How did that happen!

Hey all, I had full intentions of blogging all week and next thing I know its Friday, where did the week go!?!!?!?! Anywho, I wanted to share a song I absolutely love I love its a sad one but amazing none the less. You dont really have to watch the video it just is a picture of the singer. But the song, it is amazing. She was featured on So You Think You Can Dance and it has turned her dreams into reality. I have a feeling she is gonna be big soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

And all that Jazz


This weekend was Ken's birthday. He is a keep to himself, dont make it a big deal type of guy when it comes to birthdays. For the first time in our 10 year relationship I honored his wishes and there was no hoopla. Leila and I wished him a happy birthday and just made the day as laid back as possible. His birthday gift was making me eat a piece of spicy fish since he knows I dont like spice. Ah the things a girl will do for love. I love you Ken, I hope it was the best non-hoopla birthday you have ever had. Love you more today then yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.

My creative goals

Many of these goals are actually dreams that most like sound and look more glamorous in my head then they are in real life. Others are goals I am striving at daily and hope to achieve sooner than later.

Run/Own a brick and morter store

Write a book for newbies like me

Have my collage work licensed

Create wallpaper

Create fabric

Make a quilt for each of my family members

design home accessories

make sewing patterns

have a floral shop

run a successful online shop

cupcake shop

second-hand/thrift art supply shop

teach at creative retreats

start a vlog

start podcasting

capture my creative process and share it

be featured on Design Sponge among other favorite blogs

be in artful blogging and any other stampington publication for that matter.

Today, Tomorrow, in a Month


*Meetings, meetings, meetings.
*Movie night.
*craftacular planning.
*Popsicle buying.
*dinner planning for next week.

*fabric shopping
*creative night
*couch cuddle time
*baking, not sure what yet.

In the upcoming month:
*celebrating Ken and my birthday
*a bonfire or two (hoping)
*lots and lots of collaging and crafting in general
*sewing purse upon purse
*a pamper me day (hair cut, color and nail polish-hint hint Ken)
*estate sales and a flea market or two (can you believe I have hardly hit a garage sale or thrift store this entire summer!)

Back in the swing of things

listening: Leila sucking her thumb
eating: leftover Sushi
drinking: water, lots of water
wearing: a cute new dress and leggings
feeling: exhausted but optimistic
weather: hot and muggy, got to love Wisconsin dog days of summer.
wanting: more energy and ambition
needing: a good kick in the butt
thinking: I need to see my chiro to get my back fixed
enjoying: all the family time we have been having
wondering: will Kenson EVER talk?

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1) reality TV. I hate that I love it, and love it I do.
2) peanut butter by the spoonful.
3) romantic comedies. I love all types of movies but these are my go-tos on a lazy weekend.
4) internet surfing. I spend way to much time doing this.
5) pedicures. Hardly ever get them but love them so much.
6) paper, I have WAY too much paper.
7) sushi dates with my BFF, kid free.
8) cheap cute jewelry.
9) shoes, preferably flats and kitten heals.
10) lazy Sundays.

A week of lists

so to get back in the swing of things I am going to do a week of lists. Please feel free to join me, especially if you have the summertime blogging block like I have been dealing with for a few weeks now. Stay tuned, it should be fun!


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