Spring on the brain


I know spring is out there somewhere we keep getting to see small glimpses, here today gone tomorrow if you will. With actual spring temperatures coming around the corner spring cleaning has been up in the front of my mind lately, that is all I think about! Problem now is there is so much I want to do (ie redecorate the bedroom) that I dont know where to begin. Oh and sewing, all I want to do is sew I need to list all of the projects because I know I am forgetting older ones as I keep getting inspired by new projects floating around out there.

Is it spring yet?


I finished up my wreath for my Spring swap. I got the husband approval, it was one of, are you really going to hang that up look? When my husband doesn't really care for something I know I have done a good job and that it is my style all the way! (How sad is that?!?!) I think it is really pretty and I hope so does my swap partner. Now I just have to finish up mine.

By the way... I looked at the calendar, yep first day of Spring has come and gone, so why oh why are we to get more snow?!?!?!

Let them eat cake


We spent Easter with my grandparents. It was a nice relaxing weekend. And what is Easter without cake? (and for breakfast none the less--- all thanks to her daddy while momma was at church!)

Craft Weekend Part 2

As promised the conclusion of Rose and my crafty weekend.

Rose creates the cutest memory/photo boxes using empty cigar boxes. You can see some of her work here. So at first I drew a blank what to do but as I was going through my stacks of paper I came across a fashion clothing sketch that I had squirreled away. And then the inspiration hit. This box will be put somewhere on my craft desk probably to hold buttons or thread, I havent decided yet.

The inside isnt finished yet but I am so thrilled with the front that when the inside is finished it gets finished. Thanks again Rose for the great crafty weekend!

A crafty weekend

My friend Rose came over for a weekend long craft-a-thon. Day one was sewing, she wanted to get some lessons on sewing so we made a tote she has been meaning to make for a friend for a long time. She brought the focal print, the super cute Japanese fabric, and the rest we pull from my stash. Rose was hilarious and commented that my craft room is like my very own craft store, aint she sweet!?!? As a thank you she gave me the left over fabric, seriously it is the best thank you gift I can think of!

Stay tune, tomorrow I will show you what I made on day two, paper crafting! (hopefully the sun cooperates so I can get a good photo because it is so worth a good photo!!!)



Finally a work in progress I dont the last time I had one of these bad boys. I am attempting to make "springy" wreaths one for myself and one for a Spring swap I am working on. I have high hopes for these bad boys. Oh and the inspiration a blog I just recently fell upon, her work is A-Mazing!

I think I have a problem


I cannot STOP buying fabric. I dont know what it is. I havent been able to sew recently so to fill that void I guess I have been buying fabric like crazy. These featured have been bought within the last week and there is more I just ran out of table space! Eek, yep I think I have a problem but lets fawn over them anyway!

This first set I bought here. I must have been in a dark mood since they all are all darker tones in person though they are just lovely. Dark and all. No purpose for these right now probably to work into a quilt or purses.

These all came from JoAnn's and are destined to become dresses, skirts or shirts for Leila. Can you tell I am hoping for spring to come soon!

I bought this from JCasa to help her out during her destash, can you believe she sold it?!!?!? It is just lovely. No idea what I am going to make with it right now I am perfectly fine with just petting it!

And the piece-de-la- resistance! I got these from Sew Mama Sew, its Sierra from Anna Griffin and these pictures in NO way do it justice. I love it so much! I bought a decent yardage of the top two for a dress for Leila and a purse for me.

I need to get a handle on my addiction, I am afraid I am starting to pass it down to the next generation! (yep she is still obsessed with bread)

Guess there could be worst things I could teach her!

Body Art

So this weekend I finally got to cleaning my sewing area. I think the main reason I havent sewn is really I couldnt get to my sewing machine. I was bound and determined to do it. Things were going well relatively quiet, and as any mother knows or will soon learn there is a point where it gets to be too quiet and trouble ensues. Here is what my daughter did with her quiet time.

She wanted tattoos like mommy I suppose. Now this picture doesnt really show how she was after she was caught with her new body art.

This is more like it, a blur, oh and see the mess in the background that would be the starting of getting my sewing area clean. Yea I know.

I love this one just because she was flapping her arms around like a bird and basically gave herself phantom limbs!

So what did I learn from this? Any moment is a chance to laugh and enjoy life. And that my friends is exactly what we did!

More tomorrow


Blogger is having issues today, check back tomorrow for the story of this picture and more pictures of the never boring and adorable Leila!



I think with the weather warming up across the country and Spring is on everyones mind Spring crafting is in the air. For me color palettes are jumping up everywhere and the color combos are bright and bold something I normally don’t do! My favorite color set right now is Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Orange, and Dark Brown. Not really your typical spring palette but more of a Moroccan palette I would say. I think a quilt is in order for this color palette, now my favorite part, fabric shopping/destashing!!! Do you have any favorite color combos lately that just wont leave your mind?

crochet bracelet - brown, 2. Pink and Purple, 3. Hot Pink Votives, 4. i *hearts* orange, 5. orange skein, 6. brown quilt (detail), 7. PURPLE HAZE, 8. detail, 9. Pretty in Purple Mosaic, 10. Brown ribbon jumble, 11. Miniature dolls house orange table setting, 12. Brown Dress with Pink Accents, 13. Hot Pink Baby Grand, 14. Hot Pink ribbon jumble, 15. Big Orange Owl, 16. purple bangle



This work week has started off as a busy/stressful one. With the combination of poor driving conditions and the flu seeming to plaguing everyone in my office personnel is stressed thing and respondsbilities seem to be mounting on those plates of everyone who is available to come in. It makes for a quick day that is for sure! It also creates an exhusted momma on this end who comes home in the afternoon and really just wants to crash for the rest of the day which I wont allow myself to do, it isnt fair to Leila.

So instead of grip (it is out of my system now thanks!) I want to focus on the things that keep me going:

The sun being out for awhile now when I am home and I can sit in a sunny spot and just SOAK it up dreaming of spring hopefully right around the corner

Baby hugs so tight they take your breath away and melt the coldest of hearts

An amazing husband who has dinner done before I even walk in the door so I get a break tonight

George Foreman and his AMAZING grill (brand spanking new- celebrating its one week birthday!), I dont know how I have ever lived so long without that bad boy!!!

Teaching Leila that a dinosaur goes : Roar. Her roar makes me giggle for hours.

There you go, dont sweat the small stuff and be thankful for all that you have, my mantra to live by!

Play dates

Leila and I got to have a play date this weekend. Nothing beats spending time with my best friend whether its a whole weekend or just a few hours. After hours of playing and talking she suggested we go venture out to the fabric store. If I could I would marry her *smile* so I got to look at all the pretty spring fabrics plus I picked out some fabric to make BFF a summer tank top. She has always been my biggest cheerleader and this is the best way for me to repay her for always being there.

Oh nice driving weather come back soon so we can take a day trip to see BFF again!

Dreaming of spring?

I am!

So for me to kind of push spring here a little faster I am going to join this swap. Deadline is today March 1st so if you want to join, go on over!

a. What's your favorite part of spring?
Being able to be outside again with my daughter, it has been a long cold winter this year. I cant wait to get outside, breath some fresh air and take some pictures.

b. What are your favorite flowers?
Tulips and peonies.

c. What types of hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
I sew mainly, I also do a little knitting and scrapbooking. Sewing is my love/passion.

d. What types of vintage do you collect or look for?
this is tough to pinpoint it. I collect things that call out to me so lets see: vintage fabric (anything from shabby to psychedelic lately I have been obsessed though with "feedsack" patterns), hankies, doilies, quilts, knickknacks (mainly ones that give a "shabby chic" vibe I suppose), hats, purses, gloves, paper crafts (note cards, stationary, postcards), craft books, buttons, thread, really anything sewing related, cookbooks, and ribbons/lace/trim. (nice list eh?)

e. Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand?

No allergies. Clowns, they freak the crap out of me!


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