - pink teacups, 34. Romantic Pink Mosaic, 35. THINK PINK (mosaic monday), 36. Pink mosaic

On May 30, 2009 I will be walking in a 5K to raise funds to support the Komen Madison Race for the Cure® on May 30, 2009 in the fight against breast cancer.

I have been personally affected by breast cancer. Two of my good friends from high school have lost their mothers to the disease. This cause if very near and dear to my heart.

Click here to visit my personal page and pledge your support.

Money is tight for everyone I know. Any little bit you can donate will do nothing but good.

Thank you so much for your time and support in the fight against breast cancer! Every step counts!

Thrifting Karma

Last summer I gave up thrifting/garage saleing. I thought it would be a lot harder than what it actually was. This summer I have done a little but no where near the amount I used to. So I think I have a little bit of thrifting karma on my side. Now I haven’t been able to find some great fabric lately. But I have found some other unique totally me type of things. I also am hoping to start up an Vintage Etsy store and sell a few of the pieces that I no longer absolutely love at a great price. But we will see if I am just all talk about that!


With everything that has been going on lately I needed to re-evaluate and get back to my creativity. For me and probably a lot of other people who consider themselves creative when you stop being creative for any amount of time there seems to be a big hole in your self being.

I decided instead of diving back into sewing I would step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I found this class and dove in. I have never painted or done many collages before because I felt I wasn’t good at it. I know that any craft it takes time to really find your own rhythm and that it is not a good idea to compare yourself to any other artists work, it always will make you feel inadequate. So I went in with just the hopes to take the lessons that were given and learn how to use new materials, and have myself come out in my work.

For a first piece I am pretty happy with this. Plus I am really excited to stretch myself into a new medium and just create to create.

Happy Friday!


Her new hiding spot

Prime real estate in this house is an empty box you can fit in! Happy Friday.

An open book


Most people, who know me, know I am pretty much an open book. Feelings are not hid well, you can read them pretty easily on my face. These last two months have been the hardest two months of my life to date. My MIL moved in and the cultural differences, age difference, and life experiences led to nothing but head butting. I was raised not to raise my voice or speak back to my elders. Everyday was a test of these teachings. I learned patience, humility, and faith.

When the decision was made that our living situation was not working out and that my MIL needed to move out things did not end well. Horrible things were said to me which basically comes down to I am not good enough, and never will be good enough for her son.

As a mother of both a girl and a boy I already know that I will be very critical of the person who wants to have my child’s heart that I held for so long. But I know that from this situation unless that person is physically or mentally ruining my child my feelings are better left not said. I also now will be able to support Leila if she has to deal with the same situation. And I know now for Kenson that to try and wedge myself into a relationship will do nothing but hurt our relationship.

All in all it was a messy situation; one I hope happened for a reason that I will find out later on in life. One I don’t wish upon anyone else. It bruised my spirit and I have been working this last week to rebuild it. It has really questioned who I am as a mother, wife, and daughter. I can only grow from this and that is what I intend to do.

Blogging to Blog

If every work day could be laying on the floor in my PJs my life would be complete. I am having issues lately. I want to blog but I feel like I dont have a lot to say. And really I havent been able to make anything lately except so "adorable you could eat them" kids (my opinion entirely). Things are changing though and boy do I have some stories to tell once the words come to me and I am ready to share (nothing terribly exciting, but life in general that I think it is important to share). So for a while if you arent a kid person, sorry its all about the kids. Consider yourself warned.

My Wish


I wish I could say I had an amazing life changing Mother’s Day. I didn’t. I am over it, life goes on. I just wish I look this peaceful when I am sleeping. Happy Monday! Here is to a great week!

Month of April in Leila's Eyes

Here it is the newest installment of the Month According to Leila.

This month there were a lot pictures of:
The carpet, here fingers, and Kenson. Oh and of George on TV. I think there may be too much of George, time to hide the TV for the summer I think!

Look I actually made something!

Yes it is true I finally got to sit in front of my sewing machine again. Unfortunately both of these are for swaps and are a few days late but none the less I got some sewing done!

The blue and green log cabin square is for John, April’s Sew Connected recipient. I hope he likes it, I was so happy I got to work with some great iconic fabric.

And here is my doll quilt, for doll quilt swap 6. The binding once again turned out pretty wonky but this is to date my most ambitious quilt. I really hope my partner likes it and loves it for its unique qualities!

Happy Happy

New trend here on the blog... Fridays will most likely be a funny/interesting picture of one or both of the kids wishing you a happy weekend. On a side note, this week we found out I can get Leila's hair in mini pigtails (is that what everyone else calls them?) and I cant wait to start doing funky stuff to her hair now!!



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