Still Here

We are still here.
Still no baby.
(I know I am not due until next week)
It may be quiet for awhile
as we (semi) patiently wait
for baby boy to make his arrival.


Work life has been stressful. I have a semi stressful job but when you are 9 months pregnant emotions fly a little bit off the handle bars and a stressful situation that would be dealt with professionally normally made me come undone and have an anxiety attack. yep a first for me and one I dont want to relive. So it was great to come home with my doctor excuse in hand to find this on our table as so. I doubt Leila knew what she was doing but she would be the only mastermind I know who would put the truck up on top of the yarn.

I learned to do a single chain yesterday and am working on just making it into a dish rag. Then I will keep on trucking. I felt fearless and tried to do a granny square and learn very quickly I am not there yet and had a hard time. Baby steps I tell myself. I didnt knit overnight (and still cant knit in the round) there is no way I will crochet overnight either.

Thank you too for all of the baby clothes suggestions. As I gather a good list of sources I may post it for other momma's of baby boys to have a go to list, that is if I get a decent list going. I have a feeling during late night feedings the computer will be close by!

Call for help


1. Sol Baby Children's Clothing Boutique - 9, 2. Small Plum Organic Bamboo 'Produced Locally' Berry Onesie, 3. Rockin' Rooster Infant Boy's Corduroy Guitar Blazer, 4. Yarrrr, 5. Charlotte displays baby onesies, 6. Vintage/Thrifted Boy Clothes, 7. baby clothes / messenger bags / record tote bags, 8. Petit Lem Baby Clothes - Car Pajamas, 9. Petit Lem Bamboo Baby Clothes - Bamboo Four Piece Layette Set - Aqua/Brown, 10. Timberland Baby Clothes - Burnt Orange Polo, 11. Petit Lem Baby Clothes - Aqua Four Piece Take Me Home Set, 12. Ships ahoy, 13. Red & Blue Tricycle Onesie - folded, 14. Green Drum Solo Argyle Toddler Tee, 15. SWINGSET CLOTHING, 16. Baby Dior from

This weekend I went out and stocked up on some baby boy clothes from our local second hand store. While I did find a few things I am bummed to say that most baby boy clothes are all about sports and tools. While I have no issue if one day that is what he is in to but for right now I would prefer to dress my son less like a stereotypical billboard for boy. So I have looked all over Etsy and Flickr. I have found cute things but I cant spend $30 on just one shirt. I foresee a lot of appliques and embrodiered onesies being done in my future.

Does anyone have suggestions for cute but not overly "man's man" type clothes at an affordable price? I think I may look at threadless but they also are a little pricey for our budget right now. I wish I would have stocked up during their holiday sale. Live and learn I suppose!

I know I am whinning, bear with me, having a girl first I am afraid I was spoiled as for girls you can dress them almost in any sort of style you could imagine and not have trouble finding clothes.

Be good to me

So this past summer I gave up thrifting. Actually I cut back, way back more so than I ever thought I would. Being so vigilant and modest for awhile must have worked in my thrifting karma favor. Each time I have gone in I have found something really cool. This little booster seat I found a few weeks back. I love it, now if only I can find one for adults!

Adding to the pile


It all started with this post. After that all I could think about was knitted goods for baby boy. Not to mention Amanda from Soule Mama showing many different items she had knit for her newest baby boy. I had the bug and I had it hard!

(photo taken by Leila)

So I started knitting a blanket while I was at my doctor's office for over 3 hours to have my blood sugar levels retested. And each row my mantra was happy healthy boy.
This blanket has been by my side seriously since the holidays as we travelled up and down Wisconsin I knit away and it passed the time so quickly.

There were doubts of both mine and Ken's that I would finish the blanket before baby boy arrived. I have been notorius for knitted projects in particular to never finish or only get halfway done.

This weekend I was able to check off finish baby blanket on my list. I finished it up this past Sunday while watching Sunday Morning, as I do every Sunday. Is the blanket perfect? Not in the least but I doubt he will mind. Besides the story of how the blanket came together, and the fact that it is my biggest project to date, is more important to me than the minor flaws.

Lazy Gal

This weekend:

Ice cream was eaten
Hospital tour was taken
One project was finished
Movies were watched
Cuddling was done

And that was about it.

Some of the laziest weekends go by the fastest, such a shame!



I have always strived to expose Leila to every art form possible as young as possible. If she decides as she gets older that her mom is just some weird hippie I will be fine with that. I will know I gave her every oppurtunity to grow with art and then it is up to her to continue the growth. Lucky for me Ken doesnt think I am some weird hippie and is also showing Leila art forms that he did as a young child. During these coldest winter days, moments like this just make me melt.


Photo found on flickr.

I have had a surge of energy lately. In one day I was able to cook enough meals to freeze so I wont have to cook for the month after the baby is born. I cleaned up and re-organzied my sewing area. Did some laundry. Learned digital scrapbooking on gimp. Read my bloglines. And knitted a few more rows on baby boys blanket. There is still some nit-picky things I want to do (oraganize the linen closet is on the top of that list). But I am statisfied that if nothing else gets done (except for the baby blanket) I will be one happy momma.

You have to love nesting, if I could bottle up this energy I would be a millionaire!

I dont mean to brag


Hey all!

I can cross off one goal for 2009 already! I got a few hours of free toddler time and was able to download a crap load of free digital scrapbook files, sit and read and play with tutorials and within a few hours I can say I now at least understand the beginnings of digital scrapbooking (using gimp).

If you want links to free sites, tutorials, and other awe inspiring blogs let me know I would be happy to share!

If I get nothing else done this Sunday I will still consider it a successful day!

Business Talk


Let’s talk business shall we?

I don’t know if it is the nesting or the New Year or what but I can’t stop thinking about my crafting and my big dreams for it.

So to jump start everything I have started working on a new banner and shipping material. I am scoping out blogs and websites I would like to advertise on. I am creating a list of stores I would like to contact to do consignment at. I am working on my own website.

I think I have high hopes but once baby boy arrives many things may come to a grinding halt for a little while. I am enjoying the planning though right now so I will just take that for right now.

I am also looking to expand my “brand” not that I know if I really have a brand per say yet but something is starting to emerge so that is good. I am thinking about doing some collage/art work also to go with my thrifty/vintage scheme of things. Hopefully I will have some new art to show for that soon.

I know this topic is probably boring for most but I wanted to get it out there now so I can hold myself accountable next year if it goes not further then new shipping labels *smile*

Happy crafting everyone!

Like the purses? These were a few of the left overs from Craftacular. A few are off in a local store the rest will be up in my etsy shop soon. Want an overload of purses? Feel free to stop at my flickr set.

I've created a monster

Most blogging parents will probably agree with me on this one. Their kids are used to us taking pictures of the most random things. Pile of blankets, cup of coffee, half eaten box of chocolates, yep Leila has seen me photograph it all. Becuase of the constant picture taking it has become a normal part of our day and it only makes sense to Leila that if momma has a camera so should she.

This year for Christmas we gave Leila a small digital camera (cost under $20) and while she loves it for carrying around all day her true love is my digital camera which I have basically given to her so I can take Ken's camera, which left Ken with no camera. It should be noted (and this is sad) he loves photography the most out of us and yet gets to do it the least. But I digress.

This past weekend I set out to photograph all of my left over handbags from the Christmas craft show. Got out Ken's camera & the tripod and I was set to go. Well monkey see monkey do, lucky for Leila we had an extra smaller tripod. I set up my camera for her with the small tripod and as I took pictures so did she.

Here is hoping she because a famous amazing photographer and she can tell people in interviews that she has been taking pictures since she was 2 and her mom has LOTS of photographic evidence.

I am all about the quirks


I have a new obsession. One that I am going to blame on 60% of my nesting hormones & 40% on my quirkiness in general. I cannot stop buying crochet and knitted blankets from thrift stores. In general I can’t stop buying blankets for the baby that includes receiving blankets and such. So I now have to force myself to stay away from the thrift stores once again!

Lucky for me though Leila also has my quirkiness about blankets and if the baby doesn’t use them all I know that Leila will find a use for them!

Forgive my slowness


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Sorry about the long pause between posts. Not only did I have the normal holiday "stuff" pregnancy brain has kicked in full gear with a month to go my brain is mush. Trust me I wouldnt be surprised if I find my phone in the fridge one of these days!

So since I am so slow in general lately I wont feel too bad that I am going to post my crafty resolutions three days into the new year!

* Sew more for the kids. This year I hardly made anything for Leila, no clothes for sure and that I really regret.

*Sew more for myself. I try these great projects for others and then never make one for myself, first on my list- a knitting needle tote.

* Make one full size quilt.

*Keep my sewing space organized.

*Get rid of the clutter! Hold on to supplies that I will actually use/love. ( I am thinking I may do giveaways of flat rate boxes FULL of supplies, stay tuned this year!)

*Keep knitting. ( I have been a knitting machine lately, more on that later)

*Learn to knit in the round.

*Learn to crochet.

*Start scrapbooking. (I am really inspired by Elsie of the Red Velvet Art)

*Save to get a serger.

*Sew at least once a week.

*Stop hoarding fabric and use it!

*Photograph more.

These are probably close to same for many crafty people, lets see how well I do next year especially with baby boy on the way! EEK!


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