Tickled Pink


I got happy mail in my box today. Paper n Stitch featured my hoop girls on her blog today. I just have a few more days with their exhibit but I love being able to finally put myself out there and introduce my work. Stop on by there if you get a chance to not just see my work but a huge group of immensely talented and creative artists. I hate to say it but jingle bells are just around the corner people!

Also if you would like to see the hoop girls in person many of them are taking residents up at my friend Michelle's store Dainty Daisies up in Oshkosh, WI. So stop on by if you get a chance!

snap shot madness


This is the typical face I get from Leila now when I take her picture. Screaming and running as fast as possible away from the camera. These moments are fleeting and she is making it that much harder to capture a second in time. Any suggestions on how to disguise my camera? I am all ears!
And Kenson? He is finally walking after waiting over 18 months to begin. Now he is practically running, but still getting used to hard sole shoes, hence the sitting down. He also is taking cues from Leila and this was the only shot of oh say 20 that he actually was remotely looking at the camera. Oh well. I will take the one I have and treasure it none the less and laugh at the 20 or so of the back of his head!



WOAH! Were did this week go???? Thursday though I dont know about you is d...r...a...g..g..i..n for me. Ouch. Anywho as I have blabbed about before I am taking some painting classes by the ah-mazing Suzi Blu our focus is on mermaids (hence the top wip) but I am taking the opportunity to stretch the creative muscles.

This little lady I hope to have done this weekend so I can enjoy here for the remainder of October. I am also going to go WAY out of my comfort zone and work with beeswax I am really excited and terrified all at once!

Help Needed


Credits found here

So I am planning to start selling my own prints of my artwork. Problem I am having? Finding the right printer. I have tried and gone the printing at wal-mart/walgreens/costco and I haven't had great success. I cant print on my own because as much as I love my printer it uses ink so fast and that stuff is expensive!

So artist friends, please tell me.... where do you go online to print off your artwork. I will be forever in your debt! Comment or email me at artsymomma @ gmail.com

Be there or Be square


Taken last year at the Gallery Walk

I will be here Saturday for the gallery walk from 6-9. Its always lots of fun. I love getting to meet the stores patrons and I get to hang out with my super cool friend Michelle who owns this amazing and cute store. I just have to make sure I keep my checkbook at home! I always leave with more then I even brought!

(and it looks like she is celebrating her 3 year anniversary at her store, send her some congrats/birthday wishes)


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