Back in the swing of things

listening: Leila sucking her thumb
eating: leftover Sushi
drinking: water, lots of water
wearing: a cute new dress and leggings
feeling: exhausted but optimistic
weather: hot and muggy, got to love Wisconsin dog days of summer.
wanting: more energy and ambition
needing: a good kick in the butt
thinking: I need to see my chiro to get my back fixed
enjoying: all the family time we have been having
wondering: will Kenson EVER talk?


Rosa said...

If Kenson has a big sister, he will probably not talk for a while. My older two are 20 months apart, and I literally call my oldest gal, "the baby whisperer". She would talk for him: "he wants cheerios." "he needs juice." "mama, he needs milk." It is a wonder he can think for himself. But it'll happen, and then you will want a bit of quiet. ;)

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