Now you’re in the Jungle… Baby


Last Sunday was a perfect day, not too warm, not too cold. How to enjoy it? The zoo of course!

We are lucky to live close to an amazing, free, yes free zoo. It has some great exhibits and is working to expand. It wasn’t super busy but there were enough people with the same idea as we did and went outside to enjoy the day.

Leila, could have cared less we were as long as she stayed in the stroller and we didn’t stop walking, oh and not take pictures of her.
All the photos were taken by Ken.


Rose Lynn said...

Its so funny how her and Oliver are opposite about the stroller! He likes it ok, but he is always asking to get out and run! It's nice sometimes, but not when I am trying to get from point A to B!! :-)

P.S. We should totally have a zoo trip together one of these days!

little dresses said...

I love the zoo, we have season passes! It's so interesting isn't it!


Tiffany said...

Great photos!!


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