To the country


We are heading back to the country (read: my parents place) this weekend to suck up the last of summer country love (even though it may be a chilly weekend) and slow things down a little. Hope you have a great weekend whatever you may be doing!



oh wooden spools why do you tease me so? I love thee very much but life is so busy that sewing has taken an unfortunate backseat. Soon my true love time will be on my side again. Until then, stop looking at me like that!

Late nights


I am suffering from restless/insomnia type sleeping habits lately. Last night I woke up at 12:40 am wide awake. Normally I would put in a movie or try to lull myself to sleep. Last night (or should I say this morning) I was too restless so I got on the computer and created a digital collage that I intend to have printed on a stretch canvas. Here is hoping it turns out well. I finally got back to sleep around 3 AM and up again by 6. While I love the burst of creativity I wish it would come in the middle of the day and not in the wee hours of the night/morning.



So for awhile I have been watching my feed number goes up. I dont know what I am reading really but I know I have over 100 people following my feed. I know for "big time" bloggers that is peanuts, for me, that is a huge deal! So I want to know who is reading/following. The one way to get people out of hiding is to give free stuff, so here goes. Another giveaway. Send me a comment letting me know you follow my blog, what state/country (if outside of the USA) you are at, your favorite crafty endeavors, and if you dont like crafts tell me if you like chocolate or books better. I will leave this giveaway up until the end of the month. Pick a random winner and send you a care package of either, crafts, chocolate, or a gift card to get yourself a book of your liking. Sound fair enough? I hope so. I really want some formal introductions!

Oh and the picture? Nothing to do with the post I just cant get enough of the baby boy!

Kickin it


Friday's cannot come soon enough around here. Leila has become a kung fu master lately, wouldnt you agree? Hope you all have a kickin' weekend!

Whats the dealio


Do you see his two bottom teeth? That is what we have been up to lately. We had a few clingy days (didn’t help he got a cold on top of teething) but he is back to his happy go lucky personality. Life around here is good, slightly stressed (nothing I want to dwell on) but we will get through it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Look Ma!


Creativity around these parts has been minimal but still slightly existent. I blame it on the hot weather but really I just have had less time to sew since most of my time is keeping two little ones busy. I am still working out our flow in the house. Just as I think I have it set Mr. Kenson throws me a curve ball like babies are suppose to do!

Lucky for me I have a quilting bee that forces me to at least get the sewing machine out once a month. This in itself has been such a learning and growing process for me. This quilting bee has made me want to get better because I dont want to disappoint anyone in the group with a poorly made square.

I hope everyone's summer is winding down, and lots of summer activities are getting crammed in. We are enjoying the dog days of summer and just trying to slow down and do less. This summer has been nothing but curve balls for me but as my new favorite saying goes: uncertainty is the only certainty. Enjoy!

Happy Friday


Birthday flowers
Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

Long stressful week is behind me. No plans for the weekend. Cant wait to do nothing for two whole days! What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you are doing I hope you enjoy it!!

Happy Friday


Sorry no photos of the kids today. Just me. Little OLD me *smile* Have some cake on my behalf and have a great weekend!

Question Time


What would you incorporate into your life if money or time were readily available?

I would incorporate more music. I.E. learning to play and jamming out with a ton of different instruments. We listen to music all the time, we sing (out of tune mostly) and have dance parties but I havent played a musical instrument since I was 17. I want to learn the guitar and the piano and maybe the violin. Having time to do that would be amazing and giving my kids the chance to embrace music even more would be rewarding to me. Music has always been a way for me to express my life. Certain songs are my soundtrack and no matter what kind of day I am having there is a song that hits my emotions just right. I would love to be able to express myself through my own music to give that to the world to help others collect songs for their own life soundtracks.

What about you? Have other questions you want to ask? This is fun, ask and I shall answer.

Question found here.

That time of year

Every year since Leila was a year old I have taken her picture out on an open road at my parents house. Year one from 2 huge difference. This year besides the fact I couldnt get one of her standing still or by herself (her baby cousin was running right next to her most of the time) it doesnt seem like she has changed all that much. Which is ok by me. By year 18 I know there will be a world of difference!




And to keep with tradition Kenson got his photo taken as well.

I wish he was sitting up but really I love this picture more and more each day I look at it!

Do you have any family traditions? Do tell, I would love to hear about them!

Crafty Weekend


I had a great time at gallery walk this weekend up in Oshkosh.

Michelle, is such a great shop owner and crafter that the night flew by. I hope we can get together again soon and do some thrift shopping sometime when we both have time!

If you are ever up in the Oshkosh area please stop at Dainty Daisies, it wont disappoint I promise!!!

And thanks to the evening I am up to my ears in inspiration which is priceless!


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