My life


This has been our life lately, naps, funny faces, and fighting over snuggles with the baby. Sorry I havent been around lately just living life and forgetting to document which I need to do!

Can I also say, how the heck did I live so long without a smart phone?!?!? I am addicted to instagram and I dont care who knows it!

Letting go


I have been whiny a lot lately about the lost of my creative mojo. I think why I am so upset about it is that it was gone for so long and when it came back it was the best feeling in the world. It last for a good solid month and then poof it was gone again. I think because I have a deadline over my head it has made it even worst. I want to create, make amazing pieces but I feel in that horrible all too familiar rut again.

Because of that I love to watch my kids paint. They dont care about the end, they dont care if the are coloring in monotone, they dont have horrible gremlins in the background saying your art isnt good enough, it will NEVER be as good as so and so's. I had taken a class about creative play and paint once and now I can never watch my kids paint the same way again.

I am trying, I am going to allow myself to paint freely with no purpose no end result. Just paint, glue, and color what feels right and makes me happy.
Hopefully soon I will be posting again about the amazing creative rush I am having. Until then I will just keep playing and hope that my key to creative bliss is creative play *smile*

Thanks Martha


Dear Martha,

Thank you for breaking your recipes down by season. CSA boxes are even more enjoyable because of you. You are amazing and I dont know what the world did without you. Because of you not only do I try didnt recipes I know how to fold a fitted sheet properly ( I dont do it but I at least know how to!) *smile*

Lots of love,


P.S. I will never look at rhubarb or custard the same...yum!

(recipe found here.)



Little man has discovered his fingers! We have our third thumb sucker in a row. Valen turned 4 months on Monday. Time is flying by, to help the time go even faster Kenson has been fairly sick on and off and we dont really have a reason yet, lots of doctor visits and specialists await us. With that, the stress I have from daily life and a few other things my creative mojo that was here fast and strong has suddenly disappeared.

I have been nursing the creativity to come back with baby steps. Cutting paper, prepping canvas, doing other types of creative acts, like cooking. I dont want to force creativity because I get nothing but crude at the same time I have a BIG craft show at the end of July and need to get my butt in gear!

So that is where I am at, besides the whole to blog or not to blog debate a lot of people seem to have every once and awhile. I am even thinking about taking a technology break for the rest of the summer but not sure if that is the right thing for me. See deep thoughts going on in this head *smile*

So until the creative mojo is back you will probably just hear a lot of unconnected posts, promise to still love me!

Have you heard?


Have you heard of Mollie Makes yet? It is an UK magazine that has completely stolen my heart. Imagine all of your favorite blogs and handmade items put into print, yep that is Mollie Makes! Has great projects, tons of yummy eye candy, and inspiration on top of inspiration. I think I know what I am asking for my birthday this year..... year subscription please! *smile* (enjoy the video, you can thank me later for the cuteness.)


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