Year end wrap up 2011


So the word for 2011 was creativity. I didnt give myself goals or a real definition of the word. I just knew I wanted to keep my creativity and keep chasing my artistic dreams.

Creativity this year was about finding my groove. Finding my voice and keep growing with my painting.

I really found my voice this year in inspirational sayings and creepy big eyed girls! The end of the year was a huge I got a website up and going. I started advertising, in a month time of going live I got two sales (which was huge for me!) I have had a handful of commission pieces, I sold a large amount of my original artwork at local indie craft shows.

I failed though in otherways. My temper was too short some times with the kids, housework was laid dormant as I chased my dreams, life sped by so fast and I feel I have truly weakened some strong connections with those I love. I dont live with regrets but I do look forward to recommit to every one I love. Because in the end they are the ones that truly matter the most.

So good bye 2011 it has been a wild ride of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I cant wait to see what 2012 will hold!

Come and say hi.... pretty please?


(Photo taken by Laurie Marie)

Ok everyone so I have been blogging for 5 years now have over 700 posts logged and have made amazing friends through this little ol blog. But you know what? Lately I feel like I am talking to myself so here's the deal....I want you to say hi.

How will I get you to say hi, I'm gonna bribe you! *smile* I will send out a card to every person who sends me a comment and one lucky commenter will get a piece of art.

So heres the deal.... leave a comment (make sure to leave your email address so I can message you to get your mailing address) tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you have been reading, what you enjoy reading about on my blog, you know that sorta thing. And for the few minutes of your time I will send you an inspired art greeting card that you can keep or pass along to someone else who you wanna say hi to!

This will be open through the end of the year (2011).... come on say hi, you know you want to!!!

Oh My! Handmade Goodness Contest Entry

Oh My! Handmade Goodness is running an amazing contest for a New Year New Biz. Below is my video entry. Along with the movie here are a few other main bullet points of my business:

-My main focus has been craft shows and consignment
- After years of a fairly bare Etsy storefront I set up my own site a little over a month ago (
-Besides having a workshop at the end of January I have two other stores that have shown interest in having me teach workshops at their stores.
-An art show is in the works right now at a local venue, details are being hashed out
-Just over the weekend I may have found a studio space to move all my art supplies out of my home and into a space to call my own (super big eek!)

Finally, all of this would never had been possible without my amazing husband. He has been my biggest supporter throughout this crazy ride. He is the one that keeps the house from failing apart, the kids happy, and makes sure I eat every once and awhile when I have a deadline to meet and can only focus on paper and paint. I am so lucky that I have found someone who loves me for me (flaws and all), who sees my dreams and helps chase them right beside me!

Putting it out there

This blog, this little blog that has been around for over five years. It has documented my kids growing up, my never ending quest to be a smidge like Martha Stewart, and my growing passion for art and creating.

The blog has been about that a lot more lately here's hoping you all don't mind! Today is about my art but with a twist... I don't want you to buy I want to give to a good cause!

I have been given the opportunity to donate my art for a silent auction a few months ago and now yesterday as a gift to those who have little to call their own.

While I would love to feed my family from making art what is even better for me is to make art that touches people's hearts and helps them to give to others who cannot help themselves.

So if you have a charity auction, a donation you are gathering, etc and you think my art is a fit send me an email.

This giving thing is pretty addicting!

My cup runneth over


Earlier in November I had a mom get in touch with me. She had seen my work at DIY Studio and Gifts and wondered if I would be available to make a painting for her husband of her daughter. I was thrilled and excited, she was so sweet and laid back! I had told her as soon as the craft shows wrapped up for the season I would get to work. So right after Craftacular I got right to work and started sketching ideas. I was given the insight of a little girl who loved the outdoors and animals. A forest sounded like the best place for her.

A tiny bird to sit on her head, an owl to look over her, and a friendly fox to help her along the way and our forest princess was complete. I love this piece I cant even express it. Once we started getting to know each other I couldnt stop painting until I was sure she was complete. Besides this holiday I promised myself I wouldnt be stressing at the last minute standing in long lines at the post office to get a piece off to a happy new home (hello last year!) so in about 24 hours of starting her, she was packaged up tied with a bow and is on her way to her new home.

I love commission work, please email me if you are interested in our own one of a kind piece!

Oh and this little gal..... I think she is the jumping point to a new series!!! Stay tuned *smile*

Introductions (of sorts)


Photo by Funky Monkey Photography (which I filtered with instagram)

Craftacular was a smashing success!! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who found a piece that they connected with either for themselves or a loved one. Thank you to everyone that chatted with me and had such great questions about art making. And a huge thank you to those who had a look smiled and said such beautiful things about my work.

I need to be honest here... Craft shows are the most nerve racking thing I do. Everything I do has my soul in it and when I present it to others it is my way of asking others to please like me. And so those smiles are the same as if someone came by and bought everything off my table.

So thank you to those who took a piece home and those who took the memory of one home!

Christ's birth according to my kiddos


Little unknown fact, puss in boots was in attendance of the birth of Christ. Wait what do you mean that is a false fact? Don't tell my 5 year old she will be heartbroken!

On a side note tomorrow (Saturday) will be my last craft show of the year. Back to semi normal blogging until the holidays!


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