A break is in order

I will admit I havent been posting as much as I usually do. Well, now I am making it official. I need a break. There is a very large gloomy cloud hanging over the heads of myself and my family. Bad news is pouring right now and I need to right now concentrate on my family and myself. We will get through this but in order for us to do so I need to be there fully. If you are the praying type ask for a little strength our way.

I hope to be back soon, but I dont really know when the sunshine will break through.

Help me now


The song that makes Leila laugh the hardest.... the chicken dance melody.

No I am not kidding, yes I am going crazy singing it (seriously dancing chickens in my dreams is pretty scary), no I wont stop because it is the best belly laugh I have ever heard and I cant get enough of it.

Stay happy everyone as much as possible.

I am still in shock

I am not normally a soap box type of person, especially on my blog but I feel compelled today to comment on today's series of events.

Like most this unfolding story has shocked and horrified. For me though it touches a deeper nerve. I dont know if it is because it wasnt very long ago that I was a young college student with dreams in my eyes roaming a vast campus. Or because I am now a mother, a mother to a child who will one day be a student.

As a college student normally we are still young adults with the feelings of invincibility, though we are slightly more careful, dont walk alone at night, dont drink from a drink you set down at a frat party, have a designated driver if you drive. You get the idea most of these things involve safe drinking habits. You dont normally feel as though you have to be watchful while you are sitting in a hall lecture (for me I was usually just trying to stay awake). Being at a university is like being in a large community bubble where normally you would feel very safe.

I am upset that someone felt they had the right to take one more thing of safety away from people, innocent people who were doing nothing but trying to get an education to one day achieve their dreams.

The only way I can make sense of things like this is to embrace my own faith (which is something I also dont speak freely of) I truly believe that we all have a plan a destiny if you will and that all things happen for a reason. For me it is the only way to make sense of things like this. Do I feel it is fair, absolutely not but I also know that life isnt fair. I know that normally few (or many) may perish in order to place a mark on someone else's life. Do I like to admit this, no, but this is my only way of making sense of this horrific day.

As a mother it scares me to know that one day I will have to let my baby go and experience the world and that people who are in need of medical intervention are also in the world who may potentially hurt her or my family in general. Because of this true (and unfortunate) truth I know that I must and do cherish each day of my life, my daughter's life, and my family's life. I try to enjoy each day as though I will not have the pleasure of having another. I know that everyday can not be like that, we all have bad/rough days. But in the all and all scheme of things I have been truly blessed and I thank my God everyday because of it.

I urge everyone to please cherish everyday you are given to roam this earth, it is a true blessing.

Hug your child tight tonight and tell all that you love how you feel about them.

Three Things About Me!

I have been tagged by Val, and while I normally dont get tagged (nor remember to do these things) I figured it would be a good way for people to get to know me better.

Three Things That Scare Me:

1. dead birds
2. snakes
3. getting shots

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. My sister Ria (Maria) she gets my humor and has a pretty sick one herself!
2. My best friend Katy (also gets my sense of humor)
3. Leila she cracks me up ALL the time.

Three Things I Love:
1. Sewing (duh)
2. antique stores
3. good "foo-foo" coffee

Three Things I Hate:
1. scary movies
2. close minded people
3. slow poke drivers

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
1. why I cant keep my house clean
2. murder
3. the universe

Three Things On My Desk:
1. check book
2. tape measure
3. a little knick knack that says "Freezin Season"

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
1. have the TV on
2. burping up root beer
3. listening to Leila test out her lungs

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Sew for a living
2. remodel a home (I first need to buy a home but still)
3. travel the world

Three Things I Can Do:
1. hold a baby and sew
2. make a mean ass choc. chip cookie
3. drive a stick shift

Three Things I Can’t Do:
1. climb up a rope
2. whistle
3. wink with both eyes (I can only wink my left eye)

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. Your gut
2. The Fray
3. Fly Leaf

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. People who like to tell rumors
2. those who dont believe in you
3. Macy's Playground (I think thats the band, it was the WORST cd EVER)

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
1. How to create a schedule
2. How to be more organized (and stay that way)
3. To be the best mom I can be

Three Favorite Foods:
1. Chinese food
2. Egg Custard Cups (a Chinese pastry)
3. Peanut Butter Cups

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
1. Little House on the Prairie
2. The Price is Right
3. Cosby Show

Three Things I Regret:
1. Going through my "moody teenager" stage so many mean things were said (thankfully I have been forgiven but still)
2. Staying in Wisconsin for college, I was suppose to move out to California, not for Ken to move here to Wisconsin.
3. Not waiting to go to college until I had a better idea of who I am/was. I have been an on again off again student for 6 years with no degree and now want to change it again *sigh*

I am not going to tag anyone but feel free to post about this if you would like!


Wow, its been a whole week since I have posted, that flew by unintentionally!

So within a week it went to spring back to winter (5 or so inches of snow) here in Wisconsin yucky.

But wait at my door today was my Spring Swap gift from Sharla to bring spring at least back inside of our home! It took every will to not rip into everything, I paced myself (talk about some will power) as I opened each super springy(is that a word??) gifts!

Enough yapping on to the photos!

How cute is this wrapping?!?!?

Yea for sewing supplies, and super cute fabric!

P- I absolutely LOVE this frame!

R- Gotta love pink goodness!

I- (love the description- I really made these cards!)

I love love LOVE these cards (so creative) and I really love the cute beagle it looks a lot like my puppy!

Pretty stationary and magnets!

How cute are these thrifty pot holders?

Sharla! Thank you so much for the swap gift for a first time swapper you did an AMAZING job, yours should be going out this weekend (Monday at the latest) I hope you love everything as much as I love my gift!

Froggy disaster


This is what happens when our naughty dog is mad that she is not getting enough attention...she goes after the baby's absolute favorite toy.

Poor frog he didnt even see it coming...

Everyone is napping in the house, it has been a LONG time since it has been this ubber quiet in here (even the cat and dog are napping) I really hope this isnt the calm before the storm, it looks like Leila has two more teeth coming in so we may be in for a rough night (these will be #9 & 10 poor baby)

Thirft finds

Just a heads up, this post will be very picture heavy! I havent been sharing lately (shame on me) of all of my awesome vintage finds. I love going to my local thrift store, I have stopped going as much (yep I am so broke I cant justify splurging on $5 any more) but I was going on a daily basis at one point I am down to a once a week (pay day LOL) trip to find little treasures. These have been sitting around awhile and I just HAD the need to share today, so without further ado.....

There have been so many beautiful doll quilts floating around lately I am no quilter (though I want to learn) so when I found this pillowcase I snatched it up so that I could turn it into a small quilt for Leila, I know its cheating but I really dont care!

This pillowcase I absolutely LOVED the flowers on, I didnt really have a plan for it when I picked it up but I am now planning to create a pillowcase dress for Leila either this summer or next summer.

One of my coolest finds to date an old packaged version of the sock monkey. I am super geeked about this, I have always wanted a sock monkey of my own just never had the time to create one.

Sad sailor girl, I dont know why but this little photo called out to me the more I look at it though its slightly creepy and slightly depressing.

I have a new love for doilies lately I had seen an article where an artist had taken some doilies and placed them in floating picture frames, hope they dont mind but I am planning to do some decorating with that idea, and at 75 cents a pop it is fairly good investment.

I love things that are so ugly they are cute... introducing my ugly owls, this I think will go with me to work as of right now we dont really have a Kleenex box at home (bathroom tissues has always worked for us, though that will change with babies with runny noses soon I am sure)

Well that is it for now, I have another obsession to show soon I just have to collect them all to get a good photo. Stay warm those in the Midwest and think warm spring thoughts!

White flag is flying

My sewing machine and I made a truce. Actually we did yesterday but I needed to finish sewing up the tote before gloating!

But first the terms my machine agreed to:
1) work day and night and always be my creative outlet
2) warn me when it (meaning I) need a break by sending out a sign (ie thread tension being off, needle breaking, thread snapping)

I agreed to the terms:
1) I will keep my sewing machine in tip top shape by oiling it and cleaning as it should be!
2) stop cursing at my sewing machine, it is normally the operators fault not the machines (besides it's feelings get hurt)

So here is the new spring tote! I am planning on making a diaper bag out of this design I am thinking of making it slightly bigger and makes some accessories (wipe holder, diaper holder, changing pad). I am just so happy with how this one turned out. I am going to part with it and place it in my shop this week (I need some better pictures of it before listing). Hopefully there will be a little sunshine within the snow (yep you read right) we are suppose to get tomorrow.

Got to love Wisconsin in the purgatory of seasons!

Sewing woes

My sewing machine and I are not seeing eye to eye. Plain and simple.

I dont know if it is the dreary weather (rain and thunderstorms for the last two days) and the gray skies but my sewing projects have been nothing but train wrecks. I am working on two baby diaper bags (one a tote style the other a messenger style) The tote style to put it nicely is a disaster, like a nationally claimed catastrophe. Be grateful I didnt take pictures it is even worse then the piling laundry you all bared witness to earlier this week! Thankfully for the first time in my life I didnt go jumping in and cut up all of the nice fabric I picked out for it instead I used other fabric and wrote my measurements as I went so that I didnt try to "wing it" when the first one turned out the way I wanted. Two days have passed and I have declared defeat for the next few days I need a break and a breather.

So a break from the bags well I still need to get a lot of WIP done so I figure I would take a go at some fabric coasters. I once again decided to wing it and figured the fabric would come together like a puzzle, after a few curses under my breath (have to be quiet the baby is napping) I have also declared to retreat from the coasters (for the time being)

I am now off to make fabric buttons, something I KNOW I cant screw up!


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