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This has been our life lately. Kenson has jaundice. Leila did too when she was first born. He has been on the bili-blanket for almost a week now. I am glad we have already gone through this once before since it is a lot less scary the second time around but still none the less I hate that his first week of life has been basically strapped up to medical equipment. Tomorrow is our next appointment I really hope his levels have gone down enough that we can cuddle with him sans bili-blanket.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I had one that we had a briefcase of lights for - rather scary, but thankfully short lived :) I hope your appt goes well and you an snuggle to your hearts content!

John said...

One of my twins needed a bili-blanket for her first few days, too. I hope he gets to ditch it soon!

Paula said...

Sorry to hear about the jaundice. Hopefully all will be well tomorrow. (Here in Northern Ireland the baby and therefore mummy too have to stay in hospital if baby is jaundiced.) Kenson is looking gorgeous though. Absolutely the very best of luck for tomorrow.

Stacey said...

that stinks...hope all is well too!
Diggin' the new header on your blog...very cute!

Katie Jean said...

aww hope he gets better soon! Isaiah had jaundice too, but we didn't have a blanket. Just plain old sunlight (and I actually thought I burned him, but he was just really hot!). Hope you're doing well too!

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, he looks so adorable and so tiny!

I hope he gets over his jaundice soon, poor thing!

jenny said...

It always bites when a baby has to stay in the hosp longer than necessary. My first one had to be in the nicu for a week because she developed a fever and they thought she had an infection (turns out she was fine, but they had to let the antibiotics run their course).

Good luck at the appt and hope there's much snuggling bili-blanket free!

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