(Work in progress, to be revealed soon!)

The countdown is on. Craftacular the big craft show I have been lucky enough to get into is this Sunday. To say Im freaking is an understatement but that my friends is a whole different blog post. While my Inspired Art Girls are coming along just fine (havent made as many as I would like but I am not going to dwell) I do feel time setting in and I am having nightmares I will show up at the show and have nothing to show (literally I have had that dream twice now).

So whats a girl to do.... well for me deadlines can really get my creative flow going I am in the motion I am cranking out piece after piece and then sometimes WHAM! a block hits me and I cant create a thing worth a dime. While I dont feel I am at that wall hitting point I do feel that I lost my mojo in there and with that I start to focus less on what to get done and how I can waste my precious little amount of time I have each night.

So in an effort to waste my time tonight I went blog hopping. You know check out what others are doing in there life, tutorials they are sharing, art they are making basically the opposite of me at that moment. Within that blog hop I found a tutorial that hit me over the head, excited me like nothing else and I got to work creating.... Am I crazy, possibly. But I can tell you this if you stop by Craftacular I will let you decide if the new pieces are an epic fail, or epic success!!! (that is if I can get them done in time *smile*)

And now time for a baby update


All of my kids have been late crawlers and walkers. This little man is determined NOT to be like his brother and sister. He is already moving around with what I am calling the plank pose...baby style (strong little guy).

Stop growing so fast kiddo, 5 months old right now and in a blink 18 I swear!!!

Video killed the radio star....

(isnt he getting so big already?!?!?)

I think facebook has killed my blog! I mean it, I post there (facebook) so much more and I just assume those who are reading my blog are on my facebook page. I know that isnt true (as a few of you have pointed out to me) so here is what you have been missing from my facebook page (btw if you would like to add me on facebook just send me a message noting you are a blog reader, normally I only "friend" those I know, nothing personally to the general population just want to make sure I am ranting and raving to those who get/know me!)

I have:

complained about the heat
worked on my craft show display (and begged others to help me out)
mean momma came out
cute pictures of the kiddos were shown
sweet treats where made
cursed auto correct

It should be noted since getting a smart phone I post on facebook a lot more to my husband and friends dismay *smile* (hubby I think is about to block me from his wall/news feed if he hasnt already!)

So what do you think... are blogs dying thanks to facebook and soon to be google+??

Curse of the short week


Curse of the short week..... It is already Thursday and it only feels like Tuesday!

As you can tell from the mug above, summer is here and we are having a ball. Crafty goodness to come soon (hopefully). I thought I had my groove with three kiddos but you throw in sunshine and late nights and everything gets tossed out the window and you start again.

How is your summer going, does it feel like it is already gone and fall will be upon us sooner than we know.... yep that is happening here too!!


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