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This is a work in progress that has a deadline of Friday (eek!). Its a gift so once it is given and complete I will show the rest of it. I am loving it though all the same.

What are you working on? I would love to see it!

Yep still under a rock


Photo copy right

I am smitten by this etsy shop. I know lots of people have been using pretty tape, I am slow to the club but I cant get enough of this etsy shop. If money wasnt an issue I would have one of everything from this oh too cute shop. Anyone know of a state side store that has pretty masking tape?


I subscribe to Inc., which I think is a great magazine for entrepreneurs, well this month they did an article on the site called

So am I under a rock, have you all heard about this site yet? It is amazing!!!! I got so excited about the potential and possibility. Now if I could find a few more hours in the day to start creating designs for this site.

What do you think? Customized manufacturing at its best in my humble eyes.

Passing on Info

**UPDATED!! The email address got messed up when I posted this originally, they have been updated, so if you tried to get in contact and had a return email please try again with the corrected email addresses. Sorry!!

This was in my inbox today and I thought I would share (it seems like a great cause):

Calling all crafters! Attention DIYers! WomanCraft needs you!

Love making things and have a big heart? Do some of your creations
need a new home? Can you teach others how to make something? Want to
support an eco-friendly, woman-empowering endeavor, but don’t know

Meet WomanCraft!
WomanCraft, an eco-conscious social enterprise of Heartland Alliance
for Human Needs & Human Rights, provides transitional jobs to women
overcoming barriers to entry into the workforce. We make paper
products like gift cards, wedding invitations, and more – all by hand
and all with recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes!

We are seeking donations – from handmade, one-of-a-kind items to
classes for DIY lovers – for the silent auction at WomanCraft’s
Harvest Event, to be held on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

WomanCraft’s after-work fundraiser will be at the beautiful DIRTT
Penthouse showroom, overlooking the Chicago River (http:// ). Nearly 150 ecopreneurs, designers, green mavens, and
more will enjoy locally sourced beverages & edibles while mingling and
perusing our DIY silent auction.

Please consider donating and attending our event! The deadline for
donations is Monday, October 5, 2009.You can contact Carmelita Tiu at to arrange for your donation, or visit our
website at for more info about WomanCraft
and to purchase tickets our Harvest event. THANK YOU!

Still have questions? Read on!

Q: When is the event?
A: The event is on Thursday, October 8, 2009 from 5:30 – 8pm.

Q: What are you looking for?
A: If it’s handmade and you DIY’ed (Did it yourself), it fits the
bill. We’d love to offer classes as well (i.e., how to create
something, sew, collage, bookbind, etc.). We prefer items with a value
of $25 and up, but any donation will help!

Q: What is the deadline for donated items?
A: We’ll take items up until Monday, October 5, 2009 – we’ll need a
couple of days to finalize auction sheets, programs, etc.

Q: What happens when I donate an item?
A: All donated items will be incorporated into WomanCraft’s
fundraising efforts (e.g., a silent auction or raffle). In return for
your donation, your name will be listed in our programming, and your
item will be featured in our silent auction at the event. In-kind
donation letters are available upon request. All proceeds from the
silent auction will go towards supporting the mission of WomanCraft.

Q: How can I get my donated creation to you?
A: You may mail your donation to WomanCraft at 4115 W. Ogden Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60623, or email Cat at or call
312-420-5209 to arrange for a pickup.

Q: I can’t donate any of my creations, but I’d love to support. What
can I do?
A: First – thank you! Second – there are several ways you can support
us. You can attend our events, purchase WomanCraft products, make a
donation via our website, host a paper party
(where you act as a WomanCraft ambassador by hosting a paper sale at
your home, office, church, etc.), or volunteer at our studio. Call us
at 312-521-3414 or email for more info!

Q: Can I get more details about WomanCraft?
A: WomanCraft, a winner of Mayor Daley's GreenWorks Award and 2009
Illinois Recycling Association Award, provides transitional jobs to
women overcoming barriers to entry into the workforce. The women earn
income, gain job skills and a work history, and increase their chances
at economic self-sufficiency. They use recycled office paper to create
sustainable handmade notecards and custom wedding invitations. We
“revitalize” on two fronts: by recycling paper and by redesigning the
course of women's lives. Please visit our website at
for more information.

More questions? Please feel free to call Nancy Phillips, Director of
WomanCraft, at 773-521-3414, or , or
contact Cat Tiu at 312-420-5209 or . THANK

Happy Friday

Happy Friday- Play a little!

Parenting 101


...If you put a baby in a box make sure there is some cushion.

I left my husband with our son for 5 minutes and I came back to the living room to this. As a parent you have to be inventive, if anything my hubby is that indeed!

Weekend Recap


Some waiting games.

Some fort building.

Some bonding.

Some crafting.

Some organizing

And some sewing for momma.

All in all the perfect weekend.

Happy Friday


Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is full of smiles!!!! (and yes we have blocks under our couch)

More from the craft room


Fingers crossed, sewing and painting will get done this weekend. I am so behind on so many deadlines, ugh.

In the workroom


Still boring around here. I do have some big news but it will have to wait for awhile (no I am not pregnant), so for the rest of the week, random pictures of items in the craft room. Hopefully this blogging thing gets back on track soon, I feel lost lately and not sure how to express it properly.

Tis Life


This has been life lately. Trying to dodge a goofy three year old with a paint brush full of paint. Messy, life has been messy. I have a feeling for awhile photos will be abundant and words will be few around here. I just dont have the energy to think lately. I hate being so boring!

What a week


Originally uploaded by artsymomma.

We have had a long week. Sick babies and all. We hope to recoup this weekend and will see you on the other side, i.e. Monday!

Happy Friday


We have reached another milestone with Kenson. One I really wasnt ready for just yet. But I couldnt hold out on him much longer, he has been bound and determined to start eating solids as much as I tried to convince him otherwise. He is 7 months old today, it has flown by in a blink of an eye.

Baby boy you are amazing and my life has forever changed with you around. Just slow down growing just a little please.

Thrifting luck?


I believe in karma and a little bit of luck. I hardly thrift anymore. More because I spent too much money while it was cool stuff frankly it wasnt anything I needed.

I have slowly started to go back every once and awhile and since well garage saleing was a bust this year it was high time I lucked out and found something amazing. Introducing my amazing. A pretty (old) pink stapler. Yep, it is like a third child to me, my heart is brimming with love what can I say.

Oh my, I may need help!

Secret Bunch


Well my readers are a secretive bunch. So be it, I respect your privacy *smile* for those who did say hello:

lusks, Sarah, sulu-design, Yvonne, LeeAnn

send me your address at artsymomma @ gmail . com

I want to send you all a little thank you for saying hi.



Originally uploaded by iStill....

Goodbye August! It has been a roller coaster kinda month!

The good:
time with bff

The bad:
friends moving
all sorts of work stress

So Long August, normally I would be sad to see you go, this year not so much.

Hello September and hopefully a little less bad and a lot more good!


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