Pretty Sad

I have successfully grown some mini roses in the house. I thought I would share a photo of them. Innocent enough right?

Who knew that taking photos of roses was so dangerous! My new (to me) quiche plate was broken into pieces while taking the photos.

Who would do such an awful thing? Some kissing trivet thats who! Yep came right off my wall. I am now off to find some porcelain glue to at least keep my quiche dish around as a decorative piece.

See it was a Pretty/Sad day!


Lindsay said...

My mom did a cross stitch a long time ago of the "Kissing wears out, Cooking Don't" that she gave to my grandma. I always thought it was funny :)

Kathy said...

Awwwww man...but at least you took the time to smell the roses in the process.

Pretty plate too. Even if I haven't the slightest idea how to make quiche or why it deserves it own special plate. It's cute. Sorry. It WAS cute.

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your plate broke! It looks like it was really pretty. Hmmmm...maybe you need to put the trivet on a bigger hook.

Mom2fur said...

I was happy to include you in my blog ABCs!

it's me, Val said...

awww...i think the broken piece looks kinda pretty. there are all sorts of things you can do with broken pottery like make mosaics of some sort. I like the idea of a mosaic table .. :) Pretty pictures though!

Sunny said...

I just happen to have the same quiche dish! It was given to me by a friend because she knows I love roses. I just stumbled onto your blog and was browsing. If you would like to have one that is not broken, you are more that welcome to mine. Maybe we can swap something.

Artsy Momma said...

Wow Sunny thank you so much for the offer. If you want you can email me at artsymomma @ and we could figure out what you would like to swap for it!

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