Sketch Monday

Sketch Monday

Now we are getting somewhere! Still have a fair amount of playing to go but it sure has come a long way since the initial sketch.

Have a great Monday!


It has been a long week. I am pretty private about my day job there is a lot of confidentiality with it so I dont share about it here. Lets just say it has been one of the longest weeks of my life and it didnt only effect me the kids whole schedule has been turned upside down this week. Next week we go back to my normal schedule and hopefully the kids go back to being goofy/happy/loving. So to celebrate my kids, and that we got through this week semi-intact enjoy these photos of the kids being their "normal" selves. Enjoy this weekend, I know I will!

Goofy Kids
Kenson has discovered he can put food on his head, butter bread seems to be a favorite around here!

Goofy Kids
Leila not to be out shined decided to place a bucket on her head, I love that it matches her pjs!

New Year, New Look.

Blog Snapshop

Hey feed reader friends.... come over and stop by the blog I have a new design!!! I am super excited for this, it was designed by Shay at Dumplin Design Studio. She did a great job and I highly recommend her if you are ever in a need of a blog/website/business make-over.

Now I just need to get a make-over for myself, a haircut is sorely needed!

Oh great minds

Messy room

Ok I need help from all of you amazing, knowledgable, creative parents out there. How the heck do you get your toddlers to keep their room clean?!?!?!? Threatening to donate all the toys that arent put away doesnt work. We have actually donated a bag of toys and still we are dealing with battles. So we follow through but I need a new battle plan! Help!

Get Creative!

So are you wanting to get your creative juices flowing??!?!?!?! Here is a list (that keeps growing) of ongoing classes, some that are already started and closed (hoping they will have another session so stay tuned) and classes coming up soon. I am amazed at how much now is available online and I know I have NO WHERE scratched the surface. So do you have any classes online or in person you are jonesing to take? Here are a few that I would love to take (I need more hours in the day!)

She Art Workshop This one is a pretty for sure class for me. I just hope that I have enough time to dedicate to it since it starts right after my due date (eek!)

Get your paint on I will probably pass on this one but it sounds amazing!

Creativity Workshop Something I will hold on to when the mid year creative funk hits!

Stretching Within Wish I could have made this one work out in my budget (stupid bills) hoping to hold on to this link for upcoming classes!

Inspire my life An in person weekend at my friend Kim's place. I love this concept. Her birthday is right around mine so this may be my birthday gift for myself!

Glitter Workshop Classes I really want to go to the owl painting class but I am thinking I will miss her class again (this is her second) I would hate to go into labor during class!

Valley Ridge I have heard nothing but amazing things for these retreats. Right now out of my budget but I am hoping I can get someone to watch the kids for a long weekend and I pinch my pennies I can afford a potential life changing workshop!

Mixed Media Resin I have taken a few of Wyanne's classes and I love them! She does amazing things with resin and I have always wanted to work with the medium.

Soul Restoration
This is also a closed class but I am hoping I can participate in the future. It is one of those classes I had a feeling I really would want to dedicate my heart and soul to and right now I just dont have enough time to full give it the attention it deserves!

So there you go, hopefully I have opened your world to a few more art classes out there!

Monday Sketch

Is it Monday again already?!!?!? My silence was due mostly to a stomach bug and the week just getting away from me. I was able to get in a little bit of drawing time. I am just working on the progression of the sketch I showed last week. She now has some coloring. She is a lot more vibrant in person. My scanner didnt seem to pick up the colors as well as I had hoped and in all honesty I just didnt have the time to monkey with it. So hopefully next week you will be able to see a bigger transformation.

Sketch Monday 1-24-11

Oh did you notice the scribble to the right? Kenson wanted to contribute his own artwork to mine *smile* The sketch book is now set up a little higher when not in use!

Sketch Monday


New feature (hopefully- keep me to this!) Since I want to stay creative this year and I am trying to draw more and keep flexing my artist muscles I want to share with you a sketch a week. I draw the most on the weekends so what a great way to start the week than to show you a sketch that was done in the last few days. I always like seeing the starting of a project and how far it can grow from there. So that my friends is why I have started this little featured cleverly named Sketch Monday *smile* Enjoy!

Custom Work

So I have been wanting to share these photos for a week now and each day I have forgotten to load the pictures up to save. It has been one of those weeks. Dont believe me? Yesterday we had a gas leak in our apartment building. That was a fun adventure! I have never seen so many fire trucks at a building I lived at! On the plus sides to this, it wasnt too late in the night (6PM), it wasnt too cold for Wisconsin standards, we have AMAZING neighbors and were invited into their home to stay warm and enjoy some homemade pizza. What could have been pretty scary/dangerous was handled properly and in the end everyone got to go to bed feeling safe and sound!

So yep I am having one of "those" weeks. So enough about the week that I am glad has passed, and on to art photos. I was commissioned to make this for a great customer that I had met at a show earlier this year. This was made for her daughter's birthday. Favorite colors: yellow, cream, and pink. Those colors I can work with *smile* I love this little princess and I hope with all my heart she does as well!

WIP 006
This was taken originally to be a teaser... (see I thought this through!)

pretty princess- custom piece
I tried to get a decent photo of the finished piece. Unfortunately my photos did it no justice at all. It is so pretty in person (in my own opinion of course!)

Custom piece
my favorite part is probably the lace edge and the fun of being able to antique up the canvas.

So there you go, creative juices are back and I have a whole lot to create this weekend for a new store carry my artwork in IL. Pictures to come soon! Enjoy your weekend.

Do over?

We had a rough afternoon between a momma who is wobbling around feeling as though she has a bowling ball in her tummy and a little girl that was in a desperate need for a nap we had a breakdown. One where daddy stepped in and took said little girl one way and momma went another so momma could just be alone and not say something she would regret instantly once it was out of her mouth.

And when I got home as the house is quiet and all are taking naps I got to watch this:

And wow, did it all put it into perspective. 100 years people if we are lucky that is the most we will have. Enjoy the moments even the ones where you want to pull your hair out and throw in the towel.


Old typewriter help

(I love this photo)

Here are just some random thoughts. I have to get back on this posting thing and for right now with the mush that is my brain randomness will be what I have for awhile!

-I am working on collecting vintage pieces that deserve a new home (ie stuff I have had in closets for years still with price tags on them that I never used in my daily life) photos will be taken and will be offered up to a new home as long as postage is paid *smile*

-TMZ is my guilty pleasure lately, no shame to say that

-watching hoarders scares me that I am a hoarder of art supplies

-we still have not come up with a baby name

-I love quoting reports I hear on NPR at work

-I feel the most productive I have in a long time, except for the amount of painting I want to do.

-I have eaten the same thing for dinner for a week now

-pillow pets are slowly taking over the world

-I really want to take more pictures of the kids this year

-I wish I had better snarky things to say in this post

-I am loving netflix streaming

-I have WAY too much laundry to do

-YAY for Friday!!!

No, No, No


From a momma with two toddlers I loved this video!

Start the new year with a bang?


I finally got to go through and cleaned out all my digital cards, which by the way we have WAY too many of. And this picture pretty much sums up our New Years weekend. Lots of sleeping and relaxing. Not enough stuff done but I am not complaining. I needed to ease into this New Year, how bout you? How did you spend your New Years weekend?


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