Ten Guilty Pleasures

1) reality TV. I hate that I love it, and love it I do.
2) peanut butter by the spoonful.
3) romantic comedies. I love all types of movies but these are my go-tos on a lazy weekend.
4) internet surfing. I spend way to much time doing this.
5) pedicures. Hardly ever get them but love them so much.
6) paper, I have WAY too much paper.
7) sushi dates with my BFF, kid free.
8) cheap cute jewelry.
9) shoes, preferably flats and kitten heals.
10) lazy Sundays.


Kerri said...

one of my guilty pleasures this summer has been "the bachelorett"- are you watching that one?

i'm so bad, i sorta plan monday evenings around it.

i love that i love it. it's ridiculous and the best of bad tv!

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