It is beginning to look a lot like.....

Holiday craft show prep!!! Man this is the first Halloween I feel like I have completely missed because I was so focused on the holidays.

None the less there was dressing up, pictures taken, and candy treated. The sugar high has started and will start to fall soon but none the less fun has been had in big handfuls!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! I have to go and find a way to get glitter off everything I own!!

Around the studio

Studio? I mean kitchen table!! Here are some in progress snap shots of my art work while we are in full holiday show prep! Enjoy the weekend, I'll be elbow deep on paper, paint, and glue!!

Finding my groove


I have done a few years now of holiday shows, this year I am doing two and to say I am freaking would be an understatement, we are down to a month and it is time to buckle down. Normally I go into factory mode about a week before, can't do that this year for sanity sake so it is prep-mania around here!

I look around and there about 30 small pieces waiting for there second layer of background, 10 originals waiting to be sketched, a handful of faces waiting for homes (see above) , and a million more ideas in my head that I hope come to life!

So the next few weeks are going to be process photos and few words.

And if you are the area I would love to see you at the shows! (Oshkosh- the Sat before Thanksgiving & Madison Dec. 3)

If you give a kid a box...


One box can become hours of entertainment. It has been a major mode of transportation... Boat, train, and car. It has been an object that has witnessed brothers and sister play together. It has also been the source of fights and lack of sharing.

Next time the kids complain they are bored I will gift them a box and see what fun transpires!

Happy Friday

Hallelujah we made it through the week in one piece!! It was a week of ups and downs, my brain is mush so instead of lots of words let's have a quick thankful list!

- cuddle time
- summer like weather (hello open windows!!)
- peak leaf colors
-a hubby that is able to fix any bad haircut this mommy may give!!
- a quick trip to visit my best friend.
- hopefully a low key weekend!! ( I'll report back next week)

Put your feet and tell me...what are you thankful for??

This is what procrastination looks like


During my blog hopping this weekend someone had posted a slew of mantles decorated for fall. Which made me realize I didn't have a mantle but wanted one. So what's a girl to do?? She avoids folding laundry and rearranges her living room and kitchen to create a mantle of sorts.

This my friends is the lengths I will go to NOT fold the mountain that is clean laundry in our home. Guess I know what I have to do tonight....

What about you? Are you procrastinating??


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