Yesterday I...

Got to see my great friend as an amazing foster mother, and her little boy so dang cute!

Got to go to a new town (Janesville) and see that I had no idea how large it was.

Got to do a whole lot of thrifting.

Got to have dinner as a family and talk to other random parents about the joys of parenthood.

Received a beautiful potted small rose bush from Ken.

Rearranged the bedroom (with Kens help)

Started figuring out how to decorate the bedroom (two years here and we have done NOTHING with the space!)

Went to bed exhausted and happy.


Kelley BO said...

I'm way late in responding but we had SOOOO much fun with you and Leila that day! I can't WAIT to do it again! I'm really glad the kids got along...I think my guy has a crush on your girl :-)

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