Happy Holidays


I have been a bad blogger lately. Sorry. I think the holidays get the best of me every year. Add in lack of sleep and getting sneaky with wrapping gifts away from 3 year old eagle eyes and my days just fly by!

So I am signing off unofficially for the rest of the year. I will hope to do a recap someday in there but I make no promises. I hope you all enjoy your holidays, eat lots of cookies, and witness a few holiday miracles *smile*

And in case you were wondering, yes I have become the mom that dresses her kids to match, I make no apologies *smile*

Look Ma!


I am trying to draw! I will admit when it comes to the "fine art" stuff I have always left that to my uber talented sister. She has always been the drawer/painter in the family. After starting to do some collage work a bug has been bitten and I really want to try drawing and painting. I am already taking a few online classes and I am hoping to do a few retreats and other classes to really grasp the skills and start growing this next year. For never drawing/shading/using color pencils. I am pretty happy with my first 15 minute sketched thing-a-ma-bob drawing!

My view


I dont think I have ever shared my cubby! I had this made by a co-workers husband this past summer when I saw one similar in Pottery Barn Catalog and didnt want to pay the hefty price tag. I love it so! I have plenty more kitsch to fill up probably another one of these but for now I will be happy to have this one on those days I get to work from home!



I am a product of hand-me-downs. Even though I am the oldest in my family I had plenty of older cousins who had clothes to go around! I am continued the tradition in my family. This hat my sister made while she was learning to sew. Too small for her head she gave it to me for Leila when Leila was a baby. Now that Leila's head is too big for it, off to Kenson it goes!

check it out


Look what I can do!!!! My amazing and uber crafty (though she wont admit it) Staci taught me how to crochet this past weekend. I am enternally grateful. I have tried to teach myself, had my aunt show me, read books, and watched countless you tube videos. Staci is without a doubt the best teacher! I would source her out but I dont think she would be my friend any longer if I did that.

I like how it goes on the tree so nicely (yep tree is up but no ornaments as of yet) Ken isnt thrilled but he still isnt sold on the white tree to begin with *smile*
Staci thanks again (she stalks my blog! hehe) love you!!!

Snow Day


snow 1
Originally uploaded by andrew dickinson.

Looks like a snow day here in Wisconsin. I am working from home most of today, unless the streets get plowed!

Thank god for remote access & call forwarding!

Catch up


Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

Is everyone elses days just flying by?!?!? Holidays, craft shows, and throw in a few snow storms and I cant seem to get a grasp on time!

So to recap:

+Last weekend I went home to do my last craft show of the year. It was ok traffic and sales wise, I did though meet some great artists, got some helpful feedback, and it all made me decide that I really want to expand my art. Oh and it made me realize I need to get a circle of friends that like to throw theme parties! (white trash party anyone?)

+I have signed up for a few art classes to help expand my art (yay!) and really hope I do a whole bunch more this coming year.

+Everything here is going great, fast but great.

+Kenson is still not sleeping through the night so I am now going on 10 months without a good nights sleep. I am so used to it by now I dont know what will happen that first night I actually sleep all night!

+This is the first year in three years that most if not all my gifts will NOT be handmade. Only a few this year and it is eating me up but I am trying to let it go. There are a few in there but nothing like years past. We have also though scaled back. I just read somewhere about this family that only gives three gifts per kid (since it was good enough for Jesus!) Love that! Leila is still working on the Christmas thing, she thinks its her birthday. It should be interesting this year!

+Oh before I forget in this ramble (er I mean recap)... I have uploaded a TON of my art up on flickr. If you are interested in a print send me an email to artsymomma@gmail.com and we can work out something!

Alright enough of the random post today! Catch up with me! How is your time flying by?

Time Flies

4 years have flown by in the blink of an eye. Love you honey!

Break over


Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

Hey all!

I am out of the factory and ready for December (boy did November fly by!)

Craftacular went ok this year, the economy has even hit the handmade market but such is life. I had a great time, met amazing artists, and great people in general. I miss retail on days like that, I love chitchatting so the day really did fly by!

Leila was the only one who got something from the show this year, it was meant to be a Christmas present but she found it, I suck at hiding presents from an eagle-eyed 3 year old. It was made by Tyler Poncho, she makes Ah-mazing softies and the quality is superb. Leila loves her "teddy" and hasnt put him (them) down since Saturday.

So in the midst of holiday crafting we will be back to normal (whatever that is) with blog postings around here until Christmas. and yes, I did miss you guys!

Count down begins


Craftacular is this weekend! Oh and did I mention I am doing a second craft show next weekend in my hometown, Manitowoc. EEK. I still have a ton to do (like sew oh 50 purses or so, wish me luck folks!!!) most of my collage work is done besides the big canvases so I feel slightly at ease but ask me again on Friday night. I did take off Wednesday so I have a full day to take advantage of Leila in preschool and Ken taking care of the baby. I am really hoping I get a majority done that day. I have just a few things left (cutting out purse straps, my least favorite part) to get the prep work done so the assembly line sewing may begin. I am super excited about the purses though I have some cute stuff if I do say so myself!!!!

And because I couldnt resist, Kenson has been having a few rough days lately, more teeth I am suspecting. Sleep has been minimal around these parts and the poor guy finially couldnt take it any longer and fell asleep in his bouncer! I am glad Ken was able to take the picture it breaks and melts my heart all in one swoop!

Ok back to work! If I dont get a chance, happy thanksgiving to the US readers, and happy week to the rest of you out there!

A deeper meaning to christmas lights?


Vintage Christmas Bokeh 2008
Originally uploaded by Pink Sherbet Photography.

So I have been sort of thrown lately by the amount of houses that have Christmas lights already up in my neighborhood. I mean it isnt even Thanksgiving yet!

It hit me today as I watched a family watching their dad put up the lights, this has been a rough year for a lot of families and Christmas lights and the thought of Christmas cheer in general is a silver lining in a really hard year. Plus it shows a closing of a year. A year a lot of people are ready to say good bye to and welcome in a new year with hopes of change and easier times. I mean December isnt even here yet and I am already considering the year over. I guess though I shouldnt rush the closing of the year. I am trying really hard to slow down and really enjoy the holidays this year. With a toddler that shouldnt be too hard to do!

I am guilty as charged too though, I bought a magazine in October about holiday decorating, but shhh that is just our little secret.

A great day


Better Than Starbucks
Originally uploaded by nycjamie.

Here is a story about me. I met my husband online. Before it was cool or normal. It was almost 10 years ago. Today was the first time I met someone from online since Ken. Today though it was to meet a crafty friend.

It was one of those meetings that I just felt that I could talk to her so easily. We know so much about each other in just the hour meeting over coffee.

Life has been a little rocky around here lately so I am grateful to have made a new friend who doesnt think I am crazy when I see yummy fabric and instinctively want to roll around in it!

Steph, (btw she runs a great fabric store!) it was great meeting you!

(not the starbucks we met at but a pretty picture none the less!)

Weekend in Pictures


Display set-up begins.

So Many Magnets created (yay!) (Close-up pictures found in my flickr account)

Canvases prepped.

Lining fabric stacked.

Yummy wools cut up.

Thank you BFF for the great productive weekend. 18 days to go before Craftacular, I am getting there slowly but surely. Here is hoping my sewing machine still loves me and doesnt jam when the mad dash of sewing begins!!

liar liar


So I didnt think I would have any "normal" posts for awhile. Well I was wrong. Miss Leila was in an amazing mood yesterday and requested some painting time with momma, how could I say no?

Her paintings within this last year have grown so much. She is still a messy painter like her momma (paint all the way up to her elbows) but she now just doesnt make everything one blob of color (dark yucky sludge) she separates and covers the entire sheet (this has also been a great way for her to learn her colors). We have started hanging up her art in the play area. A few I may want to frame and others I may use in my own art.

My messy painting heart couldnt be happier to see her painting across the table from me.



This is it folks. The countdown to craftacular. I will be pretty MIA most likely as I will be elbow deep in fabric and paper for the rest of the month. I will try to update here and there and I will keep adding photos to flickr. Hopefully no one will get too bored with my shameless self promotion and the showing of products only this month!

Do you?


This is my favorite picture of Ken. It was taken when we were first dating. He lived across the country at the time so before his flight I asked him to smile for me just once so I could have a smiling picture that I would have with me everywhere. That was over 9 years ago. Still though one of my favorite pictures ever.

Do you have a favorite picture? Please share!

We'll See


At the end of the summer I had the pictures taken by a local photographer, Donna Boucher. To say she is amazing, great, and super friendly is an understatement. Leila at three is a typical ball of constant energy and within the last 6 months has been harder to take pictures of, either she has goofy smiles or is a blur. I wanted to document these early years and set aside a little cash to have it done by someone who knows what they are doing.

I got my moneys worth. The photos turned out amazing and really show the energy in Leila and the happy go lucky nature of Kenson. My favorite by far though was when we started to wind down and both snuggled up on my lap to chill out for a minute.

This will be one of those yearly things I imagine. So, if you are in the Madison, WI area I highly recommend Donna she does amazing work and is such a sweet person to boot!

Photo Rights- Donna Boucher

Weekend Recap


How was your weekend? Here was a nothing to do no where to go perfect weekend. I tried to take it all in, did a little sewing, some fabric shopping, the normal prep things for craftacular. The high point of the weekend though was carving Leila's first pumpkin and roasting the pumpkin seeds. I havent done it in years and boy have I been missing out!

So what did you do, here is to a smooth sailing (hopefully) week!

Prototype feedback please!


magnet prototype
Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

So I have been wanting to make some smaller items for my booth at the upcoming craftacular. Thanks to Michelle at Dainty Daisies she got my mind spinning about using my vintage print gals on magnets. So here is my prototype. They are slightly larger than a business card to give you a size comparison. My biggest concern. The border, too much? Not enough? For a quick little item I whipped up I am falling pretty hard over it.

So please critique away I need feedback!!!

The list continues


How was your weekend? Here in the artsy momma household we were all sick. Surprisingly though I got a far amount of art work done for the craftacular. Sewing not so much but right now any small amount done is a HUGE victory in this house. I think this latest one might be my favorite to date. Ken recently brought me home some really think cardboard pieces and I finally found a use for them. I have them in an even smaller size but I think the 5x7's will be the smallest I offer this year.

I am having a hard time giving this one up. If she doesnt sell I may have to keep her as my very own. Now I have to figure out pricing, which I am having a hard time doing. Any thoughts all?

How the heck?!?!


I have been graced with an amazing happy baby boy. I honestly think he was given to me at a time that god knew my life would be at a high stress level time and to even out the cards I was dealt he would give me a happy go lucky little person to ease it all. I am thankful, lucky, and blessed. This little man smiles on his worst and best days a thousand times a day. He radiates and makes everyone else happy. I want to eat him up and remember these moments as they happen clear as day 50 years from now. I was going to wait to post these closer to his 9 month milestone but I figured I would spread the happy love around!



Leila was having a Jekyll and Hyde type of day yesterday. I prayed a lot. As I was making dinner the potatoes rearranged themselves perfectly by no help by me. It was one of those duh and holy crap moments all wrapped into one. The answer is there and he tells us in obvious and not so obvious ways. The answer to a crazy three year old: hugs. Something I already knew but just need a gentle reminder I guess.



I have a craft show coming up, the weekend of Thanksgiving. I am slightly worried. Time hasnt been on my side. Creepy girl was made this weekend. She wasnt intended to be creepy but I have a feeling Halloween and the mood I have been in lately created Creepy Girl. Hopefully someone will love Creepy Girl, she is pretty in her own creepy way I think.

What are your thoughts? Would you hang her up in your own home?

Happy Friday


After a long week, jumping on a bed can make all the stress just disappear! Happy Friday All!



Reason #399 why I love my husband:

He is an amazing cook!

Our Weekend


Is it wrong that this picture cracks me up?!?!?! It was one of those weekends where no one was happy for long. But those happy moments, boy those were priceless this weekend!

Be still my heart


There is always something about a baby in a hoodie that makes me want to gush at their cuteness. Happy Friday!!

Off balance


I am having a sort of off balance week this week. I dont know what fog has come around me but I cant seem to figure out up from down. Health wise and spirit wise I am fine, but in general I just feel off. Do I sound crazy?!?!?!

Part of the fog I am going to guess is from my lack of sleep. See the little man, the one who seems to cling on to me for dear life. Yep, he has 6 teeth coming in all at once. Poor little man. Regardless of my lack of sleep I will be fine, my job right now is to be a good momma. A good momma means comfort nursing at all hours of the night. And I will do it with a smile on my face and just forewarn everyone around me I am off balanced for awhile!

Sneak Peek


This is a work in progress that has a deadline of Friday (eek!). Its a gift so once it is given and complete I will show the rest of it. I am loving it though all the same.

What are you working on? I would love to see it!

Yep still under a rock


Photo copy right ofnothingelegant.etsy.com

I am smitten by this etsy shop. I know lots of people have been using pretty tape, I am slow to the club but I cant get enough of this etsy shop. If money wasnt an issue I would have one of everything from this oh too cute shop. Anyone know of a state side store that has pretty masking tape?


I subscribe to Inc., which I think is a great magazine for entrepreneurs, well this month they did an article on the site called Ponoko.com

So am I under a rock, have you all heard about this site yet? It is amazing!!!! I got so excited about the potential and possibility. Now if I could find a few more hours in the day to start creating designs for this site.

What do you think? Customized manufacturing at its best in my humble eyes.

Passing on Info

**UPDATED!! The email address got messed up when I posted this originally, they have been updated, so if you tried to get in contact and had a return email please try again with the corrected email addresses. Sorry!!

This was in my inbox today and I thought I would share (it seems like a great cause):

Calling all crafters! Attention DIYers! WomanCraft needs you!

Love making things and have a big heart? Do some of your creations
need a new home? Can you teach others how to make something? Want to
support an eco-friendly, woman-empowering endeavor, but don’t know

Meet WomanCraft!
WomanCraft, an eco-conscious social enterprise of Heartland Alliance
for Human Needs & Human Rights, provides transitional jobs to women
overcoming barriers to entry into the workforce. We make paper
products like gift cards, wedding invitations, and more – all by hand
and all with recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes!

We are seeking donations – from handmade, one-of-a-kind items to
classes for DIY lovers – for the silent auction at WomanCraft’s
Harvest Event, to be held on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

WomanCraft’s after-work fundraiser will be at the beautiful DIRTT
Penthouse showroom, overlooking the Chicago River (http://
www.dirtt.net ). Nearly 150 ecopreneurs, designers, green mavens, and
more will enjoy locally sourced beverages & edibles while mingling and
perusing our DIY silent auction.

Please consider donating and attending our event! The deadline for
donations is Monday, October 5, 2009.You can contact Carmelita Tiu at
carmelita.tiu@gmail.com to arrange for your donation, or visit our
website at http://www.womancraft.net for more info about WomanCraft
and to purchase tickets our Harvest event. THANK YOU!

Still have questions? Read on!

Q: When is the event?
A: The event is on Thursday, October 8, 2009 from 5:30 – 8pm.

Q: What are you looking for?
A: If it’s handmade and you DIY’ed (Did it yourself), it fits the
bill. We’d love to offer classes as well (i.e., how to create
something, sew, collage, bookbind, etc.). We prefer items with a value
of $25 and up, but any donation will help!

Q: What is the deadline for donated items?
A: We’ll take items up until Monday, October 5, 2009 – we’ll need a
couple of days to finalize auction sheets, programs, etc.

Q: What happens when I donate an item?
A: All donated items will be incorporated into WomanCraft’s
fundraising efforts (e.g., a silent auction or raffle). In return for
your donation, your name will be listed in our programming, and your
item will be featured in our silent auction at the event. In-kind
donation letters are available upon request. All proceeds from the
silent auction will go towards supporting the mission of WomanCraft.

Q: How can I get my donated creation to you?
A: You may mail your donation to WomanCraft at 4115 W. Ogden Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60623, or email Cat at carmelita.tiu@gmail.com or call
312-420-5209 to arrange for a pickup.

Q: I can’t donate any of my creations, but I’d love to support. What
can I do?
A: First – thank you! Second – there are several ways you can support
us. You can attend our events, purchase WomanCraft products, make a
donation via our website http://www.womancraft.net, host a paper party
(where you act as a WomanCraft ambassador by hosting a paper sale at
your home, office, church, etc.), or volunteer at our studio. Call us
at 312-521-3414 or email womancraft@yahoo.com for more info!

Q: Can I get more details about WomanCraft?
A: WomanCraft, a winner of Mayor Daley's GreenWorks Award and 2009
Illinois Recycling Association Award, provides transitional jobs to
women overcoming barriers to entry into the workforce. The women earn
income, gain job skills and a work history, and increase their chances
at economic self-sufficiency. They use recycled office paper to create
sustainable handmade notecards and custom wedding invitations. We
“revitalize” on two fronts: by recycling paper and by redesigning the
course of women's lives. Please visit our website at http://www.womancraft.net
for more information.

More questions? Please feel free to call Nancy Phillips, Director of
WomanCraft, at 773-521-3414, or nphillips@heartlandalliance.org , or
contact Cat Tiu at 312-420-5209 or carmelita.tiu@gmail.com . THANK

Happy Friday

Happy Friday- Play a little!

Parenting 101


...If you put a baby in a box make sure there is some cushion.

I left my husband with our son for 5 minutes and I came back to the living room to this. As a parent you have to be inventive, if anything my hubby is that indeed!

Weekend Recap


Some waiting games.

Some fort building.

Some bonding.

Some crafting.

Some organizing

And some sewing for momma.

All in all the perfect weekend.


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