A new ad campaign

Here is my newest promo/add (if you will) I have high hopes for it. I am planning to make it into window flyers to give to local businesses. I may also use it as my front cover of my portfolio.

Now back to sewing before the baby wakes up!!!

A Quick Hello!

In efforts to keep up with technology and make the most marketing dent in the world I can I have started a blog for my brand new store on Etsy.

Artsy Momma is a one woman run business I have found a love in sewing that is still fairly new but each day I grow as an artist. My daughter is my test subject a lot lately, she is only 5 months old so she doesnt argue too much yet!

I also should note I love ALL things vintage/retro. Most of the fabric and notions I use are all vintage.

I also dabble in jewelry design though that is mostly for my own sake and to expand my jewelry collection.


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