there is now a process

The state of my art desk lately. I am seeing trends towards colors I didn't even know I liked!

So there is definitely now a flow if you will when it comes to making art with 3 little ones under the age of four in the house. That flow is slow and steady and get it in when you can! *smile*

Just like everything else in my life it is finding the right rhythm lately. And priorities. Food, water, and clean diapers are the top priorities. Housework near the bottom (hello clean laundry, meet laundry baskets where you will stay until I wear you and have to wash you again, I don't have a flow yet on folding and putting away).

I am no super momma just one who loves her babies to bits, has paint on her hands, and probably some mac n cheese from the kiddos lunch in her hair!

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the journey continues

She Found Her Joy Within

I recently took Christy Tomlinson's class She Art. To say it changed my creative life is an understatement. For at least the last 6 months I have been having some major artist/creative block. I just had a hard time making and enjoying it. I thought for the price of the class what the heck we will give it a go and see how it goes. I am so glad I spent that little bit on me. This class is great for those wanting to get into mixed media, but what it is also great for is those who are familiar with mixed media but want to get a spark to do it again. Christy is amazing, she is sweet as can be, encouraging and very real. This is not a stuffy class by any means. Also the support of all the other students give each other in the community Christy has created is ah-mazing! This class is the sole reason why I have been able to create again and want to create, create, create all the time. I am so thankful for this class.

So the first round of the class just finished up but she is starting round two on April 11th. And in an effort to pay it forward to how grateful I am for this class I am going to pay for someone to take the class. My hope is that whoever wins takes full advantage of this great class and someday in their own life pays it forward to someone else in need of a creative boost.

So, comment here telling me what brings you joy I will pick a winner April 1st (hows that for a great April Fools Day?) Make sure you give me an e-mail address otherwise I wont be able to gift the class to you, got it I NEED your email address! And if you dont win and you truly want to either learn about mixed media or you want to get a little creative inspiration, please please please spend that little extra cash on yourself. You deserve it. Mean it.

(more info about the class can be found here.)

Penny Pinches Unite!

So I got a coupon via e-mail from Jo-Ann Fabric this week and it also sent me a friend coupon. I think you are all my friends so I contacted Jo-Ann's and they give me the ok to post the coupon on my blog. So print this out and use the coupon labelled Friend this weekend!


If you cant get it to print right email me at artsymomma @ and I will email you the coupon!



-My creative funk is gone! WOOHOO lots of painting and messy art fun is being had.

-I really like driving our minivan (something I NEVER thought I would ever admit!)

-lack of sleep is finally getting to me

-I am really uncomfortable in my post pregnancy body. Not much fits but sweat pants.

-I dont want to buy bigger clothes, not sure what I will do once I go back to work next week, sweats are a no go in the office :(

-Ice cream isnt helping me lose the baby weight

-I feel overwhelmed by the inspiration on the internet and intimidated. I swear it is like one magazine layout out after another.

-I want to pay off all our debt and start saving for a home

-No idea what town we want to live in

-Enjoying being a momma to a "larger than average" family

-Still pulling my hair out at bed time. Routine isnt fully set yet.

-Think its really cute that my kids like to snuggle in bed together.

-Hate that the only way my oldest will go to sleep is by having a TV on

-Have no idea how I am going to break that top confession

-Have more confessions but would hate to bore you all *smile*

Have a great Wednesday!

sucking it in


This is my last week of being home. I go back to the office next week. Can I confess something? This is the first of my maternity leaves that I am really not ready to go back. I think since this will probably be our last little one I am trying to suck it in as much as I can and enjoy the little moments (even though I still have to remind myself that when lack of sleep kicks in). We finally have our grove and I have mommy guilt that we are going to throw a wrench in it and make a new routine. Such is life...fluid.

Sketch Monday

Floating heads

This weekend I played with floating textbook paper heads and potential hairstyles. baby steps people. Its all I can do with only one arm (baby boy doesnt like to be put down)

Creative rut gone?


I have been in a major creative rut lately. I want to create art but it seems like each day before I go to sleep I realize I let another day go by without getting anything done creativily. I still dont know what is holding me back but something was. I recently signed up for a 3 week course with Christy Tomlinson called She Art. It looked like a cute class and the cost was just right. I didnt set my hopes high, I have taken a lot of online classes with the hope they would spark back my wanting to actually do and not just think about creating art. Well low and behold this was the class to finally kick me in gear. Since the class I cant stop thinking about art and actually getting the supplies out and doing. This time though instead of immersing myself in (like I normally do) I am learning to create art in shifts. Having a teeny tiny one in the house will do that. So I make the most of my arms free time (besides getting a little bit of laundry and vacuuming done).

I highly recommend this class to anyone. It is a mixed media class where you learn to just really play again with your art supplies and really gives you the confidence needed to create some great work. You can also see the flickr group here where some amazing art is being made.

She is offering the class again in April, I highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed!

The sound of silence

Kenson  2 weeks

Valen will be 3 weeks old this Sunday. Time has flown and I have forgotten how much time is consumed by feedings, changings and getting in sleep where you can. Loving every minute of it but hoping soon the swing will replace my arms every once and awhile. I am chomping at the bit to get creative again. And I really think it is all because this little man is now in our lives.


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