Happy Friday


I will be in Oshkosh this weekend (Saturday's Gallery Walk) as the featured artist at Dainty Daisies so if you are in the area stop by!

about me


i always:
* want sweets
* kiss my kids goodnight
* sing in the car
* tell my bff I love her
* have too much to do!

i sometimes
* wish I could sew/paint for a living
* forget important dates
* drink soda
* want to eat jam out of the jar
* dance without a care

i never
* say never *smile*
* not go a day without telling my kids I love them
* have liked spiders
* eat artificially flavored orange things
* can stay up late (anything after 10pm)

(thank to Good-ness for the inspiration)


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aglimpseofourlife said...

My husband and I went hiking at a local national park and I took a photograph of a dew filled spider web, lit beautifully by the sun that spans between two trees. It is one the coolest shots that I have ever gotten. It would make an amazing poster!

Thanks for the give-away!

That photo sounds great and will look great enlarged! Please get in contact with me at artsymomma @ gmail . com so I can get your info and send it on in!

Thanks again everyone for your posts, all of your pictures sounded great!!!

Happy Friday


Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

Like I said we are doing a lot of painting around these parts lately. For me it is mostly on canvas and my hands (accidentally). Leila on the other hand? Its all about body paint! Happy Friday.

Disconnect & create

Hours a melting into days. Days are flying by and before I know it a month has come and went. Lately to try and just slow down a bit the TV has been put away, the phone is turned off, internet is used sparingly and we just create.

I have an art gallery walk coming up in less then 2 weeks (eek!) so a lot more creating has been going on, painting and sewing and creative thinking non-stop. Leila has joined in lately (more on that later I promise).

And within the mess some great pieces are beginning to emerge(at least I think so).

Happy Friday


Kenson and my BFF's dog. I love this photo. Happy Friday everyone have a great weekend. Oh and dont forget about the giveaway!!!

For the love of summer

Giveaway time! (yea!)

Ah summer right? Are you documenting it as much as I have been? Luckily the kids are pretty use to always seeing me with a camera attached to my body. Heck Leila already has her own (hand me down mind you)digital camera. My problem? I never print out my photos.

Problem solved! I just discovered Online Poster Printing. Printing your images on the largest mediums, hence the name poster printing and they have offered to giveaway a 16x20" Gallery or Museum Wrapped Canvas Print to one lucky reader (side note, you will have to pay for shipping) a blurb from Online Poster Printing:

About Online Poster Printing
Online Poster Printing specializes in printing high-quality posters using premium materials. We offer a money back guarantee on all our products, such as photo canvas prints, vinyl banners, wall stickers, and rolled or mounted poster prints.

So what do you need to do? Describe the summer print you would want on a large canvas. The giveaway will close on July 26th and I will pick a random winner (PLEASE make sure you give me your email address either on the comments or when you fill in your info so I can send you instructions to claim your prize)

Open to US and Canadian residents only (sorry!)

Sort of Crafty


I bought a magazine stand last week for $3. I loved the design, not so much the coloring. Since the beginning of reading blogs I fell in love with how people were always transforming furniture with a spray paint can. I finally felt courageous enough and decided to give it a whirl.

It was easee-peasee and I will have to do this over and over again. I highly urge those of you, who are like me and were just scared to take that jump just do it you will be happy you did, I promise!

Hello World


Need to waste a few hours? Show your three year old the camera on your laptop! Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!



up in the trees
Originally uploaded by BlixieAquaPanther.

Leila and I have been spending a lot of time outside lately. Recently I have been bring out a quilt and lay on it to read magazines while she rides her bike or plays in our portable pool.

A few days ago she laid down by me on the quilt to take a rest. We laid on our backs and looked up into the trees. I pointed out different colors to her, we talked about birds and squirrels.

During this conversation a leaf fell from the tree. Leila picked up the leaf and looked at me.
I told her "the tree is saying hi"

from this she looked up at the tree and said "Hi tree, thanks for the leaf"

Now every time we are outside she makes sure to say hi to the trees.

Lets Pretend


Leila has entered a new stage in life. The pretend stage. She is almost like an only child lately (since Kenson is too young to be any fun, according to her not me) and is playing on her own a lot lately. It melts my heart each time I see her do this. She usually isnt on her own for long. I have a hard time resisting playing with those oh so fun and classic toys!

Clouds have lifted


The best way to improve my mood I guess it cut off all my hair! Last night I got a brand new cut and highlights. And even if I hated the hair cut (which I dont I LOVE IT!) I got to donate 10" of hair to locks of love, so that in itself was completely worth it!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone, and ENJOY!

See I still do make things!


A month late and a dollar short but I finished my square for Amy in our quilt bee, sew connected.

I know need to get going on June's block, this summer is kicking my butt!

Anyone else feel like they are just spinning their wheels while the summer just zooms by?


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