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I can still remember being 4 years old standing up in my kindergarten class and telling everyone on career day I wanted to be like Dolly Parton and then broke out in song.
I was a singer all through high school.

I played a slew of different instruments.

I love music, anything and everything, to this day I cant get enough of it.

I have strewn instruments around our house for Leila to experiment with.

My evil master plan of getting my daughter to love music as much as I do is in the works!!!


Rose Lynn said...

::insert evil laugh::

Bette's Bags said...

Good Luck with the gentle persuasion. My passion was for dance. I support and encouraged my daughter to dance and she took to it beautifully. She is truly gifted. She got her BFA in Dance Performance from Point Park University Conservatory of the Arts in 2005. And hasn't dance a day since! But Dance is STILL my passion.

PicturesFromMe said...

Sid and Leila can have a jam section together when there older then lol. by the way did you get the pics i email?

Margaret said...

My daughter loves it when I put the Gypsy Kings on the CD Player, she grabs the maraca's and I grab the tambourine and we have 3 minutes of musical madness. It is embarrassing when we have visitors and she decides she wants a bit of Gypsy madness, then everyone has to join in as she grabs more bells and tambourines and gives it to them!

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