That is how I feel lately. Stress at work (thanks to my big promotion), stress at home (to be expected when your MIL moves in) and just general baby blues has made life a little rough around the edges lately. And now I physically feel yucky (sorry for the poor descriptions, it’s the best I got right now being the momma of a very vocal almost three year old).

Time to take care of myself. I have been eating like crap lately with all of the stress and it is starting to take its toll. I have started to nip that in the bud. Besides I am ready to lose some of this stress/baby/growing pains weight that has been around for the last oh five years. Time to get serious.

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My way of getting serious is buying almonds. Yep, almonds. I know I had read somewhere that they are good for you if eaten in controlled portions. So I have them in a baggy daily to take to work and snack on throughout the day. Here is hoping that my appetite finally subsides and that I start to feel better now that I am eating a better balanced diet with a lot less refined sugars.


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good for you! i hope you've stuck with this :-).

almonds are great but they're even better if you balance them out with a piece of fruit or some carrots/celery/something with fiber in them. that way you get protein [from almonds] for fullness and fiber to add bulk, plus the fruit and vegetables have very few calories. oh yes, and down with some water because half the time we think we're hungry we're actually thirsty.

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