Early morning tea


What should a super crafty women do when she wakes up an hour earlier then normal THINKING it is the right time to get up. Well me I should have started cutting some more fabric for my slowly growing stock for my upcoming trunk show. What I did: caught up on blogs, checked my email, and of course did some Christmas shopping (well a pattern to MAKE a Christmas gift). Speaking of Christmas I had already vowed to make all of my gifts this year so there was no second thinking to sign up for this pledge when I signed up it was in the hundreds (low hundreds at that time) now it is in the thousands, that warms my heart!
So on to the photo, here is my breakfast yogurt if you have never tried Stonyfield Farm I HIGHLY recommend the vanilla truffle, it has actual organic cocoa(!!) no fake flavors here! I love my newest found tea cup. Lately I have been using it to HOLD unused tea bags but no more it is my new offical morning tea cup! Sorry about the dark photo no amount of artificial light (or flash, see above) can make up for the sun so enjoy the scary photos, just think of it as my contribution to the Halloween scares!!!

Look at the time! ( I think I have a new morning ritual) Got to get to work!!!

No Betty Crocker, but I try


Wow it’s been 5 days since my last post. Not a lot going on, so not a lot to say. Plus lighting around here sucks so no pretty pictures to appease you with either. I have been cooking a lot lately though. With the cool weather my stomach aches for soups. Ken recently had bought two large cauliflowers home and I decided to try a first for me, make cream of cauliflower soup.

I wasn’t going to try it alone so I whipped out my trusty (old) Betty Crocker and went to work. Side note, this cookbook was an estate sale find and my most practical purchase (how could I turn down such a pretty book), I sense a collection growing.

Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Melt over low heat:
3 tbsp. butter

Blend in:
2 tbsp. flour
1 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper

Remove from heat and stir in:
4 cups of milk
1 cup of cooked pureed cauliflower (I took one head of cauliflower cooked it until it was mushy, took 3/4 it and pureed it and took the other 1/4 and left larger pieces for texture)

I then put it back on low-medium heat and stirred (keep stirring I didn’t let it settle at all) until the milk warmed up. I also added in some parsley for additional spices. It makes a great leftover the soup thickens up after cooling and reheating.

The bread I made as well from this great recipe. (I substituted have of the white flour for wheat flour)

Why do I craft?


I found this meme and really enjoyed it and thought others might as well.

1) When did you start to create and make craft?
Unlike many of the “craft divas” out there I didn’t start crafting seriously until I was 22 (so 2 years ago)
I had always dabbled here and there growing up but I wasn’t consider the artist in my family I was a big book warm as well as musician. My sister on the other hand is an amazing gifted painter and she was always called the artist in the family (as she should be called) I started sewing right after Leila was born. It actually started out that I wanted to create a quilt for her, well I found out that the quilt I wanted (it’s a cute appliqué quilt) was WAY above my head so I commissioned the quilt and it turned out beautifully. Ken to humor me bought me my first sewing machine as a Valentine’s Day present. I started sewing purses because they were an easy forgiving project and I love purses.

2) Why did you start creating?
At first I think it was to get some good use out of my Valentine’s Day present. Once I started I couldn’t stop.

3) Why do you create?
It is a selfish reason I suppose, I do it because it makes me feel good.
I love making gifts for friends and family and to have them know that I took time from my life to make something just for them. I don’t just slap things together. Everything I make I take time and effort to create just the right thing for the right person in mind. Creating is that outlet I need. I know no matter what happens in my life my sewing machine doesn’t care. Creating is also a timeline for me, I can see where I was a year ago from looking at past projects and I have grown in both skill and influence. I also am thrilled that some of the items I am making now will be passed on through my family and will be cherished long after I am gone (or so I hope)

4) What do you create?
Purses (quite a bit of totes) mostly.
I also started quilting, sewing clothes, and sewing home décor type items.

5) Has this changed since you began crafting?
I think my skill (obviously) has grown, sewing is sometimes a complicated puzzle and I enjoy figuring it out.
I take more risks with my work. One thing hasn’t changed though everything I make is something that I would own if I didn’t make it myself. My influence has changed quite a bit and you can see this in my fabric stash. At first I would just buy fabric to have it (if that makes sense) now I buy fabric because I love it and know it compliments other fabrics I have. I have calmed down my color choices. Japanese Zakka has really influenced my work lately. I still absolutely LOVE vintage fabrics but the type has changed. I used to really love psychedelic types of fabric. Now I am drawn to doilies, embroidered linens, and handkerchiefs. Much more muted but still oh so pretty.

I wont tag anyone, but feel free to join in!
(Like the new tote? Its my latest one working with patchwork/vintage blocks)

A list of loves


::I love this show::

::I am inspired by this woman::

::Love these pillows::

::Can't wait to make this::

::Love that picture above::

More crafty posts soon I promise, I am working on swap gifts so I cant show any of my hard work of late!

Thanks everyone!


Thanks everyone for your opinions, I know I didnt get a chance to say thank you to each one of you so here is my chance. THANK YOU!!!!

here was the final tally:

So alot without and a few thrown in with buttons it will be *smile* Once again everyone thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment I really do appreciate it plus I got a few of you lurkers out there to say hi!!!

Now enough sappy things on to the winner, per a random number generator (we had one duplicate) lucky number 13!! waldeck dry goods is the lucky winner, I did email you but if you didnt get it please email me at artsymomma @ gmail. com with your address and I will send you off your gift!

Made to Roam

I would like to profess my love of my sewing machine while it is not top of the line it is a little higher then your standard starting machine. And I love it not enough to tatoo it on my body just yet but enough to write a post about it!

I have a little space carved out in our home for the machine and various crafting goodness however my machine always seems to like to roam from room to room as the seasons change. It always seems to somehow however, end up on the dining room table. I justify the moves by stating the fact that it has a handle on it which means it is meant to be moved. My husband doesnt buy this logic. We are almost at the point of moving our living room into a bedroom (since Leila still sleeps in ours) so I can have a larger craft space near the dining room table. I declined this generous offer knowing that my lovely machine would still end up ON the dining room table and would drive my husband certifiably insane.

Did you know if you look up sewing machine on flickr it comes up with over 10,000 pictures, I tell you that is a lot of sewing machine love. I especially love the photos with guys and sewing machines. What can I say I am a sucker for a man with a) a baby b) a puppy c) a sewing machine.

1. Kindernähmaschinen - Toy Sewing Machines, 2. again with the kitty and the sewing machine(s), 3. sewing machine close, 4. Sewing machines, 5. Sewing Machine, 6. Miniature Sewing Machine, 7. my sewing machine tattoo, 8. Sewing machine, 9. Marilyn and the Sewing Machine, 10. sewing machine, 11. sewing machine, 12. is this not the cutest sewing machine ever?, 13. Zak Sewing Machine, 14. Dumpster Sewing machine, 15. My sewing machine is a power tool, 16. Child's Singer Sewing machine, 17. Old School Sewing Machine, 18. Orange Viking Sewing Machine (1), 19. Mat for my sewing machine, 20. Dan and the beloved Wheatsheaf sewing machine, 21. 20060811 - krakow 13 (polska), 22. sewing machine tattoo, 23. 222K FW Free arm sewing machine, 24. My sewing machine--a Huskystar 215, 25. Smart Home Wind Up Sewing Machine, 26. The cutest sewing machine ever..., 27. dave and sewing machine, 28. sewing machine, 29. blue sewing machine?!, 30. sewing machine, 31. Sewing machine, 32. Sewing Machine, 33. sewing machine, 34. sewing machine, 35. Sean's new Sewing Machine, #1

Hey! Dont forget about my poll, you could win a pretty cool pouch!

Blogging Love


I love blogging and I love reading blogs. Currently my Blog Reader has 216 subscriptions and grows by the day I swear. I thought today (since I have no crafty goodness to share) I would share some of my new favorites who may not be as well knows (or maybe they are and I am under a rock) as Alicia, Sally, and Amanda.

Dottie Angel A great inspiration for shabby chic things, plus she has the cutest way of writing, honestly/humor.

My Aunt June Recently has been getting rave reviews for her Bento box quilt.

Crazy Mom Quilts This women can quilt! and is super nice to boot!

Tree Fall Always has great projects, gorgeous fabric (look at her craft room if you want to feel jealous today) and is very honest about the trials and tribulations of life.

Sweet Jessie My newest coveted blog, love everything about her blog!

Sulu-design Creator of amazing earrings, and she has a great giveaway this week, go check it out!

Redheaded snip it love the photography on this site (and look at her AMAZING Halloween decorations)

Persimmons Gal This blog is about the owner of an amazing shop from my home town. I am honored to have some of my goods for sale at her store.

JC Handmade her patchwork designs are awe inspiring.

I heart linen the name sums it up! LOVE this blog 9she just opened up an etsy store as well, go check it out)

Chet and Dot A good place to find some cute Japanese inspired items.

Assorted Notions An amazing seamstress, gives great reviews of patterns.

Good-ness A Canadian girl moves to Japan with her husband, opens an great fabric store on etsy. End of story!

Pink Lemonade Boutique love her bags, she can do no wrong in my eyes, a true inspiration in every way.

There you go now surf away and dont get mad if your list of must read blogs get longer!

(this photo has nothing to do with the post!)

Enjoying the Fall


Fall has hit and that means long sleeve t's and hoodies. Leila tolerates it as we crack up at the clothing choices we get to put her in. This weekend was also the weekend of discovery. Video games, old cameras, and LOOK her hair is getting long enough for a semi-ponytail.

Opinions needed!


:: With Buttons ::

:: Without Buttons ::

What's your opinion? I asked my husband but he was useless *smile*
As an incentive I will send a pouch to one lucky person who leaves a comment.
(you have till Friday 19th, to be entered in the giveaway)

( some info on the pouches I will be selling these on both etsy & at a trunk show, they will retail at around $8)

It took 7 years


Ken and I have been together a long time (over 7 years now) , I had mentioned a few weeks ago how I wanted to eat healthier, lean meats, lots more veggies and fruits. Well last night he went grocery shopping and brought home all organic food. He may not show his love by diamonds and flowers but he does show it in so many other heart melting ways. The joys of marriage, its the little things really.

**Anyone have good recipes involving spinach?Bless him he bought two HUGE bags!!**

Just another Monday


::Big shake up at work (again)::
::Really want to do some fall cleaning (with 80 degree temps yuck!)::
::Lots and lots of sewing needed to me done::
::Just a normal Monday for me!::

*credits can be found on my flickr page*

I was born country


I never knew I would be greatful for where I was raised...
until I had to defend it to "city folk"

Time for a break

I am busy so so busy. I need to step away from the computer and my Google Reader and just concentrate on everything. I am doing all of the flowers for a wedding up in two weeks and the time crunch is starting to be felt. Also call me crazy but my craft gift list for Christmas is overwhelming and I REALLY dont want to be sewing Xmas eve muttering under my breath about the gifts that are suppose to be made with love. So I am going to enjoy the nice weather we are having and get a lot done. Mosaics are all you get for awhile!!! Pretty pictures though so you cant complain (too much).

This mosaic represents basically all that I am up to lately. Lots of crafting in so many different areas. I am on artisitic overload. Which I love but it makes me crazy since there are only 24 hours a day and I feel like I am not getting it all done.

1. meet our new sewing machine. :), 2. "Lily" linen purse, 3. hoganfe RAGGY RUFFLES EMBROIDERY BEADING HANDBAG, 4. XL clutches, 5. 9.04.07 - fall at the craft store, 6. Wedding Flowers, 7. Closeup of linen purse, 8. Embroidery bag beijing china, 9. Cindy Box Purse #116, 10. Fall Pincushion - sold!, 11. Egg Tart Plushie, 12. New Sewing Machine, 13. brides maid wedding flowers, 14. Fall Plastered Vase Creations, 15. linen patchwork purse, 16. Let Them Eat Cake., 17. October, 18. big breakfast, 19. Fall Preview, 20. fall market bag 2, 21. baking day, 22. Owl Embroidery, 23. Linen Purse, 24. my autumn luminary, 25. Wedding Flowers

what a great gift

Look what arrived in the mail!

Such cute packaging.

And even cuter owls!

If that wasn't enough I get some oh so yummy Maple Sugar Candies (I keep thinking of the Friends episode when Ross got a major sugar high from the stuff!)

Thank you so much Lisa! You can read about her inspiration of the quilt right here.


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