Bad Mood


I run from hate
I run from prejudice
I run from pessimists
But I run too late
I run my life
Or is it running me
Run from my past
I run too fast
Or too slow it seems
When lies become the truth
That’s when I run to you

(Lyrics from Lady Antebellum)

I have been in a mood, a not too pleasant one, hopefully when the clouds lift so will this crappy mood.

Best Intentions

It has been a weekend of best intentions, even as I write this I intended to write this yesterday, ah well. No matter what Ken and I did this last weekend nothing seemed to go right. Despite it all I still kept reminding myself to take it all in and bottle up those little memories that are fleeting. Like the one shown here, a little girl in love with her little brother and wanting to hold him all weekend. Time to slow down and take it all in. My newest mantra.

For Today


I am thinking... I really should purchase a family pass to our local "pool"

I am thankful for... being a momma

From the kitchen... started eating a more organic/local diet. Loving it!

I am wearing... business attire, and my favorite kitten heels

I am creating... a few quilt squares, and dreaming of paintings

I am going.. to buy some distressing ink

I am reading.. the second book in the twilight series

I am hoping... to get my hair cut and dyed very soon

I am hearing... the AC kicking in at the office

Around the house... we got new curtains in the kitchen, such a difference

One of my favorite things... is spending my evenings with my kids

A few plans for the rest of the week... work until Friday, chill out in the AC as much as possible, 90's & 100's dont agree with me, too hot!

A picture to share...

(because of the weather we have half "nay-nay" kids around here)

Lyrics I Love


Dog Days
Originally uploaded by Barney's Blue.

you gotta live to learn
you gotta crash and burn
you gotta make some stances
and take some chances
you gotta live and love
and take all life has to give
you gotta live and learn
so you can learn to live

-Darius Rucker

Father's Day 2009

Leila came up with a great (semi) easy gift for Ken all on her own.
Wash his car.

So I put her to work.

She then decided she needed to wash her feet.

And of course she needed to wash her own wheels!

An hour later, I had finished
(she had better things to do like playing with the hose of course!)
hand dried and all!

I have a feeling more car washes are in our future, for even non-occasion days.

What did y'all do to show your love/appreciation for the father's in your life?

Happy Father's Day!

Me (on the left, my cousin is the infant) & my dad circa 1984.

Even though I know I dont have to say it I want to:

You are amazing & and I love you.

( I am through and through a "daddy's girl")

Happy Father's Day




The sewing bug has finally bit again (maybe it was looking through flickr favorites, who knows!) and I am hoping this is the weekend I finally dust off my wonderful sewing machine off and get some much needed projects done (Amy your quilt square is my #1) as well as start some others that are swarming in my head.

After having Kenson my feeling towards sewing was eh, now it is must sew now! I am glad I feel that way again it has been a missed feeling.

What projects are you itching to do lately?

That time of year


One of my last cousins graduated this summer. (I have two more who have a ways to go) She has an amazing sense of style and I wanted to celebrate that as well as give her something personal for her dorm room or first apartment. I haven’t gotten to hear what she thought about it yet but I am hoping she loves it.

Now I want to make one for myself, I am just not sure what “inspirational” quote I want. Any ideas?

A list


I love::

These peonies. They aren’t “mine” but our landlord doesn’t live on site and I know he wont mind.
Leila has learned how to peddle her tricycle.


Painting, we are still in the honeymoon phase.

Estate sales on my lunch hour.

Getting to take walks with the kids.

I dread::

The ants that come with peonies (something I didn’t realize)

Not getting anything done this weekend

Teething baby’s restless nights

That summer hasn’t even begun and it will be over so soon!

Spoiled Rotten

This year I bought Leila a playmobil set for her birthday. While I had a feeling she would like it, I bought it for selfish reasons. Because I wanted to play with it! While I didn’t grow up without a fair amount of toys (I probably had more than I should have given our lack of funds) I never had something as cool as this.

Lucky for me she loves it and refers to it as Grandma and Papa’s house since it is a country/lodge type setting. And while my parents don’t live in a lodge, have chickens, or any animals for that matter, they do live in the country and farms are a plenty all around us.

Now if I could stop setting up the toys and taking pictures. And I MUST stay out of our local toy store so I don’t buy a ton more!


Mondays are no big deal for me. Now Tuesdays, Tuesdays always seem to kick me in the butt!

One of those weekends


It was one of those weekends where a lot was done but I was still left feeling like I could have gotten more done and wished I had. We tried to spend a fair amount of time outside in between rain showers and Ken was bound and determined to grill out each night, which I am happy to report, with a umbrella by his side (just in case), he was able to each night.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Did it fly by too quickly?

Happy Friday

Ken and I have been sick most of the week. Luckily the kids don’t show any signs of getting it so we are just going to take it easy this weekend and count our blessings.

See you Monday!
(background on this photo, as goofy as Leila can be some days she just doesn’t want me documenting it, she must know that I am gathering blackmail for when she is older and an unruly teenager)


You will have to excuse me but I am WAY behind on this phenomena but now that I have read the first book (in a day) and have watched the movie twice (in three days) I am 100% hooked and all I can think about is reading the next in the series.

The Race

The race this weekend was amazing for me. It was my first year and will definetly not be my last. Leila was great except having minor road rage (via her stroller) when she other little kids looking at her from their strollers. That kid cracks me up and embaressed me all at the same time. The day was cloudy and cool but I think that is better than it being too hot to be comfortable.

And after the race we had a nice long wait in our car (30 minutes no joke) to get out of the parking lot so lots of funny pictures were taken!


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