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Have a great weekend friends! (sorry no credit saw it recently on a friends FB page)

This name momma...


Life has been changing a lot over here. A lot more focus in the home and so much less on the rest of the world.

This little blog of mine and why I blog has crept to my thoughts before I turn in for the night more on the lines of.... Man I need to update, it's more for me honestly. I have the worst memory and as fast as the kids are growing those little but so important moments are quickly forgotten!

(all passed out after a long day!)

We have changed our "house rules" 1 movie a day is allowed (the kids don't really watch Tv) and for me I am limiting my night time TV. In the big picture I won't remember what TV show I was watching 5 years ago but I will remember the look on Leila's face the first time she reads from a book on her own. And those moments are worth their weight in gold!

(eating together another change)

We are eating as a family, we are taking walks, we are doing art projects at night. Bottom line I am becoming the momma I always wanted to be. I am thankful everyday that I have blessed with what i have and I need to start showing my gratefulness instead of just talking about it.

There will still be lots of goofing off around these parts, I can't wait to look back and see how this space grows along with my kiddos!!

Love you all! Now go do something that matters to you today!!

Making memories


Sometime last week the kids and I made sugar cookies. This was after weeks of pleas from Leila to do so. Finally after I mentally prepared myself and had all the ingredients on hand I obliged. I love the idea of making cookies but actually making them I dread, and in the moment I got frustrated, after one round of rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes Leila asked if we were done. From that moment on it was me rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes as the kids used some of the dough to create creatures of their imagination. So in the moment I was so unhappy looking back it was a happy memory making cookies and my kids just being kids.

What I'm trying to say is that I need to learn how to look in the moment and find the positives, the memory making moments and really process the good and evaluate the bad and ask myself the tough questions of what is so bad and really shine light on it.

Mommahood is not for the weak of heart and to me some days it feels like a test I keep failing. But ultimately I will only find out how I did as my little ones grow up. So I take it a day at a time moment by moment when I have to. And when it gets bad I have a good cry. But let me tell you when it is good(which most days it us) it is so good and I thank the lord everyday good or bad.

Hopefully things are settling around here. I miss this space and connecting. Mommahood can be pretty lonely so let's connect and have tea/coffee and share our woes and triumphs!

So had to share this! Leila is famous. She made it to the front page of our local paper thanks to her "less than happy" face in regards to her first day of school. I am happy to report that a week later and she is at least entering the room not cling to me and there is no more prying her off my leg. There is though a stuffed animal that stays in her backpack to keep her safe and lots of "treats" when we have a good day!

Now to find fade proof glass and hang this baby up!

Weak stomachs.... Look away


I'll warn you now, if blood and things of that nature make you squeamish I suggest you stop reading today's post and wait for a pretty non-medical tomorrow!

Now onto the gore! *smile*

That my friends is my gall bladder (the PAC man looking thing) and those raisin looking things it is eating..... gall stones!!

Hope I didn't ruin your meal!! I am now in recovery. Things are going well my liver levels were still high as I left the hospital but they let me go so they must not be too worried yet, I will probably have at least one more blood draw to confirm the levels are still going down after I finish my antibiotics!

So that was my labor day weekend.... how was yours???


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