-My creative funk is gone! WOOHOO lots of painting and messy art fun is being had.

-I really like driving our minivan (something I NEVER thought I would ever admit!)

-lack of sleep is finally getting to me

-I am really uncomfortable in my post pregnancy body. Not much fits but sweat pants.

-I dont want to buy bigger clothes, not sure what I will do once I go back to work next week, sweats are a no go in the office :(

-Ice cream isnt helping me lose the baby weight

-I feel overwhelmed by the inspiration on the internet and intimidated. I swear it is like one magazine layout out after another.

-I want to pay off all our debt and start saving for a home

-No idea what town we want to live in

-Enjoying being a momma to a "larger than average" family

-Still pulling my hair out at bed time. Routine isnt fully set yet.

-Think its really cute that my kids like to snuggle in bed together.

-Hate that the only way my oldest will go to sleep is by having a TV on

-Have no idea how I am going to break that top confession

-Have more confessions but would hate to bore you all *smile*

Have a great Wednesday!


The Creative Journey said...

Oh, I hated when I had to go back to work after I had my son!! If you are looking to lose weight I am on that journey right now. A few things that have helped me are: going gluten free, this website: and knowing there are no quick fixes.

Alisson said...

Hi! I couldn't find the picture on flickr, but this is's the circle stuff in the back that you are adding paint too, I love that! Where did you get it?

JJ Sobey said...

Those are happy fingers - love the photo!

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