Oh sure


Sure she looks innocent but this week she has learned the dreaded word every two year old seems to learn....


I am going out of my mind.


Rose said...

oh no!! I hope that wasnt Oliver's fault!! :-( Sorry, I feel your pain!

rohan9ca said...

look at those chubby cheeks! she's so adorable!

Rashida said...

Is it your mind or hers now? ^_^ I think Leila and Bella are reading the same chapter of the toddler book. That's Bella's new word too. It's so funny when I read your posts about her, I feel like you're peaking in our window. Must be just what they do at this stage. Gotta love it!

Julie said...

Hmm I think that was one of my son's first words lol. But being the baby might have something to do with it!

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