My little Dolittle

We got a pleasant surprise visiting my parents this past weekend, they had a handful of kittens staying with them. My parents must be known within the cat population because they always seem to get strays which they feed and play with until the cat goes on its way. Well, this momma cat was no different and must have heard about the welcoming place with food to boot and off she came with her 6 super friendly kittens. Well actually 4 of the 6 were really friendly the other 2 were slightly shyer. Leila was in heaven. Just a few weeks earlier she got to see her first kitten up close and personal at my grandparents home (another stray cat friendly home) and while the kitten was friendly it didn’t really like to be held by a gentle but excited 2 year old.
This time she was in luck the kittens came straight up to her and she carried them around the next 3 days.

She fed them by hand.

And actually told them to say AHHH as she was feeding them.

She had shadows all weekend if she wasn’t holding one there was another right behind her getting ready to be picked up.

She did have one slight mishap when she confused the kitten’s tail with a yo-yo but that was quickly addressed and playing began again.

She also let me take tons of pictures of her with the kittens. This one I think being my favorite of the weekend.

If you want to have Leila overload cuteness feel free to go over to my flickr account.

Summer Loving

I recently had signed up for a recycle swap. Basically we were supposed to create something with recycled materials. I have been insanely inspired lately by this blogger and wanted to create something similar to her vibe. This tote was made out of a table linen, some vintage sheets, and some old pants. Nice huh? Plus I couldnt choose from two different sheets so I appliqued both sides of the bag!

This may be the last thing I sew for awhile though, it was a nightmare to get my sewing machine to work correctly and since money is tight I may have to wait to get it serviced. Sounds like I may have to pull out my trusty first machine and hope I remember how the settings work!

Coming soon....

An addition to our family!!!! Just one baby, I guess this photo is suggesting multiples but honest there is only one baby in there!

I am so glad to get this out there, I have been busting at the seams for weeks now but first I wanted to get past my first trimester and I wanted to make sure all of my family knew. So yep we will have a new teenie tiny baby here beginning of February.

I am finally getting my energy back. Let me tell you this time around I have never been so tired in my life with Leila I was working 60-80 hours a week up until she was born so I had no room to be tired! Now that we are in the second trimester I am wide awake and ready to go so there has been some actual sewing and outings out around town! So guess what that means blogging again on a normal basis.

YEA! I have missed you guys!

Keeping with the calm

I am a born and raised country girl. At 17 I felt the need to strike out on my own and go the complete oppisite of my childhood and I head out to the second largest city in the state and 2 1/2 hours away from home. 8 years later and a baby and husband in tow I miss the country. I miss the quiet I miss the stillness. Tomorrow is Ken's birthday and his request was to go up and spend the weekend with my parents. I am really excited to just hang out and relax. have no set plans except to bake, take some photos and maybe ride a four wheeler.

My dream is to move back to the country. Ken had my heart skip a beat when he suggested moving back up near my family and start to raise our family in the country. My dream is to one day go into business with my best friend and have a hobby farm together where we can raise chickens (I know me and my chickens!) sell goods and teach classes on canning, gardening, soap making, sewing, and quilting. I am ready to get back to the quiet, to just slow down and enjoy life.

We leave Friday morning and I cant wait. This is just what I need, I know it.

I hate my weepy days


I have had a rough day. On some of my worst days I am always humbled by my faith. On the day that just couldn’t go right an earth bound angel named Howard was my saving grace today. And all he needed to say was "you sound so calm, keep being calm". I am sure he has no idea how bad I needed to hear that and how thankful I am for that small statement. It was all I needed to turn my day around and keep me humble.

It just goes to show you can mean the difference of making someone’s day good or bad. My goal is to keep spreading the good days around. Everyone has so much going on in their life, they dont need me making it more difficult.

I doubt this man will ever find my blog as it was a phone conversation with a customer who I am sure I will never meet in my lifetime but none the less I need to put it out there, Howard from Rusmur Floors. Thank you.

**The background on this photo: It was taken on my grandparent's once thriving farm. Time and years has taken its toll and now this windmill is now a standing testament to remind us of times past.**

To cut or not to cut...


I have had this dress hanging on the back of my bathroom door for the last year and a half. I wore it a long time ago pre-baby weight. Since then the zipper has busted and the dress has become more than a little tight on me. Should I hold on to it as the dress form and hope to fit into it again someday soon (and fix the zipper) or should I cut it up? I think it would make some very cool purses. Am I a bad person for wanting to cut up a dress that is a handmade retro dress? Maybe I should just let it continue to hang their like functional art? I am torn.

Wow I say alot!


With over 300 posts under my belt I am happy to know that Will and Sewing seem to be two words I use a lot. Its better than having said lazy or lack a lot!

This is a pretty cool website, go make one for yourself, you know you want to!

How I spent my 4th of July Weekend!


1. green sparrow, 2. red sparrow, 3. green deer totes, 4. 096, 5. colorful strips, 6. bedsheet tote 2, 7. cirlces, 8. teacups, 9. Cardinal, 10. doily, 11. red flower, 12. green flower, 13. owl upclose

My 4th of July was not spending time with friends and family watching fireworks nope my butt was in front of my sewing machine the whole day. And you know what? I wouldnt have wanted to spend it any other way. The rest of my weekend was spent with friends so all in all it was a great weekend. Also with these newest bags I got to play with appliques as well as free style patch work. I am hoping my next mass sewing spree will lead to some totes for in my Etsy shop but we will just have to wait and see. There is a craft show I am thinking about entering in for September too and if I get in I will have to start sewing now so that I have a big enough stock ready for the show.

Sorry about the slow posting and lack of "talking" I have been super occupied with work, being a momma, and trying to get in all of the summer heat I can!

Another Giveaway

So I just recently found Grosgrain blog and boy am I happy I did when I did. She is hoping to get the word out about her clothing line and in doing so she is giving away the clothes she makes once a week. This week during the kickoff she has set up three giveaways and in all honesty each gets better than the next. This third one she has named appropriately "Ice Cream Social Frock". Go check out her blog trust me you will be happy you did!!! The inspiration alone is worth its weight in gold.

Ice Cream Social Frock Giveaway!!!!


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