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So if you havent figured out yet I am have joined a Day in May. Basically posting everyday to get me back into a routine. I will admit there will most likely be a day a week of some flickr love. I cant help it though like most people out there I love this site and the overload of inspiration is great! So this past weekend Ken and I rearranged the bedroom which has now prompted me to want to redo the whole room as we have no color scheme or theme what so ever. Unless you count a bed in a room a theme! I know there is no way he will go for an ultra feminine room but as you can see in my latest favs light vintage shabby looks I am drawn too. If I cant make my dream bedroom at least I can look at pretty pictures.

Credits: See my flickr favorites


quaint handmade said...

i've found my way to your site via allsorts and see that you've included our pink studio in your favorites. thank you so much! i'm going to explore your blog now.

this post a day is really a challenge as we just started our blog several weeks ago!

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