Year End Wrap-Up

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Last year I had done a post about my resolutions for the year 2010. I was going to go by one word. That word being embrace. So here is my recap this past year, did I let the word embrace guide me? Yes, for the most part. It became a year of embracing motherhood really, this year we have been blessed to find out we were pregnant with our third and most likely last baby. So I have been focusing on that. Enjoying the last pregnancy and just embracing the quiet before the storm. I cut back a lot on my commitments and by doing so cut back on my creativity something I truly have missed. I also this year did not grow much in the way of becoming a better friend that my loved ones so deserved. On the work front I fully did embrace my job and my duties however I feel some major changes in the wind, call it a hunch if you will and while it terrifies me in some ways it also thrills me in so many more ways.

So yes, I did embrace 2010, to the extent I wanted? Not really, but I did in so many more ways then I had expected when I picked the word so many months ago. I embraced what life threw at me and really in the end that is a successful resolution.

I have my new word already picked for 2011 and have made a new badge you can see on my blog on the right. This is the year I really focus on my creativity, my creative business and growing my artistic skills. I am excited and have so much already in the works I am excited to share with you all.

For my first year of doing a one word resolution I can say without a doubt, this has been the best tradition and one I will most likely continue for years to come!

A lil rusty

Baby Quilt

Look! After months of letting my sewing machine collect dust I finally busted it out and put it to work on a baby quilt for a bundle of joy to arrive soon enough. Perfect? No. Handmade with love? Absolutely.

I may have one more post in me before the Holidays, after that I will be off to spend time with the family and will be most days no where near internet access. So just in case, Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope one and all get to witness a Christmas miracle or two this year!

Pregnancy Fashion Advice

First let me say, sorry all no cute pictures on this post. Second I have had this need to put out in the universe my thoughts on maternity clothes and advice for soon to be mommas.

Ok so here we go! Baby number three and the thing I have learned through all of these pregnancy...comfort is key. And comfort I do not mean sweat pants. I mean cute outfits you can wear and not feel frumpy. I also can not stress this enough, do not buy tons of maternity clothes, it isnt necessary. Buy a shirt a size or two bigger, focus on the fit and you can find some great clothes that you can wear your entire pregnancy without having to spend a fortune!

So my secret that took 3 pregnancy to figure out, leggings people. They will change your life. I have never been so comfortable and semi fashionable since I don't know when. So waddle your cute pregnant self out to the store, get some leggings and few tunic tops, shirt dress, and empire waist long shirts (make sure they cover your rump) and throw on a pair of cute boots. And as a bonus you can easily wear these outfits after the baby is born while your body is still in transition.

So off my soap box I will drop and just say youre welcome for years to come!

Holy Smokes! Its already Thursday!

Encadré (Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)

How the heck did that happen?!?!!? I know a lot of people are running around freaking out before the holidays. This year with my pregnancy I took it easy, I didnt make gifts (well not many) I bought handmade, online, and yes some mas-produced items. It was a happy balance for me. Next year it is back to all handmade, local buys but this year it just wasnt going to happen.

So how is my time flying by then and I am freaking out you ask. Well all I have been doing is reading. Lots of reading. Reading about art, mixed media, painting, sewing, business, blogs, shops. Just lots of reading. The problem with all this reading? I am living in my head of how I can make my creative life so much better problem with that... I am not living the dreams. So this is the year (I am starting early on my news year resolution, prep work if you would) I will actively pursue my creative dreams and not just go with the flow as I have been so much lately. Time to paddle girl! More on this later. But there will be a lot less reading on my part and a lot more doing. And you are all my witness and will hold me accountable (right!?!?)

What about you, have you started looking forward into the new year and what you would like to change, keep on with, forget about?

Happy Friday!


Leila would like to wish everyone a happy weekend. Bundle up and enjoy the weather, whatever you are experiencing. We will be enjoying another potential 10 inches of snow by Sunday morning.


My kinda neighborhood

This pretty little wreath was a featured photo for an article for my dear friend's store opening. Thank you Naomi for giving me the opportunity to have my items sold at your store, you are an inspiration and I dont know how you do it all!

Odd Need

This last weekend I was at my local toy store. They have some of the coolest stuff. This was one of those things that I wanted for myself and not give as a gift. Is it wrong that I am almost 30 but really want something that a 13 year old would have in her locker!??!?! Have you been to mudpuppy's before?!?!? If not you are in for a treat!

Holiday Crafting


(To see larger photos please go to my flickr site)

Wreaths, lots of wreaths have been made thanks to two Wisconsin Local shops (Dainty Daisies & Glitter Workshop) asking to carry them this holiday season. I will in no way take credit for this idea, it was thanks to the lovely shop KnockKnocking that I drew inspiration from and took my own direction. If you are near either stores please stop by and check them out, they are super cute in person I promise!

Thanks to this little helper photos where that much enjoyable!

Kitschy for the Holidays

My Grandma loves Christmas ornaments. Each year her collections seems to grow in size. Because of that she on occasion will have to part with some ornaments that she no longer has room for. This year I spoke up for what many would find as kitschy ornaments. Me? I love them and new they would be at home on my non-traditional Christmas Tree. What's even better about these ornaments is I found out my great aunt (who was there during the tree decorating at my Grandma's) was the one who made them. They have been beat up over the years and some where forsaken to stay in the box this year while I fix them for next year. But these ornaments? I love them so, my misfit kitschy ornaments.


Image found here.

I have heard rumors of a fair dumping of snow around these parts in Wisconsin. That just means some of my nesting dreams may come true as I say good bye to my craft room and hello to a toy/kids room. Wish me (and my back) luck!

X-mas Wish List

Let the count down begin!!! My mom had asked for a few ideas for me for Christmas gifts. While some of these are downright pipe dreams I figured I would share some of my favorite things right now and they may gave you some ideas for yourself or some crafty person in your own life.

Silhouette SD found here
Le Creuset Dutch Oven (one of those dream items)

Prisma Color Gift Set (Another dream purchase)

Or really just a gift card from (love them!)

Anything from this cute site.

Surprise me! Anything from my Etsy Favorite shops

A blog redesign from either of these two designers.

So mom, hubby, friends, and santa, this is my wish list (oh and world peace, I always wish for world peace *smile*)

Happy shopping!

Hello World


Photo has nothing to do with post, but it is sent out with great love to my BFF who hasn't been feeling well, and poppies are her favorite flower. Credits found here.

Just wanted to send a shout out to the world. Family and friends have brought to my attention their worries due to lack of posts. Sorry! Life is, just that nothing terribly exciting. I did just have a craft show two weekends ago so the month of November was all around crafty goodness and I just figured no one wanted to see the chaos that is craft show prep *smile*

Rest of a recap? I am good baby is measuring around 30 weeks I am about 29 weeks in so baby may be a little earlier then planned (pretty normal for me!) this has been (knock on wood) the smoothest sailing pregnancy to date. I have terrible acid reflux and my brain is completely scattered (no cell phone left in the fridge yet, but I wouldn't doubt it to happen) but that is about it. Leila is great, 4 and she has the sassy attitude to show it. She is doing great though and as hair pulling as the fours can be she is a hoot to be around and have conversations with.

Kenson is finally walking! Took him 18 months but now you cant slow the little guy down. He is still tiny and is really low on the weight and height scales (we are talking 5%) but I figure someone has to be down there otherwise you wouldnt have a scale, he is just that lucky guy. He isnt talking yet but most people (including Ken and I) aren't overly concern, they have already ruled out hearing impairments so we will see a speech pathologist and just go from there.

Ken has the typical beginning of winter cold, so he is a teeny bit crabby but otherwise doing great.

So there is a quick (or not so quick) update. Life is just that, time is moving by super fast and baby will be here sooner then I am ready!

Come back and visit soon, I do have a fun tutorial I am putting together (my first, I am super excited) and I promise to start writing a little bit more, be forewarned though with this scatter brain at the wheel you never know what you are gonna get!


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