Happy Holidays


I have been a bad blogger lately. Sorry. I think the holidays get the best of me every year. Add in lack of sleep and getting sneaky with wrapping gifts away from 3 year old eagle eyes and my days just fly by!

So I am signing off unofficially for the rest of the year. I will hope to do a recap someday in there but I make no promises. I hope you all enjoy your holidays, eat lots of cookies, and witness a few holiday miracles *smile*

And in case you were wondering, yes I have become the mom that dresses her kids to match, I make no apologies *smile*

Look Ma!


I am trying to draw! I will admit when it comes to the "fine art" stuff I have always left that to my uber talented sister. She has always been the drawer/painter in the family. After starting to do some collage work a bug has been bitten and I really want to try drawing and painting. I am already taking a few online classes and I am hoping to do a few retreats and other classes to really grasp the skills and start growing this next year. For never drawing/shading/using color pencils. I am pretty happy with my first 15 minute sketched thing-a-ma-bob drawing!

My view


I dont think I have ever shared my cubby! I had this made by a co-workers husband this past summer when I saw one similar in Pottery Barn Catalog and didnt want to pay the hefty price tag. I love it so! I have plenty more kitsch to fill up probably another one of these but for now I will be happy to have this one on those days I get to work from home!



I am a product of hand-me-downs. Even though I am the oldest in my family I had plenty of older cousins who had clothes to go around! I am continued the tradition in my family. This hat my sister made while she was learning to sew. Too small for her head she gave it to me for Leila when Leila was a baby. Now that Leila's head is too big for it, off to Kenson it goes!

check it out


Look what I can do!!!! My amazing and uber crafty (though she wont admit it) Staci taught me how to crochet this past weekend. I am enternally grateful. I have tried to teach myself, had my aunt show me, read books, and watched countless you tube videos. Staci is without a doubt the best teacher! I would source her out but I dont think she would be my friend any longer if I did that.

I like how it goes on the tree so nicely (yep tree is up but no ornaments as of yet) Ken isnt thrilled but he still isnt sold on the white tree to begin with *smile*
Staci thanks again (she stalks my blog! hehe) love you!!!

Snow Day


snow 1
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Looks like a snow day here in Wisconsin. I am working from home most of today, unless the streets get plowed!

Thank god for remote access & call forwarding!

Catch up


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Is everyone elses days just flying by?!?!? Holidays, craft shows, and throw in a few snow storms and I cant seem to get a grasp on time!

So to recap:

+Last weekend I went home to do my last craft show of the year. It was ok traffic and sales wise, I did though meet some great artists, got some helpful feedback, and it all made me decide that I really want to expand my art. Oh and it made me realize I need to get a circle of friends that like to throw theme parties! (white trash party anyone?)

+I have signed up for a few art classes to help expand my art (yay!) and really hope I do a whole bunch more this coming year.

+Everything here is going great, fast but great.

+Kenson is still not sleeping through the night so I am now going on 10 months without a good nights sleep. I am so used to it by now I dont know what will happen that first night I actually sleep all night!

+This is the first year in three years that most if not all my gifts will NOT be handmade. Only a few this year and it is eating me up but I am trying to let it go. There are a few in there but nothing like years past. We have also though scaled back. I just read somewhere about this family that only gives three gifts per kid (since it was good enough for Jesus!) Love that! Leila is still working on the Christmas thing, she thinks its her birthday. It should be interesting this year!

+Oh before I forget in this ramble (er I mean recap)... I have uploaded a TON of my art up on flickr. If you are interested in a print send me an email to artsymomma@gmail.com and we can work out something!

Alright enough of the random post today! Catch up with me! How is your time flying by?

Time Flies

4 years have flown by in the blink of an eye. Love you honey!


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