-He is growing like a weed. I have already forgotten what he looked like when he was first born. Thank goodness for pictures.

-I will probably never get birth announcements, not matter how good my intentions were.
-Three is going to be way harder than two I can already tell.
-Work, play, sleep, repeat. (My day in a nutshell)
-Baby dancing can make the grumpiest person happy.
-I forgot how much fun coos are as a form of language.
-coffee is my go to.
- I believe more in Spring resolutions than New Years resolutions.
- I finally am living the more is less, and getting rid of everything I don’t absolutely love.
-I miss my family, friends, and sewing machine.
- I am sick of my whining and need to make time for everything I miss.

What are constants in your lives right now?


Rose Lynn said...

ohmg he is getting so big!! =) he is way too cute, I might have to stay away!!

Susan Petersen said...

what a cute little man. my constants are poop and spit up - newborns are the best

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