So I have a dilemma, I have this amazing table runner with this pretty embroidered deer. Only problem? I dont use table runners. Is it wrong that I want to cut up a perfectly perfect table runner and create it into a pillow or something else I would use to showcase the handiwork someone worked so hard on? I am leaning towards its ok since I got this from a thrift store and someone didnt love it like they should and gave it away.

Thoughts, debate? Is it ok to cut up something that isnt really in bad shape as is?

Change, its a comin'


I cut and colored my hair this weekend. It has been a long time coming. More changes are coming. I am going to be a member to a gym by the end of the week (a first in my life), there is a tattoo in the works. Just a lot of surface things but they really do go deeper than that. I want my appearance to reflect how I feel in the inside. More bigger changes are coming I can feel em!

I love Spring, change is all around. Change no matter what people say isnt always a bad thing!


So I am not having a giveaway of my own (just yet)

I do however love me some giveaways and enter a lot of them on the blogosphere. Here is a really big and good one!!!

go here, you can win a brand new Canon 5D mark II or a $2500 Gift certificate to Southwest airlines. I am AMAZED by the giveaways people have!

Happy Friday


Hey all! What are your plans for the weekend? Spring cleaning and getting to be painting buddy with this little girl are on top of my list this weekend. Have a good one regardless of what you are doing!!

Cute Pink Shoes


Cute Pink Shoes
Originally uploaded by Vintage Amethyst.

When a day just drops you to the knees I do want any respectable girl does. I look at pretty shoes on Flickr. And dream of shoe shopping this weekend!

Happy Thursday we are almost there!!!

Off the sidelines

Ugh, is this week over yet? I have been having these funks lately. I think it is has to do with the waffling of the season, among a few other life changes. This past we I went through a life experience that shook me to my core. After a long talk with my best friend (Hi BFF!) I looked back to my word of the year. Something I look at daily but really havent fully committed to lately.

So embrace... what does it mean to me? Originally it was taking everything in good and bad and taking it for what it was worth. Lately I am realizing it is about me, embracing who I am, and who I want to become. The work that I need to do.

I want to be an artist, I want that to be my "title" so what does that mean to me? That means I get to have a studio and people buy my work because they see value in it. It means I have a portfolio, and gallery exhibits and people write about my work. It means I do interviews and be a guest writer on blogs. It means I teach my methods to those who want to also learn to paint, draw, collage. I am there? Not even close.

But what I have done is I have written down my Artist Goals. Originally I called them dreams but I crossed out the word dreams. Why? It didnt seem definite enough it was a word that meant I could think about it and hope for it but I didnt have to work for it. Goals? A much better word. I need to work my butt off to get what I want.

I also have a lot of personal goals for myself. This is the year I finally get off the sidelines and work to get what I want. So thank you, you know who you are, I bet you didnt know the change you have lit in my soul, but none the less thank you to the universe for sending you my way at the time I needed it the most. I didnt see it at first and I needed the loving soul of my dearest friend to help me see it but everything truly does happen for a reason. It is just up to us to see those lessons and grow from them.

I cant wait to share my journey with you all! I am sure there will be lots of ups and downs. And please if you want to share I would love to here about your own journeys whatever they may be. email me any time at: artsymomma @ gmail .com

First off, thank you to everyone who came by on Friday to Boho, we had a great time and I loved meeting so many new people. The girls over there really know how to throw a party together, let me tell you! And those that couldnt make it thanks for all the positive vibes I felt them! My art will be up through the month of April so if you get a chance stop on by, besides my stuff they have 7 local artists that make up the shop and they have a-mazing stuff over there.

Like the new postcard? I recently worked with Renee from Thompsondesigns she also designed the blog for me. If you are ever in the need for a graphic designer I cant recommend her enough she was great to work with and does amazing stuff! I never knew my art work could look so good!

Happy Monday all, cant wait to see what this week brings!!!

Notes under the tree. 8x10 canvas

(I shouldnt have favorites but this is one of my top 3)

Featuring, well me!


So I have been elbow deep in glue, paint and paper. Tonight I will be elbow deep in fabric. I am a featured artist this Friday at the Bohemian Bauble, in Madison WI. So if you are from the area and a blog reader please stop by I would love to meet you! And if you cant make it send me some happy vibes would you?!?!? So for the rest of the week I figured I would feature some of my collage work I have been working on. I am really proud of these! Just over the last year I feel like I am finally growing and getting my groove going with my art per say. Also I have a few new purses I am SUPER excited about so if I can get some good photos of those this week (thank goodness for day lights saving and extra sun time!) I will show those as well.

Fly Away 8x10 on Canvas

A discussion

Ad for Dawn Brand Wool
(photo has nothing to do with this post)

Do you believe in signs?

I do. And while I fully believe in them I sometimes have to debate what the sign actually means. Today has been one of those days. I have a lot brewing in my head, lots of praying asking for signs. Things happen and I think it is a sign but the sign could me two of two completely different things!

So for tonight I will just let it go before I completely over analyze the sign and tell myself it wasnt a sign if I cant tell what it means.

I will just say, things are changing around here and I hope they are all for the good. Either way as soon as I figure things out I will let you all know and we can enjoy this adventure together. Deal? Deal.

Now tell me, do you believe in signs? And do you listen to them?

Flooring Solution?


With the TV magically breaking... creativity has been sparked. Leila recently made her very own area rug, out of books. Welcome to just a blip in my day! *smile* Arent you glad you came?

Happy Monday Friends

Cookie Monster

For the first time in awhile I am glad to wake up to Monday ready to go for the rest of the week. Granted I would love one more weekend day but I think almost everyone is in that same boat.

Kenson has shown his love for chocolate chip cookies. If he could that is all he would eat right now. Right now I am just glad to see him happy and not dealing with some sort of cold or infection.

Have a wonderful Monday, here is to a great week ahead!


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