Opinions needed!


:: With Buttons ::

:: Without Buttons ::

What's your opinion? I asked my husband but he was useless *smile*
As an incentive I will send a pouch to one lucky person who leaves a comment.
(you have till Friday 19th, to be entered in the giveaway)

( some info on the pouches I will be selling these on both etsy & at a trunk show, they will retail at around $8)


Anonymous said...

<3 BFF

Kim said...

Without buttons

Karen Beth said...

These are SO cute! Love them and the patchwork feel!

I love it the best WITHOUT buttons. I think the buttons are a bit overwhelming to the piece and take away from the beautiful work at the top. I definitely vote sans buttons.

Great work!


Karen Beth :)

cindy said...

Very cute but definately without buttons...less is more, that is where I am at right now:)

rashida said...

i'm torn! I like them both. ^_^ hmm...okay.....hmmm.....yeah sell them both. lol I mean, it's always great to have options. So make some with buttons and some without!

Kelley BO said...

I agree with "sell them both"! They're both adorable!

Maybe one single button for a little punch?

Jovani's Momma said...

I like it with the buttons! I think it adds a whimsical flair!!! But you know me I am all about the accessories.

Emily said...

I like it bot with and with out the buttons. My inital reaction, though, (since you asked for opinions) was that the buttons could move up just a smidge. Very nice, though. cute cute cute. :-)

as an aside, I just stumbled across your blog via a comment you left on Soulemama's (clicking on names to fid new to me blogs to read)

Giabella Designs said...

Without buttons! Cute with, but the patchwork is just right.

coloredsock said...

no questions---WITH BUTTONS, cause that's what makes me smile.

clara said...


gwen said...

I prefer them wihout buttons. Or maybe with buttons but between the plain and the fancy fabrics.
Take care.
P.S.: Spinach is really nice as a salad with garlic, a pear (or an apple) and some vinaigrette (oil, vinegar dressing).

gwen said...

I prefer them without buttons or maybe with buttons but then between the plain and the fancy fabrics. Take care.
P.S.: Spinach is nice with garlic, a pear (or an apple) and some vinaigrette (oil and vinegar dressing)

Waldeck Dry Goods said...

i like it both ways!

sulu-design said...

My vote is in the without buttons camp, too. Cute patchwork!

christina said...

I like both, but like Emily said, I think the buttons would look better if they were moved in from the edge a bit more.

Very cute!

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