My Grandma was sweet enough to send me home a few weekends ago with a large bag of rhubarb and her recipe for Rhubarb Kuchen. She told me how to prepare it and sent me on my way. I brought the Kuchen to work and only a small sliver remained (an office of 8 people) at the end of the day. A success I would say. I am new to cooking with Rhubarb so if you have any recipes you would like to share I would be more than happy to give them a try!

Rhubarb Kuchen

9” x 13” pan, 350 degree oven

Crust – don’t bake. 2 c. flour, ¾ c. butter,

½ tsp. Baking Powder, pinch salt, 1 egg,

3 tblsp. milk. Mix & spread in pan.

Sprinkle on crust 4 c. raw diced rhubarb.

Sprinkle 1 small pkg strawberry jello over it.

Beat 3 eggs, 1 ½ c. sugar, 2 tblsp. flour,

¾ c. milk, & ½ tsp. cinnamon. Pour

mixture over rhubarb. Bake 45 minutes.

Mix ½ c. sugar, ½ c. flour & 2 tblsp. butter.

Sprinkle over the top and continue baking

45 minutes more. (total baking is 1 ½ hrs.)

Refrigerate leftovers. (If there are any)

Fun Friday Game


(To see credits please click on the mosaic and go to my flickr page.
I am having issues with the links today!)

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

b. Using only the first page, pick an image.

c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. What high school did you go to?

4. What is your favorite color?

5. Who is your celebrity crush?

6. Favorite drink?

7. Dream vacation?

8. Favorite dessert?

9. What you want to be when you grow up?

10. What do you love most in life?

11. One Word to describe you.

12. Your flickr name.

This was so much fun! Almost as much fun as Googling someone!
Happy Friday Everyone.

Saving for a rainy day


I think I have already discussed this but here we go again. I am on a budget. This past weekend we decided that ALL our extra money was to be put away so that within 5 years we will have enough saved for a down payment on a house. Five years that I can not go garage saleing or thrifting any longer. I had to be honest with myself all the things that I buy at thrift stores I dont need and in all honesty there will always be pretty vintage stuff for me to buy I doubt there will be a shortage even in five years. My problem? Garage/estate sales and thrift stores are my crack, seriously I am addicted and I am already getting the shakes just thinking about giving it up. Well not giving it up just stopping for awhile. Its a life long addiction. I will probably fall a couple times and I am allowing myself one weekend right around my birthday (August) for a big flea market. Now I just have to stay away from Craigslist and the paper to see all the tempting ads!

Pretty Sad

I have successfully grown some mini roses in the house. I thought I would share a photo of them. Innocent enough right?

Who knew that taking photos of roses was so dangerous! My new (to me) quiche plate was broken into pieces while taking the photos.

Who would do such an awful thing? Some kissing trivet thats who! Yep came right off my wall. I am now off to find some porcelain glue to at least keep my quiche dish around as a decorative piece.

See it was a Pretty/Sad day!

Happy Birthday Baby


Leila turned 2 this weekend (the 25th). To this day it is amazing she has only been with us for 2 years as I feel she has been a part of my life for a lifetime and at the time I am hoping time slows down she is growing up so fast. Just recently she is starting to talk more. I am still concerned at her amount of words being so low but she has always gone at her own pace so I am not as overly concerned as I was 6 months ago. Plus there is some family history of late talkers so I am comforted by that.

My tradition for Leila’s birthday is to make her a birthday dress. This years was perfect timing I volunteered to be a tester for this pattern and when I was picked it was just before Leila’s birthday. The dress was done two hours before we left to go to my parents for the birthday weekend. Perfect timing indeed. I have a lot of pictures to wade through (600!) but here are a few of my favorites so far.

Week of Pictures- 7


From hating the swings to refusing to get out of them. My my what a difference a year makes!

Week of Pictures- 4


Be prepared there is going to be a few posts of pretty flowers. Consider yourself warned.


The internet is down/slow around these parts. I will be back tomorrow with more photos (hopefully everything is back up and running by then!)

Week of Pictures- 1


Had a great three day weekend. Lots of pictures were taken. So this week will be a "what I did last weekend in pictures" for the entire week. Sound good? I think so!

Pile o Stuff


All this stuff? Going to BFF's house for a weekend long garage sale. See you all Monday!

I heart the library

I am a book worm at heart. I love our library system in south central Wisconsin. Basically I find a book I want, request for it online and it gets pulled from neighboring libraries. My summer is spent walking to and from the library (bonus a library in walking distance). So I read a lot of books mostly craft books and today I feel compelled to share two new (new to me) books that have really been inspiring.

Fabric Jewelry . Most craft books I read have one or two projects I really want to try. This book every single project I want to try. Pick up this book! The pictures alone will make you want to create!

The Family at Home if you are a fan of Anthologie I highly recommend this book. The photographs are basically like looking at a book version of an Anthologie catalog. This book I may just need to buy for myself.

Happy reading!

My little lady


I had a severe "case of the mondays" today. It passed as soon as I got home. Hmmm wonder why that was? Here's to a better Tuesday!

Isnt Leila rocking I picked out the outfit she picked out the accessories.

Happy Momma's Day


Had a great mother's day. Slept in late. When we woke up Leila and I shared a bowl of cheerios. It was a perfect start to a great Sunday. I am blessed to have been raised up by amazing women. I am surrounded by strong, intelligent, creative women who have guided me through my life. I am lucky that I am going to get to raise a girl to be all of these things as well.

Happy Momma's Day!!!

Woo hoo


Its the weekend! I took a half day today. Ken took me fabric shopping as an early momma's day gift. Bought dinner and tonight I am settling in for some serious cleaning and organizing of my sewing area, yes again.

Now you’re in the Jungle… Baby


Last Sunday was a perfect day, not too warm, not too cold. How to enjoy it? The zoo of course!

We are lucky to live close to an amazing, free, yes free zoo. It has some great exhibits and is working to expand. It wasn’t super busy but there were enough people with the same idea as we did and went outside to enjoy the day.

Leila, could have cared less we were as long as she stayed in the stroller and we didn’t stop walking, oh and not take pictures of her.
All the photos were taken by Ken.

Flickr Love

So if you havent figured out yet I am have joined a Day in May. Basically posting everyday to get me back into a routine. I will admit there will most likely be a day a week of some flickr love. I cant help it though like most people out there I love this site and the overload of inspiration is great! So this past weekend Ken and I rearranged the bedroom which has now prompted me to want to redo the whole room as we have no color scheme or theme what so ever. Unless you count a bed in a room a theme! I know there is no way he will go for an ultra feminine room but as you can see in my latest favs light vintage shabby looks I am drawn too. If I cant make my dream bedroom at least I can look at pretty pictures.

Credits: See my flickr favorites

Call me cheap


Go ahead I wont mind. While I would prefer thrifty, cheap is a close second. So this pile of "loot" is from my last two visits to the thrift store. Actually there is more but some of it has already been put away or hung up for visitors to see.

While I love all of the things I found (duh otherwise I wouldnt have bought it!) some are better finds for me than others. Firstly the little people house.... I have been wanting a whole collection of these Leila for about a year and at $3 I couldnt pass it up, seriously they are insanely costly on e-Bay! Leila obviously from the photo above is in love with that dish. I am not really sure what I am suppose to use it for but I have a smaller version in pink and felt it needed a friend to sit with on my counter. $1 well spent.
And the patterns, I have too many WAY too many but they are ridiculously cheap so I am stashing up to one day open up a store I think. Plus I just like looking at them, is that wrong? I didnt think so either!

Happy thrifting!

Its just one of those days


1. lemon chair 2. Lemon snaps 3. Lemon Splash 2.0 4. ode to the lemon 5. Cutting the Lemon... 6. Our Delicious Meyer Lemons 7. If life throws you a lemon - make lemonade. 8. Real Lemon! 9. Lemon Drop v1.3

I am having one of those days. I burnt my tongue on my coffee. I opened a package of snacks and they went flying all over the place. We had some upsetting news at work that really wasn't good at all. The walk I wanted to take tonight has been canceled due to looming storm clouds. And you know what? I am not letting it get me down. I chalked it up to just one of those days that it is best I snuggle in for the night with some trashy tv (hello gossip girl) and a snuggle bug (namely Leila). Tomorrow, is another day, another fresh start. I am glad it only took me 24 years to figure out the small stuff (and sometimes big stuff) isnt worth sweating over. Here's to tomorrow!

Today I...

Spent the whole day with Ken and Leila

Went to the zoo

Bought a little bit of fabric for a custom order

Read a magazine

Did a little shopping and decided to SAVE our "bonus government money" instead of buying a TV

Had great Mexican food at a local restaurant I have wanted to go to for two years

Took a long walk with Ken and looked at houses for sale in town

Dreamt about our future house and all that we hope it will be

Started talking seriously about getting our act together and finally putting some roots down

Yesterday I...

Got to see my great friend as an amazing foster mother, and her little boy so dang cute!

Got to go to a new town (Janesville) and see that I had no idea how large it was.

Got to do a whole lot of thrifting.

Got to have dinner as a family and talk to other random parents about the joys of parenthood.

Received a beautiful potted small rose bush from Ken.

Rearranged the bedroom (with Kens help)

Started figuring out how to decorate the bedroom (two years here and we have done NOTHING with the space!)

Went to bed exhausted and happy.

About Me

Photo credit here
(I added the frame action)

So here is what we know about me...

I am a mom to a beautiful trouble making (almost) two year old girl. A wife to a handsome amazing man. And I am obsessed with fabric and sewing.

Want to know a weird thing about me?

I am obsessed with wanting chickens. Chickens to lay eggs. I talk about it all the time and because my husband loves me he humors me and listens. Know what I found out? If we were to buy a house in Madison I am allow to have two chickens within the city limits. TWO!

Want to know other weird things about me? Want to know anything about me in general? Let me know I have a feeling a "Friday- weird things about me" theme is about to come about!

Oh sure


Sure she looks innocent but this week she has learned the dreaded word every two year old seems to learn....


I am going out of my mind.


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