Creative rut gone?


I have been in a major creative rut lately. I want to create art but it seems like each day before I go to sleep I realize I let another day go by without getting anything done creativily. I still dont know what is holding me back but something was. I recently signed up for a 3 week course with Christy Tomlinson called She Art. It looked like a cute class and the cost was just right. I didnt set my hopes high, I have taken a lot of online classes with the hope they would spark back my wanting to actually do and not just think about creating art. Well low and behold this was the class to finally kick me in gear. Since the class I cant stop thinking about art and actually getting the supplies out and doing. This time though instead of immersing myself in (like I normally do) I am learning to create art in shifts. Having a teeny tiny one in the house will do that. So I make the most of my arms free time (besides getting a little bit of laundry and vacuuming done).

I highly recommend this class to anyone. It is a mixed media class where you learn to just really play again with your art supplies and really gives you the confidence needed to create some great work. You can also see the flickr group here where some amazing art is being made.

She is offering the class again in April, I highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed!


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