About Me

About Me:

I have an overwhelming love for ice cream, big hair, paint, paper, vintage camera, doilies, and kitsch in general.  An avid thrifter, garage sale shopper, and antique store lover I have always enjoyed giving a home to things that have been discarded and tossed aside.  I am a momma to four Leila, Kenson, Valen, and Gabriel.  Life is craziness right now but I love it for all that it is.  

I have been crafty/artsy my whole life in different ways but it wasnt until the birth of my oldest child (Leila) that the spark really ignited and I couldnt craft and make enough.  It started with sewing and in ways that crafty things do it morphed and changed and the next thing I knew I was a mixed media crazy woman.

My art has morphed these last 5 years and I dont expect it to stop doing so, I am happy to share my art journey with whoever would like to read about it and I am so glad you stopped by to say hi!  

It has been an amazing journey so far and I cant wait to keep sharing it with you!


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