Lucky Girl


So I dont have a green thumb, I kill plants I hate to admit. If there was a talent I wish I had was to be able to grown things effortlessly. Lucky for me though I have amazing friends who can grow anything. I have had lots of tomatoes, peppers, and chilies this summer. And what is even better the craving this time around, tomatoes, cant get enough of them!

On a side note, saw my doctor and my due date has been bumped up a bit.... Feb. 24th for those on the countdown with me *smile*

Have a great weekend friends!

Cat's out of the bag


Time to reveal some big news. Baby number 3 (no we are NOT crazy) is on its way! Estimated date of arrival March 2, 2011.

Ken and I both had some shock to get over (after all we had just decided to wait a little bit longer to start trying), we are over the shock and back into the grove of things. We have hired a doula (SUPER excited about this) and I am reminding and trying to enjoy every bit of this pregnancy since this will probably be it. Ken has never really wanted a big family and I have always thought the bigger the better. So like any good couple we made a compromise at three. So this is it!

Leila is super excited but will not even think about the baby possibly being a boy. She has a brother she doesn't need another one. It is her baby and it is a girl *smile*

I am just over my exhaustion that was my summer so here we go, these next few months I know will fly by!!!

P.S. to my family who is finding out from this post... Sorry! I figured the news had made it through the grapevine of the family. Love me still please!

Five Things


Five Random things about me:

1) I say "and all that jazz" at the end of many of my sentences (normally when I am explaining something). It has become an ongoing joke with my employees.

2) I only like to eat things off of small spoons. In my head I call them the baby spoon. Most people refer to it as a teaspoon.

3) I only got glasses less than 2 years ago but feel like I have had them forever.

4) I almost ALWAYS forget to eat lunch during my work week.

5) I am so sick of this hot humid weather. So ready for fall. Pretty sure I am not alone on this one!

Thank you and a return

(My booth had to compete with the AMAZING view of the Madison city scape and lake Monona, wouldnt have traded my spot in the world though I loved it ALOT!)

Quite stuff around here I know! I have my reasons. One being getting my stock ready for this past weekends Craftacular. Hi to all those who stopped by and chatted for a bit. I again got to meet amazing people both shoppers and vendors. Each time I attend this show my friendships and connections grow! I am starting to get a pretty large crafty community around me it is pretty amazing and something I treasure so much.

Lots of new stuff was shown at the show this year. I sold some original paintings (I am proud to say I got to be two of the cutest little girls first pieces of artwork for their rooms, made my day hands down!) I also tried new techniques including image transfers and photo tinting. Exciting stuff that once I get some new pictures of I will share some of the new stuff.

And with the close of the summer craft season (for me at least) posting and such hopefully will get back to normal. Lots of new fun stuff is on the horizon and at this show I finally got some clarity to where my art is going and I cant wait to start sharing that journey with everyone.

So time to catch-up everyone, what have you been up to? I say it all the time but I mean it, I miss you guys!!!

(btw if you are in the Madison area and havent attended the craftacular there will be another one this December for the holiday show at the same venue, it is at the East Side Club in Monona. If you love crafty goodness you must make note to attend this year lots of vendors, lots of variety!)

Pity Party

Still no pictures of my birthday. No worries I have ice cream to share (topped with first time freezer jam I am super proud of!)

So my birthday was this past weekend. I am 27 years old ugh. It is one of those birthdays that just makes me creep closer to 30 and makes me debate whether I want to celebrate it or not.

The weekend was laid with the best intentions but nothing seemed to be going our way so by Sunday I was in a pity party mood. Ken knew this and sent me out to just spend some me time. I of course hung out at the craft store. Found some cute things and my spirits peeked just slightly. On my way home I had a conversation in my head with myself, please tell me I am not the only one who has full on conversations in their head! I digress I was having a conversation with myself basically complaining about my semi crummy weekend and then it hit me when it really came down to it I had a pretty great weekend. We had amazing food (thanks to some gift cards) some great family time, wonderful gifts and then I started to cry. Because I knew I was being silly and should be thankful that I had all that I did there are so many with so much less. No I didnt have some big huge shin dig, no I didnt party till all hours of the night, no I didnt get expensive lavish gifts but in the end that isnt me to begin with. I had birthday wishes from those I love the most, spent time with my family and by the time I got home from my few hours away I had flowers, a cake, and a card waiting for me that Leila picked out all on her own (which made me cry again, boy I am a crying fool lately!).

And nothing was better then that, bottom line.

Slacker Magee


We are still around. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. Highlights tomorrow once I get the photos off my camera and on my computer. I have been doing a lot of nothing, well that is not true. I am doing a lot of child raising and really right now I wouldnt have it any other way. Besides when you have a baby as cute as mine looking back at you wanting to play there isnt much else you would want to do! Back to normal once the summer comes to an end I promise. 'Til then I will be in and out of blog land. I miss you all, I just cant find the words lately to express my daily life.


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