Cat's out of the bag


Time to reveal some big news. Baby number 3 (no we are NOT crazy) is on its way! Estimated date of arrival March 2, 2011.

Ken and I both had some shock to get over (after all we had just decided to wait a little bit longer to start trying), we are over the shock and back into the grove of things. We have hired a doula (SUPER excited about this) and I am reminding and trying to enjoy every bit of this pregnancy since this will probably be it. Ken has never really wanted a big family and I have always thought the bigger the better. So like any good couple we made a compromise at three. So this is it!

Leila is super excited but will not even think about the baby possibly being a boy. She has a brother she doesn't need another one. It is her baby and it is a girl *smile*

I am just over my exhaustion that was my summer so here we go, these next few months I know will fly by!!!

P.S. to my family who is finding out from this post... Sorry! I figured the news had made it through the grapevine of the family. Love me still please!


Rosa said...

Congrats. That is so wonderful. Three is great. And I am considering #4. Yeah . . . I am crazy.

craftyjemima said...

Congratulations! I have a friend who's birthday is March 2nd so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for then!

Nerys x

Alisson said...


sulu-design said...

HO. LEE. CRAP! Congratulations! You two make really cute kids, so the world is going to be blessed with one more. Nice.

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