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Where he gets his good looks from
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I know my blog has been pretty boring lately. Being knee deep in tissues, dirty diapers, and vomit (there's an image for you) leaves for a pretty boring blog. The kids are FINALLY starting to feel better and Ken is just about out of the woods.

We are going to take a break for a little while spend some time with family and get ready for the next transition as I get back to work in a few weeks. Hopefully we can have a few stress-free weeks and this blog can get back to (hopefully) inspiring posts!

Rock star


Ken still has the stomach flu. Kenson has a stuffy nose that is just painful to watch. Leila is just about over the whole cold. And me I am going batty but my health is fine.

Lucky for us Leila can find entertainment in just about anything!

More Tough Days


Let it snow I
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This photo has nothing to do with my post except that it is snowing a decent amount out here (and I find the photo REALLY pretty). We havent had snow in awhile so it is a welcomed sight since there really is no place we need to go today.

Yesterday Kenson was at the Childrens Hospital all day. He had a potentially high fever. Luckily everything checked out and after a long day we were able to take him home where he did so well last night. Back to his normal happy baby self.

Leila is still sick but luckily no more throwing up. Now Ken has it. And I love my husband but he is the biggest baby when it comes to being sick *smile* I have been spared as of so far besides a sore throat.

Here is hoping you and your families are all safe, sound, and healthy!

Music to soothe?


Life right now is all about the babes. Crafting to resume shortly, the bug has finally bitten me again!

Tough Stuff

We have been having a few tough days. Leila has had a terrible head cold the last few days. Luckily I think her fever broke last night so there is light at the end of the tunnel. And hopefully some sleep on the horizon. Kenson still has some jaundice and also has gotten Leila's cold. And this morning I got a call that my mom had an emergency surgery last night. She is doing fine but it still gave me that horrible pit-in-the-stomach feeling.

When days like this happen I always fall back on comfort foods. Today was no different and I made my grandma's famous-in-our-family pancakes. They are more like crepes. So if you make them be warned the batter is very thin/liquidy. Also the prefered method to eat them in our house is to spread with jam, roll up and eat with your fingers.

Grandma's Pancakes:

2 cups of milk
1 1/2 cups of flour
4 eggs
1/4 sugar
1 tsp salt

Blend. My grandma likes to put all of the ingredients in a blender. I mix it with my mixer. I dont have a blender. Using a blender makes sense though because of how liquidy the batter is it is handy to have the blender to pour the batter into the frying pan.

And even on Leila's toughest days she still has a smile for her momma. Besides a little bit of comfort food this is all I need to get me through the roughest of days.


This is how we have spent most of our days recently. The slowness is something we are not used to but as Ken goes back to work today I am going to miss the entire family being home all the time. These moments are fleeting, I am trying to drink them in the best I can. So that means my hair is messy and my eyebrows are unkempt. I hope that if Leila remembers anything about this part of her life it is more about the cuddles and less about the physical appearance (or lack their of) of her momma.

Catch up


This has been our life lately. Kenson has jaundice. Leila did too when she was first born. He has been on the bili-blanket for almost a week now. I am glad we have already gone through this once before since it is a lot less scary the second time around but still none the less I hate that his first week of life has been basically strapped up to medical equipment. Tomorrow is our next appointment I really hope his levels have gone down enough that we can cuddle with him sans bili-blanket.

She wants to say something

Leila would like to introduce:

Kenson Michael
2/4/09 9:21 AM
8 lbs 4 oz
19 inches

Momma and baby are doing well. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers these last 9 months. They have meant the world to us.

Giving Thanks

Ask and you shall recieve right? I have been whining about finding cute non sports related boys clothes. I love putting things out there becuase if you are lucky it will come to you in some way. I won a giveaway a few months ago at Katie's blog and lucky me she sent me the CUTEST outfit. Seriously, best gift ever! Thank you Katie, I cant wait for him to get here to try it on him!

Picture courtesy of Katie's Flickr Account


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