I heart the library

I am a book worm at heart. I love our library system in south central Wisconsin. Basically I find a book I want, request for it online and it gets pulled from neighboring libraries. My summer is spent walking to and from the library (bonus a library in walking distance). So I read a lot of books mostly craft books and today I feel compelled to share two new (new to me) books that have really been inspiring.

Fabric Jewelry . Most craft books I read have one or two projects I really want to try. This book every single project I want to try. Pick up this book! The pictures alone will make you want to create!

The Family at Home if you are a fan of Anthologie I highly recommend this book. The photographs are basically like looking at a book version of an Anthologie catalog. This book I may just need to buy for myself.

Happy reading!


Kathy said...

Oh I am so the library nerd too. I haven't been reading as much as I'd like lately, but I usually always have books on hold waiting for me. How fun to have one so close!!

sulu-design said...

Ooo... Fabric Jewelry sounds good. I've been thinking I need to branch out from the same old bead thing that I always do.

Cherry Tree Lane said...

Im so happy that appreciates the library like me!

g said...

You inspired me to check online at my library for that fabric jewelry book & then while I was there I ordered another bunch of books.

Our library system has a great online reservation system too...sadly, they just don't buy many craft books so the pick'ins are slim. It'd been awhile since the last time I checked though so there were some new titles I was able to get - all thanks to you!

Angie said...

yeah, we do have a great library system. I definitely need to check out that second book!

I AM said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered Fabric jewelry from my Library too!

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