No one ever told me it would be easy to combine two different generations and cultures into one household. However I consider myself lucky that after a long day at work I can come home to fresh made spring rolls and a chance to learn about a very different culture. Things always seem to work themselves out as long as you give them time.



Since I haven’t touched my sewing machine in a month (and I need to get reacquainted with it I have a doll quilt and a block for my quilting group due soon) I am substituting my creative outlet with buying fabric that looks so good I could lick it! My newest love is Japanese fabric. I have no idea what I am going to use it all but for now as my machine stares at me and makes me feel guilty daily I advert my eyes to fabric goodness and I feel semi-less guilty.



I am going to be 26 this August. Many would say I am a baby myself. My body doesn’t agree. My wonderful 20/20 vision is gone and I have finally had to give in and buy glasses for my weakling eyes. At least I can look all artsy with what may become an expensive habit. I already have two sets of glasses and keep looking longingly at other pairs. I can’t help myself I want to match my glasses with my outfits as others match their shoes with their handbags. It is a sickness I tell you.

I'm Trying


So I am eating healthier. We are getting outside on each nice day. I have every intention of working out in the mornings (still haven’t but I have the best intentions to ha!). And I still feel like I am not whole, I have too many ideas, thoughts, things to accomplish running through my head. So I got these pretty little notebooks that are now at home, work, in my car, and in my handbag. I have no excuse to write down my thoughts when they strike so when things finally calm down (oh in a year or two I am sure!) I will be able to make them come to reality. Now I just hope the feeling of spinning my wheels and not going anywhere finally goes away!

That Kid


I too wish my future was so bright I needed to wear shades. (In the bathtub to boot!) Happy weekend everyone!



-He is growing like a weed. I have already forgotten what he looked like when he was first born. Thank goodness for pictures.

-I will probably never get birth announcements, not matter how good my intentions were.
-Three is going to be way harder than two I can already tell.
-Work, play, sleep, repeat. (My day in a nutshell)
-Baby dancing can make the grumpiest person happy.
-I forgot how much fun coos are as a form of language.
-coffee is my go to.
- I believe more in Spring resolutions than New Years resolutions.
- I finally am living the more is less, and getting rid of everything I don’t absolutely love.
-I miss my family, friends, and sewing machine.
- I am sick of my whining and need to make time for everything I miss.

What are constants in your lives right now?



That is how I feel lately. Stress at work (thanks to my big promotion), stress at home (to be expected when your MIL moves in) and just general baby blues has made life a little rough around the edges lately. And now I physically feel yucky (sorry for the poor descriptions, it’s the best I got right now being the momma of a very vocal almost three year old).

Time to take care of myself. I have been eating like crap lately with all of the stress and it is starting to take its toll. I have started to nip that in the bud. Besides I am ready to lose some of this stress/baby/growing pains weight that has been around for the last oh five years. Time to get serious.

Photo found here

My way of getting serious is buying almonds. Yep, almonds. I know I had read somewhere that they are good for you if eaten in controlled portions. So I have them in a baggy daily to take to work and snack on throughout the day. Here is hoping that my appetite finally subsides and that I start to feel better now that I am eating a better balanced diet with a lot less refined sugars.

A nudge


I can still remember being 4 years old standing up in my kindergarten class and telling everyone on career day I wanted to be like Dolly Parton and then broke out in song.
I was a singer all through high school.

I played a slew of different instruments.

I love music, anything and everything, to this day I cant get enough of it.

I have strewn instruments around our house for Leila to experiment with.

My evil master plan of getting my daughter to love music as much as I do is in the works!!!

Tilt and Fall

Life has definetly felt like this tower of blocks lately. One misplaced respondsibilty and it all comes tumbling down. Right now it is just time to step back look around and breath. And hopefully some time in front of a sewing machine to make it all better.



Congrats SilverSmith! I will be in touch soon to get your package sent off. Thanks again everyone for the love and readership all these 400 posts! Its nice to know I am not out there by myself!


Two months have flown by with heartache, amazement, and fulfillment all wrapped up in one tiny little person.



Kenson was back in the ER this week. He has RSV.
And the lucky guy has his very own nebulizer (just what every 2 month old wants I know!)
Leila is having issues with all the fuss over the baby lately.
Special me and her time early this week was a dance party in our living room wearing our PJs. Hopefully she is always so easy to please.

Let them eat cake

On the toughest days, left over birthday cake cant be beat.
Especially really good small town bakery cake.


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