Giveaway time


Jumping Someone Elses Train.
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400 Posts. I consider that an accomplishment. And I want to show thanks for everyone who visits little or frequently. Thank you for letting me share my life with you.

To show thanks I want to do a bigger than big giveaway. I want it to be special so here is what I am thinking. Who ever wins I will create a one of a kind special box stuffed to the brim with your favorite things. So crafters of all kinds please enter. I have an entire closet dedicated to my craft ADD and I know I can find something for everyone.

All you need to do is send a comment and make sure to include your email address. Let me know anything about what you love, what you hate (hopefully not much), what you want from this blog. You have until April 4 12 PM cst to enter!!!!

Through Leila's Eyes

If anyone can tell our story from the last month in, Leila is the one to do it the best. There has been messes, colds, sleeping babies, and quality time with our dog. I cant wait to see what photos she takes on her camera this next month.

Keep on Trucking

I miss:
non-chaotic moments
lazy weekends
hot showers

Its all worth it though, these moments are fleeting. I hold them close.

In a row


One Month 037
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Life is still getting on track around here. We have had a lot of changes, not only did we bring a new baby into the mix, right after Kenson's birth, my MIL moved in. We are still getting to know each other so it has been a full few weeks with life adjustments. I cant wait to get back to the sewing machine I miss it so much, I just have to reset up my craft area in between everything else!

Pretty Calm


1. 87/365, 2. In the sauce cup, 3. Breakfast, slightly different from yesterday, 4. 鼎泰豐 Entering the world of mandarin, 5. Sofie sleeping, 6. Untitled, 7. Reading Spot, 8. turning over the pages, 9. read SEEING, drink coffee, 10. upstairs living room, 11. tabula rasa, 12. 29 | 01.29.09, 13. having a conversation about which bird feeder to use., 14. fresh fallen snow, 15. Happy Birthday Shutter Sisters!, 16. 16:365, 17. making potholders, 18. In progress, 19. 27 :: 365, 20. Drying socks by the oven :-), 21. sunday stash #7, 22. lap full of kitty..., 23. fabric covered jars and cans, 24. Embroidered Lavender Laundry Buddies, 25. chocolate chip cookie anticipation, 26. 30:365, 27. Fresh __/365/SPT, 28. honda love, 29. 29: snack, 30. 30.01.09, 31. 恭喜发财, 32. evening light, 33. Tools I've Yet to Touch, 34. mid-day snacks, 35. reading corner, 36. Day 183: Divided

As I was looking through my flickr faves to create a mosaic for my DQS6 partner (such a great way to find inspiration) this page hit me and it was just so pretty, calming, and blended so well I had to share.

A note to my partner of DQS6 I will introduce myself further to you soon. I got side tracked with this set *smile*

Mommy Guilt

Back to work full time.
When I get home he is sleeping (he is up all afternoon).
I miss seeing his eyes.
So this morning when I got to see them for a few seconds
I literally cried right there.
I wish I could stay home and have money
magically appear in my bank account each week.
Lottery pool anyone?

Hit n Miss


This has been the state of our lives lately. Spring cleaning has hit. (and yes those our Leila's Dinos taking up habitat in what was suppose to be for my craft supplies! Doesnt it look like a little apartment complex?) The bug has hit and hit hard.
Though looking at these dinos trapped in boxes I have been feeling that way lately. I cant wait for a little bit of warm weather to open the windows and feel like I can breathe again.

I also went back to work today. A month flew by WAY too fast.

I have a lot to say lately but the words wont come.
Soon I hope, I have missed it here.


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