We had another super lazy weekend. I am not complaining. Once 4th of July is here we are off running for the next month between weddings, birthdays and other various get-togethers. I am exhausted already thinking about it!

Leila has reach another milestone. She now says "cheese" when I bring out the camera and this is the goofy smile I get now.
Happy Monday friends!

Roosters-N-Rickrack Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!

Roosters-N-Rickrack Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!

Packed and Shipped

Remember me complaining I was tired? Yep I am still tired but I at least kicked myself in the butt to get these fat quarters out to participate in the Vintage Sheet Swap. Just like normal I mailed them just under the wire. What can I say I like to live my life on the edge!

So I have complained alot lately. But I am happy to report if you put things into the universe they may come back to you! Take for example my wishing to have a Flickr Pro account. Thanks to my good friend Rose I have now had one gifted to me. Prepare everyone for "interesting" photos this next year.

Flickr Rocks!

Have you used Flickr's editing tools? Am I the last on the boat? I love the cross process effect. Oh and rounded corners. Yep I am addicted! This past weekend I dropped off these 6 purses for a local store. I am really loving this pattern design. Thanks to the encouragement of Michelle & Misha I now have a cute new small purse design. This design also has me wanting to use vintage fabrics again in the best of every way. I have a feeling I am going to make a whole lot of these for the summer. Oh and the pictures, the lighting was crap but they look super funky now thanks to my new best friend cross process editing tool on flickr. Seriously if you havent tried it yet you MUST. Now I just have to justify to Ken why I NEED a pro account so I can play with some of the other tools.


This pretty much sums up our weekend. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Full plate


It never fails. The minute I have a little time I start to fill it up innocently with swaps and before you know it BAM I have one too many swaps on my hands, various projects for friends and family, gifts to make, oh and a large wholesale order to get done. I am not complaining because I put myself in the situation every time and have yet to learn my lesson.

This is the starting inspiration for the great Doll Quilt Swap. This time around is a slight challenge for me, the request from my partner is for a more modern quilt. Hmph I have never done a modern quilt. No worries thank goodness for the library I got Denyse Schmidt Quilts and got ready for a fun challenge.

I have it narrowed down to two color patterns. The more I look at the one with orange the more I drawn to it. Do you have a favorite? I wanted a bright, yay it is summer feeling to the quilt. If this turns out as cool as I am hoping I may have to make another one for myself.

This swap I have until the end of the summer, but I know me and if I don’t start it now I will be sewing like a mad women the night before and it wont be my best work. Plus I need to get the book back to the library!

One of those days


I am tired. Exhausted really. No joke just lifting my fingers to type is straining all of my energy. I hate days like this. No amount of coffee and nice weather can fix it either I am afraid. Speaking of weather the rain should be scarce this week. We are still having major flooding all over the place though. Major interstates have been closed due to water engulfing bridges. It is insane around here. BFF got hit really hard with the flooding. The garden I helped her plant about a month ago is gone. She and I are both grieving. Though if that is the worst of the losses we have we both are very thankful.

Father’s day here was great. We enjoyed the day as a family and just let the day happen as it wanted to, we weren’t rushed and we just enjoyed each other. Ken is amazing. On father’s day he asked if I wanted to go to a fabric store after we had lunch together. How could I say no? Plus as I went around pulling fabric he kept Leila occupied walking around the store until I was done. How lucky am I? He has finally came around to my sewing obsessed and has put in a few requests. The most pressing? Make a yellow dress for Leila so he can take her to one of the local botanical gardens and take photos. According to him a yellow dress will pop in the photos. We are hoping to go next weekend so I will be sure to share with you all the pictures.

Tonight I just want to cuddle in bed and watch My Fair Lady. Do you think Leila will agree to it? A mom can dream right?

**Sorry this post is all over the place. That is what happens when I post when I am super tired!**

Pattern out there?


I saw the cutest dress at Target today (of course they dont have it online yet) that I want to make for Leila. Basically I want to create a dress with a rounded neckline. Has anyone seen a pattern out there for this type of dress? I have found a few for adults but I want to make a dress for Leila and I am not talented enough yet to downscale an adult pattern. My eyes are going cross eye so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Credits here and here

New Art Work

The house I grew up in was a straight from the 70's ranch style home. Bright yellow shag carpet with a black lava rock fire place. Avocado green bathroom fixtures. Yellow linoleum floor. And that above was the dry wall in the bathroom. Yep four walls with that pattern. And as hideous as it is I still love it. When my parents finally redid the bathroom after dealing with it for 20 years I asked my dad to keep a piece of it for me to frame. My aunt was sweet enough to mat and frame it for me. It will now be going in our bedroom and will be the theme if you will for the bedroom color scheme.

Tomatoes how I love thee

Photo credit found here.
So is anyone else missing tomatoes as badly as me? After this recent notice/recall I have decided I am going to try and grow my own tomatoe plant indoors. There is nothing better than fresh sliced tomatoes with a little sugar. Oh and my sandwhiches at lunch? Are nothing without tomatoes. So this may be a fun adventure. I havent killed a plant in awhile but I also havent grown and veggies indoors before. Wish me luck!


I have set a goal for myself this summer. Become healtier. I am afraid if I put an amount of weight I want to lose as my goal I will just be setting myself for dissapointment so instead I have one main goal. My goal is to be able to walk up a large hill by our home by the end of the summer without becoming out of breath. The first few times it felt as though I was wearing concrete shoes. Each time it has started to get a little easier.

In order to succeed I had to get some walking shoes but I didnt want "normal" walking shoes. Enter in these sweet things. I love these shoes. They have the best support I have ever experienced in a pair of shoes.
Besides walking a lot more this summer Ken and I have also started cutting out all processed foods and are eating and making most of our meals. I have become a label reader big time. If I dont know what the ingredient is (IE chemical compounds) there is a very good likelyhood we wont buy it. Lucky for us a local co-op just opened that is within walking distance and next door is a family bakery that makes the BEST bread.

And besides my shoes being super comfy, they bring hours of entertainment for my on the go baby girl.


We are having major flooding around here in the Midwest. Dams are starting to crumble and houses are falling into the water live on TV. It is crazy around here in South Central Wisconsin. My BFF is dealing with a lake in her backyard that two days ago was a lawn. The waters are rising and are starting to threaten the south side of her house. Bridges are completely under water. Please keep the Midwest in your thoughts as we are no way near the end. Here in Wisconsin we are to have more rain tomorrow.
Our home is fine we are well above the ground (I have never been so happy to live on a second level) but the town in general is not out of the clear. I am also worried for the local farmers the fields were just about to be finally dried out and now they are flooded again. Food prices are going to sky rocket around here.
Sheesh. Here is hoping all you out there are safe and dry!

What I have been up to


Working on updated some local stores. Next my etsy shop (hopefully). I am just curious how much would you pay for one of these bags? (Magnetic snap closure and interior pocket included in the bag size 13" wide 10.5" tall)

(psst sorry about the crappy photos stupid clouds)

I need your thoughts!

Ken and I bought all brand new plates and bowls about 2 months ago. Nothing special simple all white sets (see photo above). We just wanted dishes that matched. We have been together 7 years now and we felt it was time to have dishes that matched. Against my gut feeling we bought our simple sets from Wal-mart. 2 months have passed and now 2 bowls have cracks in them and are basically worthless. I told Ken that this would happen. There is a conspiracy will you in regards to consumerism this day and age. Cheap products are not made to last, if they were business would go under. Know what is the scariest part about it? People don’t seem to care and actually expect it. It’s that mentality well I didn’t pay that much for it so I am glad I used it for as long as I did. And head back out to the store to buy a new set not thinking twice about it.

After the second bowl cracked yesterday I suggested to Ken that we use the china my grandmother had given us for our wedding. Which Ken asked well don’t we want to use that for just special occasions? In which I asked, what’s the point of having something nice if you never use it? Besides it has been sitting in their boxes since our wedding 2 ½ years ago. I don’t have a china hutch yet to display it so I just get to see the boxes and it saddens me.

My grandmother once we announced our moved up wedding date (see unexpected baby Leila) asked if we had registered for our china in which I giggled and said didn’t even think about it. So my grandmother went out and picked out a pattern for Ken and I. From her heart to our home she picked something simple and timeless. What better way to appreciate such a loving gift than to use it everyday?

So am I crazy? Do you use fine china everyday? Special occasions? Should I just start keeping an eye out for a china set at a thrift store and spend the same amount that I did on the cheap Wal-mart stuff? And use the second hand china everyday since it doesn’t have the same sentimental value so if something breaks I don’t feel horrible?

Honest I need all opinions! What would you do?


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