Thank you and a return

(My booth had to compete with the AMAZING view of the Madison city scape and lake Monona, wouldnt have traded my spot in the world though I loved it ALOT!)

Quite stuff around here I know! I have my reasons. One being getting my stock ready for this past weekends Craftacular. Hi to all those who stopped by and chatted for a bit. I again got to meet amazing people both shoppers and vendors. Each time I attend this show my friendships and connections grow! I am starting to get a pretty large crafty community around me it is pretty amazing and something I treasure so much.

Lots of new stuff was shown at the show this year. I sold some original paintings (I am proud to say I got to be two of the cutest little girls first pieces of artwork for their rooms, made my day hands down!) I also tried new techniques including image transfers and photo tinting. Exciting stuff that once I get some new pictures of I will share some of the new stuff.

And with the close of the summer craft season (for me at least) posting and such hopefully will get back to normal. Lots of new fun stuff is on the horizon and at this show I finally got some clarity to where my art is going and I cant wait to start sharing that journey with everyone.

So time to catch-up everyone, what have you been up to? I say it all the time but I mean it, I miss you guys!!!

(btw if you are in the Madison area and havent attended the craftacular there will be another one this December for the holiday show at the same venue, it is at the East Side Club in Monona. If you love crafty goodness you must make note to attend this year lots of vendors, lots of variety!)


Naomi said...

Stef, your booth was amazing. So much beautiful work and I can really see the direction your work is heading.

Hope you will be part of the holiday event!

Also, hope it doesn't take that long to get together and catch up.

xx's and oo's

Alisson said...

So fun to chat again with you! Hope too see you around town soon! Maybe we could get some coffee one day! I want to try to keep my craft fair friendships going past the actual fairs!
Artsy Fartsy

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